The Lost Lessons of General Colin Powell. The Powell Doctrine.

General Colin Powell, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (During Desert Storm) and Vietnam veteran was a strong advocate of clear, firmly stated goals, and overwhelming force (ie Powell Doctrine.)

He learned this lesson in the quagmire of Vietnam, where the United States dribbled and drabbed it’s way to ever increasing troop deployments in a quagmire of a war.

Syria, (including ISIS and their territory) is another Vietnam, only far more terrifying and confusing.

For one, Syria is a close ally of Russia’s.  One of the few that actually remained after the fall of the Warsaw Pact.

Russia has of course rebuilt, and garnered new allies, including China in a military alliance, however Syria is a historic ally dating back decades.

There is no end game scenario here that sees the United States replacing the Syrian government with a pro west democracy.

Russia simply is not going to let this happen.

The best case at this point is to secure Turkey, as our NATO ally, and help Iraq and the semi autonomous Kurds remove ISIS from Syria.

To do this we need to go back.  Which of course President Obama doesn’t want to do.  He based his Presidency on ending wars, however wars often don’t agree with best laid plans…

If we are serious about Iraq, deploy.  If not, let what happens, happen.  However the Kurds, who have long helped us with Iraq (Saddam) shouldn’t be left twisting in the wind, despite Turkeys misgivings.

Sometimes force is necessary.  And when it is, overwhelming force is the way to go.  Just ask General Colin Powell.

this drib and drab of special forces, like the Green Berets in Vietnam, is not working.



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