“We Are Not Neutral”, @Time Person of the Year on Israel. What IS Germany, Then? #politics

Is anyone surprised that many Germans welcome Muslim refugees in cheering crowds?

After all this is a country with a history of trying to eradicate Jews off the face of Europe, if not Asia with a minor in Africa.


With anti-semitism on the rise in Europe, and heavily researched by the EU, one has to wonder how much of a leader Time person of the year, Angela Merkel really is.

Is she keeping a lid on anti semitism while enforcing austerity in Greece (many Muslims now land in Greece by the way) or encouraging it as Muslims travel deeping into Europe, with many choosing Germany?

Citing the refugee and Greek economic crises, along with the Paris terror attacks, Ms Gibbs said: “Each time Merkel stepped in. Germany would bail Greece out, on her strict terms. It would welcome refugees as casualties of radical Islamist savagery, not carriers of it.


Is this just another way to express historical anti-semitism?

Angela Merkel herself doesn’t assume a strong leadership position here,

“We are not neutral”


It’s unclear what Germany actually is.

I am not suggesting that all Germans are anti semitic, nor that all Muslim refugees are potential terrorists.

What I am suggesting is that a country with a very, very strong history of anti-semitism is objectively experiencing rising anti-semitism and Angela Merkel needs to remember her history when dealing with current events.

After all, the extreme right wing of Germany is Angela Merkel’s party.

And the wingnuts in America are expressing some of the same ideas and are a threat to the security of us all.




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