Concerned About the Horrible State of Internet #Marketing?

Keith Gill, AKA Digitalkeith, leader of EmpireKred, and the notorious Fresno Troll (I thought it was Charles Johnson) is given to random and false accusations and assertions on Twitter.



Given that I am not anonymous and Keith Gill has been moderated by cyberbullying, I’m sure everyone can see the lack of truth here.

Since he loves to engage in smears and falsehoods, let’s ask Keith some questions.

  1. Does he consider his moderated cyberbullying to arise to the level of criminality?
  2. Why did he engage in false advertising?
  3. Why didn’t he simply correct his article instead of engaging in a vicious campaign of trolling and cyberbullying?  Why persist in false advertising after the truth was known?
  4. Is he on crack?
  5. Is he on meth?
  6. Is he on SNAP?
  7. Is he on SSDI?
  8. Is he on welfare?
  9. Is he beating his wife?
  10. Why does he not respect consumer advocacy blogging?




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