2016 Predictions

As we wind up 2015 I have some predictions for my friends for 2016.


Lili will run the  miracle mile and contemplate purchasing a quant winery near Hearst Castle.  In her spare time she will continue to inspire humor pieces about Digitallyprobedkeith and others.


Koustave will become the first man to climb the alps backwards while blogging about it and selling you his story.

Steve Boylan:

Steve will have a platinum record in Australia that reaches 8th place in Lithuania.


Elizabeth will find a super rare Selmer Paris metal full boehm clarinet 4 pieces ultimate clarinet in a  suitcase at a Miami nightclub.


Bob will spill the wine, but only one drop.  Elizabeth won’t care, cause that’s what friends are for.


Valerie will be on location supervising her script about a Red Headed hero fighting crime and ISIS while running an animal shelter for florida reptiles.


Christopher will come out of retirement to bust a digital gang known as the New Jersey Puds.


Eva will have her first blockbuster release in Bhutan and Australia.  Nepal will give it a thumbs up from professional critics, but the Nepalese will give it a lukework welcome.


Cowboys will adopt another cat and date a very talented, but relatively unknown country singer who updates all of Hank Williams songs.

Big Benny:

Big Benny will come out of retirement to shore up the New York Giants right end and lead them to a Super Bowl victory.  He may even run a tackle eligible play or 2.


Missy will celebrate a super bowl victory, nhl championship, nba championship and world series by flashing all of Boston on the big screen.


Chadwick will consider leaving New York for more a more business friendly state, such as California.


Ed will land the biggest fish ever recorded anywhere at anytime in a small stream near his home.  He will then host a fishing show on the outdoor channel.


Michael will complete an ironman triathlon and win the Boston Marathon while pushing a wheelchair competitor.


Scotty will set the pole sitting record for Australia while trying to repair a disfunctional radio tower.


Boyd will replace his backyard with a drought resistant turf the rest of us call barren desert.


Titik will launch an Indonesian modeling agency and become the Hugh Hefner of Asia.


Stu will find a rare ’63 stingray in a broken down barn near the Jersey turnpike and become a famous drift racer in Japan with it.


Mott will leave Miami for the more hospitable clime of Barstow and open a small hotel that welcomes unwary travelers.


Becky will update the Underground to make it more palatable for generation NOW consumers.  Foot traffic will triple and internet sales will boom as Antelbellum Update fashion sweeps Georgia.


Yvonne will become an internet magnate and purchase an unknown gaming company to rule the internet with.





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