Addressing Scandalous And Malicious Lies On @Twitter CC: @jack @policy @support @sfdaoffice

It pains me to do  this, however I feel I must.

@Koustave is one of my oldest friends online and is always supportive and is a great person.

Due to sheer volume of the malicious lies by men such as Keith Gill and Chris Sandys, I must address the following lie.

I have no idea where this lie originates from, however the sheer volume of the attack, with seemingly over 100 (I haven’t counted) tweets received compels me to address it.


I do not, nor have I ever run any social media account for @koustave.

I have not cyber harassed anyone.

Lies like these are told by malicious individuals seeking to compel silence on truth, a silence they cannot accomplish through traditional legal remedies or good faith discussion of pertinent facts.

People like this have no ethics, morals, business sense, logical argument or ability to apply reason.

They seem to exist for one reason and one reason alone.  To do damage to others by any means neceesary, including through application of “superior force.”

I am voluntarily removing my “mentorship” of Koustave from my bio and and any other post or profile.

However me and @koustave remain best buddies.

I suggest you avoid people who act maliciously in bad faith to damage others reputations.

It’s strange that Twitter will moderate the truth, but will allow scandalous lies to be tweeted in incredible volume with absolutely malicious intent.

I will be contemplating what further course of action to take in the new year.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.



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