How Can A Corporate #Marketing Mgr’s Reputation Affect The Brand?

Keith Gill, AKA Digitalkeith. leader of EmpireKred and Corporate Marketing Manager for @Avisolve seems to be a Brands worst case public relations disaster.

An individuals reputation can be thought of as their personal brand.

According to Find and Convert,

Personal branding is well recognized as the public earned reputation of an individual. The digital world, fueled by content marketing and social media, has propelled the concept of personal branding into the mainstream.

The corporate organization that embraces the benefits of employee personal branding with a plan, can reap significant benefits. Here’s a look at some of the key planning elements to harness the personal brand in the corporate workplace.


According to CyberAlert, 

Businesses wonder if they should encourage employees to mention their employers on their personal social media accounts or discourage or even forbid mentions of the company. Some companies hope to gain substantial PR and marketing benefits; others fear employee social media comments will reflect badly on the company or lead to a PR crisis. Employees may be equally unsure about if and how they can mention their employers online.


According to the Huffington Post,

No matter what your product or service, your employees are the most powerful representation of your brand.

We have all dealt with the customer service representative that either builds loyalty or breaks it based on our experience. And while new customers were once thought of as the lifeblood of successful companies, current customers and customer loyalty has become more valuable than ever in our age of social media.


Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith manages @Avisolve’s twitter account.



The following was submitted to Avisolve owner and Leadership for comment:

1.  Is your company position that you don’t recognize the validity of consumer advocacy, nor realize that corporations can treat people however they wish, as expressed by Keith Gill prior to his securing employment at your establishment?

Capture (1) Capture



2.  Are you aware Mr. Gill was running demonstrably false advertising through Empire Avenue’s socialmedia promotions system, and continued after Klout (@kloutsupport) confirmed his advertising was incorrect?


2A:  Are you aware that a complaint with the FTC was filed (and accepted by the FTC) at the direction of Ethel Newlin of the San Francisco District Attorney’s office?

capture3 (1)




3.  Is trolling with abusive comments on blogs and in tweets an appropriate response rather than accepting constructive (and correct) criticism and critique?

4.  Are you aware that Mr. Gill’s abuse (along with others) was so severe that the CA DoJ opened an inquiry into the matter? (xref 615640) and that the San Francisco DA’s office twice intervened?

This “intervention” was corraborated by Steven Krohn on 2/5/2015, 1 day after Twitter made a statement that they “sucked at dealing with abuse” (Dick Costolo CEO.)

The San Francisco DA’s office  (Ethel Newlin)credits blogging by this blogger with helping change Twitter’s abuse policy.  Keith Gill was a party in that abuse.

Conversation is archived on Facebook:




653014 Letter DOJ REdacted 12302914 letter DOJ redacted Ethel Newlin 1122015  Ethel Newlin 11062014

Ethel Newlin 2032015


5.  is it your company position that disseminating the obviously false information of a blogger (horrible invasion of privacy) who has been writing about Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) is an appropriate response from a sales professional in your employ?

(Tweet containing private information on file, not published, Keith Gill has since deleted the tweet.)

6.  Is Mr. Gill participating in doxing potential customers and other people on your time on his twitter account or social media accounts?

Gareth Davies (@me_gareth) also a leader at EmpireKred, has been suspended for tweeting my private information. For Keith Gill to involve himself in such unprofessional conduct is shocking to me.

Twitter Suspension Gareth Davies Tweeting Private Information Twitter Warning Gareth davies Violent Threats Twittter Suspension Gareth Davies Violent Threats



7.  Is Keith Gill exeplary of how you conduct business online?



8.  Are you aware that Mr. Gill has been moderated by Instagram for cyberbullying and tries to bully people out of writing perfectly valid content.

Keith Gill Instargram Moderated For Cyber Bullying


Mr. Gill seems to be against a gaming company building a solid community.  Is building a healthy community something Avisolve aspires to?

9.  Are you aware Keith Gill’s twitter account was locked in October 2015?  (Replaced indefinite suspension).

Keith Gill Account Locked 1042015


10.  What is your corporate policy regarding employees use of their private accounts?

11.  What is your company position on such matters?



Additional Questions At This Time:

  1.  Are you aware that Keith Gill trolls Twitter customers who share the contents of this blog?

2.  Do you know what Keith Gill meant by,

“IF I wanted to “troll” you I would certainly be more creative.”

when speaking with celebrity Tait Fletcher on Twitter in July 2014?

Do you teach capitalization of “ASS” to engage in trolling?  Is that an effective sales technique?

Keith Gill Fresno Troll


3.  Is lying ok?




Given that I am not anonymous, are your sales people ok to lie?


4.  Does Keith Gill promote any Avisolve marketing material or work product through EmpireKred social media promotion (sharing) “missions” system?

5.  Are your employees being mentioned in threatening tweets ok?



6.  Does your company recognize the viability of the sharing economy, and the place of bloggers and influencers in that ecosystem?

Or do you feel Keith Gill’s “corporatocracy” model is the way things run in California?  Where I, Twitter and the major social media companies that your business utilizes reside?

7.  Are twitter’s customers your potential customers or are they sheep to be bullied?



No response was received from Avisolve prior to the publication of this blog.

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