Alleged Anti Abuse Advocate Silencing #LGBTQ, POC And Destroying $TWTR #socialmedia #cybersecurity

When @jack tweets that Twitter is for Freedom of Expression and for empowering dialogue I do not believe him.

I do not believe any journalist, investor or consumer should believe him.


Independent Developer Randi Lee Harper is able to both cyberbully Twitter consumers and impact Twitter @safety policy while violating the privacy of twitter consumers due to an apparent insider leak at @twitter safety.


We believe this is due to her self stated privilege.



She is empowered to the point that protecting your account, a @twitter @safety feature cannot protect you from Randi Lee Harper.


Randi has a history of doxing people on Twitter, and has threatened to pull down metadata on anyone posting anything she does not like.



It is impossible to know what it is she might not like, as she herself noted that what is cyber harassment is entirely subjective.



Newsweek has written an article entitled, How Cyber Mobs And Trolls Have Ruined The Internet and Destroyed Lives.


Randi Lee Harper is a leader of a mob, a vicious troll, and has attempted to destroy lives openly, on Twitter and remains unmoderated by Twitter @support.

Randi is very proud of being famous for blocking people.

She then uses her coding ability so her mob of followers can block individuals, destroying their ability to communicate with their friends, followers and audience that only intended to use Twitter for it’s stated purpose.

This leaves consumers, who only wished to communicate with friends and engage in speech in the position of having to beg @randileeharper to unblock them.

Her blocking algorithm, which filters content she herself holds to be low quality, is technically against Twitter’s own Developer Agreement & Policy.

She blatantly filters content.

Randi Lee Harper, with no medical degree, believes she can diagnose the cause of PTSD, then acts to stop valid discussion because she is privileged and not stopped by @jack.

She exhibited this over a series of tweets ending with the censoring of the hashtag, #thetriggering.


The difference between Google and GMail and Randi Lee Harper is that Google is the host of the content and they can set the rules as they wish, including which hashtags can appear and trend on Twitter.

This ostracization, blacklisting, is McCarthyist in nature and directly contradicts what Twitter is for when it is done with intent to silence legitimate critique, commentary and news.

In fact, Randi doesn’t read the content, she simply judges the metadata and if you tweet to something she doesn’t personally like, you are subject to being labeled a hater, or whatever term she chooses to abuse you with.


It leads to the political polarization of Twitter, which has been noted by researchers as a problem with Twitter. 

This problem can only be by intent, as Randi Lee Harper engages in this activity and has influence at @twitter.

Randi Lee Harper believes free speech is a failed ethos.



The Twitter rules prohibit creating false and misleading tweets, however this is seldom enforced, and certainly not enforced against Randi Lee Harper, who serially lies  to twitter consumers to hide her confessed motives.


Randi Lee Harper, is by twitter’s own definition, spam.




Randi has had meeting with @safety in early 2015.


Who is Randi Lee Harper?

Randi Lee Harper is a self declared SJ advocate (Social Justice Warrior, on the left of the political spectrum) and runs an anti abuse charity, Online Abuse Prevention Initiative, which apparently is a registered charitable foundation.


Randi is crowdfunded, and has a Patreon seeking donation.




Randi wishes for her politics to be part of the code, and advocates for that.


However, the effect of that @policy leading to potential #cybersecurity and @safety concerns was unknown by Randi Lee Harper until she herself was affected.

Up until that point, people being disconnected from their audiences was not a problem for her.  Indeed she found it laughable.


It always is, and was a valid @safety concern, however Randi, allegedly a @policy expert, had no idea of this.  I believe she has no Risk Management experience or knowledge.

Why she can impact @twitter @safety @policy is the great unknown question, to me.

Randi herself knows that SJ Twitter is the worst side of twitter, and utilizes her ability to livestream content she herself does not approve of so her mob can activate and harass people posting on Twitter.

Then people are subjected to lies and harassment by people such as @sschinke who seemingly exist to harass people with opposing viewpoints.


Randi herself wishes to burn it all down.


What is privilege?


Something Randi Lee Harper abuses to silence others online.

And yet journalists, like @kristenvbrown,  leap to blog about Randi’s false charges without checking the veracity of their source.


So while white feminists like Randi Lee Harper crush diversity by silencing Women of Color at open to the public events like SXSW, where they have been invited to speak, journalists slavishly pound away, to attack the targets highlighted by Randi Lee Harper, who tweets falsehoods.

Perhaps Women of Color should worry about ALL white women named Randi Lee Harper, not just those that champion diversity as part of their Social Justice platform, until they need someone silenced?


Randi even has no problem violating consumers privacy AT SXSW, peering over shoulders to read phones.


Although I am confused, I thought diversity was the foundation of social justice?

Those Randi has often targeted openly have a common denominator.  They are people of color.

Randi Lee Harper wants to feed her son to Mexicans and build fences.

That sounds familiar, where have I heard THAT before?


Randi Lee Harper has no idea that the problem with privilege is in the way she uses it.

You see a privilege, also mentioned in the Constitution, is held by the people, but it cannot be exerted, it can only be given by others.  And polite people need not accept, nor abuse their platform.

Randi Lee Harper remains one of the most openly abusive people I have encountered on the internet,

That she runs a charity dedicating to fighting online abuse, is amazing.

In Randi’s particular case equating anti harassment with curtailing free speech is entirely correct.


Randi was able to have Mercedes Carrera deplatformed at SXSW, a Tech festival in Texas apparently run by racists such as Hugh W Forrest and Kelli Jo Krause

@SXSW also asked Mercedes to delete tweets after she had flown to Austin from Los Angeles and landed.

Certainly this abusive behavior should not be readily accepted by a society concerned with open expression.


I remain shocked @jack and @twitter allow her to destroy the stated purpose of @twitter as she attacks their consumers openly.

And no, not all that she does benefits everyone.  She abuses her privilege to attack and silence People of Color.


This is why Randi Lee Harper vehemently defends CDA 230.

@twitter has immunity from lawsuits as a common carrier.  They can leak her information that breaks their own customers privacy and be relatively (not absolutely) immune from lawsuit.


However Professional tech writers like @Shanley, owner of @modelviewculture, are starting to see through the abuse that @randileeharper piles on POC, and write critical pieces.

We hope this continues, as Twitter cannot or will not moderate Randi.


They allow this “Literal Hitler” to magnify a small percentage of actual harassment into the abject demonization and hatred of their own consumers who post to a hashtag Twitter allows to be on their network.



Credit:  To the wonderful people that archived Randi Lee Harper’s Tweets So This Blog Could Be Written.

It is only through the efforts of all concerned citizens that cyberbullying and cyberharassment can be ended.

Obviously Twitter does not apply their Terms of Service to Randi Lee Harper.

She is allowed to propagate hate quite openly.




Randi Lee Harper


Maybe people shouldn’t take legal advice from @randileeharper?


I prefer expert lawyers in the state of California, where Twitter does business.


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