Dups Wijayawardhana Legacy As CEO of Empire Avenue? A “Nightmare” Of His Own Making

Being a customer of Empire Avenue was a nightmare for a lot of people.

According to Alan Gray of NEwsblaze, Empire Avenue had the second worst customer service in his time on the internet.




That’s a deathknell for a small startup that refuses to protect their customers from their own “goon squad.”

Towards the end of Dups time at Empire Avenue, even answering basic customer service inquiries became a bridge to far for Dups.

With a “goon squad” as reported by Chris Voss of The Chris Voss Show, certain customers (later leaders) being able to viciously attack other customers at will, with no protection from those in authority at Empire Avenue, it’s clear that Dups gave no concern to customer service issues, nor safety or cybersecurity issues.

From doxing customers to violent and non violent threats, cyberbullying and intimidation the “Goon squad” does it all.

One legacy Dups has is that his “goon squad” helped change Twitter’s abuse policy.

We would like to cordially thanks Dups Wijayawardhana for being such a horrible CEO that his companies “goon squad” helped change Twitter’s abuse policy.

Thank you Dups.

There is a silver lining in every “goon squad” cloud.

However, according to reports, Dups remains a consultant for PeopleBrowsr, aka Kred, owner of EmpireKred.

The “goon squad” remain leaders (at least) at EmpireKred, able to at least attempt to “goon” it up against unwary consumers.

Gareth Davies is perhaps the single most abusive predatorial person I have encountered on the internet.

Next to him, the next most vicious are Nance Larson and the rest of the “goon squad.”



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