Destruction of Capitalism And You, A Choosy Buyer’s Guide.

There is much debate in socialist economists circles (those led by Krugman) as to which method of juicing the economy through utterly debasing currency is the quicker better picker upper method to hyperinflation.

Should you helicopter money like Finland?

Or reduce interest rates to negative numbers through a central bank.

With helicopter money you shovel money out straight to the people.  I think about $900.00 a month for Finland (based on exchange rates which I last checked never.)

With negative interest banks the window at the central bank loans out money to other banks at negative rates.  Which means the central bank is effectively paying other banks to take out loans.

This will then be loaned out (hopefully) to qualified applicants at even lower rates (I dunno how low, cause I’m not familiar with Japan’s credit market.)

So if the central bank loaded at 1% and the next bank at 5%, perhaps now credit will be available at 4% instead, theoretically.

OR the banks can simply pocket the difference.

Which is better?

I say cut out the middleman if you want to implode your economy and sustain hyperinflation.

Shovel that cash right out the door to the end user!

Shovel out some $TWTR while you are at it.


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