#EmpireKred Staff Troll #NanceLarson And The Meaning of “Volunteer” #socialmedia #eav

When EmpireKred Staff Nance Larson (“goon squad” troll) can express a coherent thought she might be worth listening to.

Other than recently confirming the existence of the “goon squad” (which we knew anyway just by watching her actions) lots of her tweets are utter lies and fabrications.

“Volunteers” don’t have “shares” (Nance Larson’s words) of a company that they paid to help run.

And a great many of the accounts listed as moderator or admins are managed by PeopleBrowr.

So no, it’s not clear if Nance Larson, who is a “Leader” was a Team Leader and thinks she has “shares” is purely a “volunteer.”

Volunteers don’t transact for the ability to help run a company….

That much is perfectly clear.



Nance Larson Shares - Copy



Empire Avenue leadership


Nance Larson is identified as “staff” by the EmpireKred website, is a former team leader and has been gifted the Leaders package.

That is all.

She is a tremendous liar.



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