Eliminating Girlfriend Interference Via Roam.

Scotty wrote his first article over at Linked.In titled,

Eliminating RF Interference via OAM

and I know next to nothing about radio frequency in the googleplex spectrum via Orbital Angular Momentum, however I assume it’s like bringing the space shuttle into orbit to land on the earth, but with radio frequency.

I digress.

I do know something about Eliminating Girlfriend interference Via Roam.

And even that advanced technology doesn’t work.

First some radio frequency and telephonic history.

Back in the dark ages, you had ham radios (radio waves) and telephones (wires.)

Pretty soon someone said, “I want to drive with a cool phone, and not look like a trucker” so the car phone was born.

So then women conspired and said we want that thing to have a ringer.

And dudes thought on that and said, “we only want to call out.”

And women said, “no more sex.”  So women won that one.

Then when women got busy signals they said, “we want call waiting.”

And men said, “no way.”

And women said, “no more sex.”  Another win for the women.

Then poor dudes said, “we ain’t go no phones.  How can we tether ourselves to our girlfriends and be at their beck and call?”

Thus, the beeper was born.

Then technology advanced, things got small and phones became inexpensive.

Then, men started doing the dastardly thing and roamed out of range.

And women said, “we need a call plan that features roaming.”

And men said, “no way.”

And women said “no more sex.”

And of course they won.

And that’s why men really can’t roam from girlfriends.

They have you tethered every way til Sunday via radio frequency, infrared spectrum, cellular towers, high speed internet, DSL, and probably carrier pigeon.

If you want to buy a business, give Scotty a call.  But don’t roam off from your woman unsupervised.  They hate that.


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