A Standin For #EmpireKred #leadership Takes the Political Compass Test. (To The Right of Hitler?)

Based upon my interactions with DigitalKeith and how I perceive him I took the Political Compass test.

Digitalkeith, AKA Keith Gill is a leader at social media game EmpireKred and a corporate marketing manager for @avisolve.

Remember this reflects the reality of what I have seen him post and say across multiple social media platforms.

It may not reflect what Keith Gill truly stands for, insomuch as people often lie, shade truth and argue points for effect rather than tell the truth of what they think.

Basically he’s Margaret Thatcher.

This graph is presented on the Political Compass site as you receive the results.

This is a reflection of how far to the right the “unhinged” Trump and the extreme rightwing fringe of the Republican party have moved.

From a moderate and rational party to one that would ban all travel and exhibiting extreme xenophobia and other anti social traits.


Essentially, the driver to authoritarian I believe would be his belief that corporations are “benevolent dictatorships”, apparently not bound by such things as dealing with customers in good faith without threatening or bullying them.

I answered questions about corporations with that stated position of his in mind.

I did answer questions not related to corporations with his confessed “little L”  (libertarian) bent in mind, but anyone that tweets a quote about making misbehaving impossible probably really isn’t much of a Libertarian.



He’s preffy far right wing.  To the right of Hitler, and far more authoritarian than Friedman, a libertarian economist icon.



I invite DigitalKeith to take the test if he wishes to make his politics plainly known.

I will be happy to publish the results, along with relevant commentary.




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