The Sorry State of Internet #Marketing #eav #socialmedia

It’s sad that a social sales professional (Keith GIll, AKA @Digitalkeith, leader of EmpireKred, #Fresno Troll) seems to have felt trolled by an effort to help him correct his false content and thereby strengthen his article so consumers would be given true and factual information.

Keith Gill is currently a corporate marketing manager for @avisolve.

It’s no wonder people don’t trust many internet marketers, when a so called “social sales rock star” is unable to accept the falsehood of his assertions even after the primary source, Klout (@kloutsupport), confirmed his article was wrong.

Want to know what’s wrong with social media marketing and advertising?

Just read @Digitalkeith’s timeline.  Then you will know why people don’t trust marketers.

Keith Gill’s stank rubs off on the true professionals actually trying to help people with their products.

Beware the bottom of the barrel marketers that troll, cyberbully, spam, buy tweets on fiverr, false advertise and abuse women and children.

Keith Gill knows what he is.  Everyone else should as well so consumers stay informed.

Keith Gill Fresno Troll



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