Silly Things This Goof Might Have Been Talking About #humor

You see a lot of weird tweets on Twitter.

And sometimes people who aren’t aware of context can be confused, or simply have no idea what’s going on.

With that said, I’m gonna play with the context of this tweet for a bit of a laugh.

It’s from some weirdo in the digital world.



What might this dillhole be talking about?

  1. When asked about his Truck Convoy across the Iraqi desert to supply ISIS, he responded…
  2. When he heard, “Use the force, Luke,” he responded,
  3. On DDay when the GI’s were landing on Omaha, he responded
  4. At the gates of Moscow,  D”Iron Stalin” Gill responded
  5. When asked why he orders viagra by the gross, he responded…
  6. When he tired of his gay lover, he asked….



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