How Abusive #TROll $TWTR Accounts Like Allan Brauer Abuse @Support Report Function

Allan Brauer, former Democratic Party leader, is to hateful for the Democrats, but not for Twitter.


However the tweet remains live on his Twitter feed and very actively commented on at this point over 2 years later.

The California Democratic party issued the following tweet in response.


Twitter, how is ok with this open hatred and did not moderate this still active tweet in line with their newly announced policy against hateful conduct.

Is there an expiration date on hate?

Not when the tweet is still highly active, referenced and well known as an extreme example of hate not ok in society, but OK on Twitter.

In seeking to silence the legitimate news of his losing his position, Allan is now seeking to coordinate reports of tweets which speak about his abuse.

This is how people seek to silence dissent on Twitter.


If @jack and Twitter stand for free speech, they need to stop abuse of their report function by people like @allanbrauer to silence dissent.


As it stands, trolls like Allan Brauer can call in the mobs and @jack and twitter allow it.

Enough is enough.



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