$TWTR CEO @jack Went On @todayshow With @Mlauer And Lied to #socialmedia #consumers

Dear Matt,

I am unsure how closely you have followed the “gamergate” scandal.

They do not agree on much, but one theing they do actually agree on is that @jack and @twitter are censoring content.

@Grummz, Mark Kern,  is a developer famous for working on one of the most successful video games of all times, World of Warcraft.

He also has a law degree.

And he is well aware of the censoring, having measured it scientifically.


And on the opposite side we have Randi Lee Harper, @randileeharper, who runs a charity, Online Abuse Prevention Initiative.

Randi has contacts inside @twitter @safety and is privileged to abuse whomever she wants.

She examines metadata, and besides using that to threaten @jack’s customers openly, can examine metadata and knows @jack and @twitter is hiding content.



@Jack has recognized Randi Lee Harper and passed on her concerns to the @safety team.



However when @randileeharper’s bizarre claims were factchecked by a group working in conjunction with @twitter to measure online harassment only 0.66 percent of people Randi Lee Harper identified as abusers, were in fact abusing on Twitter.



I realize that is an odd claim, that Randi is privileged to abuse, but when you report Randi to @twitter @support they tell you they have reviewed the account.



Either they are not looking at the same account I am, OR Randi is, as she claimed, privileged.


Randi leads the world in hateful language, threats and intimidation, which Twitter bans in their ToS, but does not apply to Randi.



Randi openly threatens, bullies and intimidates marginalized minority communities including women, PoC and Jewish people  for her own profit.


Randi believes that Free Speech is a failed ethos.


Perversely she claims to be a security expert.


Quite frankly the only incompetence I see is in @twitter management, led by @jack, as $TWTR stock price has tanked.

Randi is open with her hate and  bigoted opinions, but not with yours as she subjectively measures them.


Randi enjoys mocking others as to the extent of her privilege.


Journalist Milo Yiannpoulis wrote about censorship on Febuary 16 and has been concerned about censorship on Twitter since writing about Randi Lee Harper.


Milo himself was censored by Twitter, first after Randi Lee Harper mass reported him, and his @verified status was rescinded.


The problem of course is that Randi Lee Harper holds that spam or harassment is subjective, and she can influence @twitter @safety directly through her contacts.


Which she then uses to damage consumers, as @randileeharper respects  no one elses rights at all, and has no problem violating their privacy.


Milo a journalist, was suspended, and forced to delete tweets that were truthful, and published by a professional journalist ON his twitter.

The link to the tweet is here.




The information censored, was information gathered about a public person, Brianna Wu, who has risen to prominence due to threats she has received.

Brianna Wu claimed to have graduated from college, and the records published proved that claim incorrect.


I have no doubt Brianna Wu has received threats, I have.

However I don’t label everyone who has opposing opinions as “gamergate”, which @randileeharper then labels as a hate group.


Together these 2 (and others) tell their contrived story and make a little money on Patreon through donations.

Brianna Wu Patreon.

Randi Lee Harper Patreon.


Randi, who violates @twitter consumers privacy openly, gloated about this, but complained about people who were not suspended.


Does @jack know what Free Speech is?


I do not believe so.

And I do not believe he cares of SOME of his customers are threatened.



Or silenced by a bully @Jack empowers.

How does Randi Lee Harper abuse Trans and marginalized community?

She tells them she is protecting them from others.

And then she filters what they see using a massively propagating block bot which she has previously used as retaliation against individuals as part of a personal vendetta.

And then a marginalized community has to beg Randi to be able to communicate on Twitter.

It’s pure abuse of @twitter and LGBTQ enabled by @jack.


Not a gator.  But you can see the panic induced by Randi’s lies to a community that has a history of being brutalized.


For this silencing of the Trans commuity on Twitter she is what is referred to as a Trans Exclsionary Radical Feminist.


For some reason, she makes the rules.

And by her own subjective criteria blocks many others from see threats that might be credible.


Yet for Randi, her experimentation on twitter consumers is an overriding concern.

Safety of other consumers not so much, until Randi noticed that her own safety is at risk if Twitter themselves censors tweets.


@Randileeharper is anti freespeech, anti social media networking, anti news,  anti commentary and empowered by @jack.

@jack is a liar.


And Randi?  Apparently tweeting @jack is wrong.



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