Dear #EmpireKred Staff #NanceLarson ~ Please Stop Projecting Anti-social Hatred Onto Others

Poor EmpireKred staff member Nance Larson.

Do you trust your safety and privacy to a company with such abusive staff?

We thank Nance Larson for confirming the existence of the “goon squad” as reported by Chris Voss that attacked other customers.

However Nance Larson seemingly remains so filled with bile, hatred and contempt for people with real friends that she lashes out in anti-social bromides.

Why does she seem to lash out at another EmpireKred customer?



If only she would help fix EmpireKred, and rid it of the anti social “goon squad” that she acknowledged existed.


I have real friends that I put into my content.  For fun.  Which we enjoy.

And I have silly people like Nance Larson, a vicious troll and “goon squad” member that I satirize as part of warning consumers about what EmpireKred and Nance Larson do to their own customers.

Satire, protected free speech in the grand United States of America.

Say no to Nance Larson and the “goon squad” of EmpireKred.

Why Nance Larson would rather lie and abuse her own customers, I have no idea.

Say yes to a friendly internet.


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