#SocialSales “Rock Star” Conduct “Too Offensive To Ignore” #eav #socialmedia

More and more people are becoming fed up with Keith Gill’s (AKA #Digitalkeith, leader of EmpireKred) offensive ways online.

Keith Gill is currently a corporate marketing manager for @avisolve.





It’s strange that a man that makes his living in the digital economy thinks his conduct in that same economy (he tweets for his employer, @avisolve) isn’t “REAL.”

Of course his offensive conduct is real, and people find it highly offensive.

Of course this is nothing for a man moderated for cyberbullying, and who abuses women online as well.

Just add abuse of babies to the mix, now.

Twitter expert Gary Loper finds Keith Gill’s acts to offensive to ignore.

And Keith Gill?  Well he’s apparently cracked up and is referring to himself in third person on Twitter.

What will the #Fresno Troll do next?


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