What If Everything Was Like #Klout? Former Klout Score Evangelist Changes Mind About #Klout?

“Social Sales” rock star, leader of EmpireKred (now owned by Kred),  and former Klout score gaming evangelist Keith Gill, AKA #DigitalKeith, knows this.

Keith Gill, AKA Digital Keith is a corporate marketing manager for @avisolve.

Klout is a tool for measuring your social media presence and influence.

Like Kred, it’s just a tool, it’s not an end to itself or the end all be all of measuring your social media presence.


Apparently Nance Larson, former team leader at Empire Avenue, and now staff at EmpireKred (owned by Kred), feels their competitor Kout,  “is no fun.”



You never know who you are interacting with that has tremendous influence in social media or beyond.

But what if all social media interactions were like Klout tweets or Kred tweets where people give and get thanks for telling others how much influence they have?

Even on personal matters not related to their professional conduct online?






Would this level of social interaction improve your presence?  Improve your dating life?

Or would you consider such interaction and discussion an invasion of your privacy, and such people who do so as socially deviant?






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