The Time That #Journalism AND @Jack #Tech Combined to Hate #Consumers.

This sounds like an incredible claim.

Why would @Jack allow a rampant hater to hate 44% of potential consumers openly, derisively and violently when he is in charge of a corporation engaged in the business of social media.

That is, allowing people to connect with other people through the power of twitter networking.

Why allow someone to literally attack your consumers, potential new customer base?

Professional evaluation of @randileeharper’s false claims showed that only .66% of what she was claiming as harassment was harassment.

And in any case “gamergate” is NOT an organized group.

Some people meet on various websites to discuss the issue, and actually plan.  This apparently takes place on open to the public websites like Kotuku in Action.

That all is perfectly legal.  And by professional measurement, anyone even remotely connected to being pro gamergate was only a tiny percent of the harassment this salacious liar, @randileeharper claimed.

Yet @Jack allows a racist hater to label consumers as hate.  And advocate violence.

Even as she seems to take enjoyment from it.


Certainly 2 fields, that both rely on first amendment freedom of speech, would not in any way act to limit consumers freedom of speech?

To answer this I must ask what do a Russian born Journalist named Cathy Young (@Cathyyoung63), an English (Greek) Jew Journalist Milo Yiannopoulos (@nero), and a Taiwanese Lawyer named Mark Kern (@grummz) have in common?

They all immigrated to America from oppressive regimes (The UK Parliament now spends time debating 1 person from entering their fine establishment).

Taiwan is of course the remains of Nationalist China, where Chiang Kai Shek retreated after being defeated by the Communist, Mao) and spoke out in favor of free speech.

And Cathy escaped Soviet Russia in 1980 or thereabouts.

They are now attacked by professional journalists and tech, and anti consumer and anti free speech zealots.

This is very strange to me, as quite frankly in the 70’s Milo would have been at the head of the Gay Pride Parade, when simply being brave enough TO SPEAK made you a hero.

He would have danced with the Village People, and people would have been ASTOUNDED that an openly Gay man was a professional journalist telling people where to stick it.

Instead he is now demonized by anti #consumer zealots such as Randi Lee Harper for speaking his mind.

Randi Lee Harper can and will have professional journalists barred from Tech events.

Apparently @Sxsw and @hugh_w_forrest have no commitment to free speech, either.



Randi hates checking facts.  No checking facts in Randi’s world!


Randi thinks by tossing out false allegations she can harass and intimidate into silence. This is passive aggressiveness by design.  An exploit, as it were.


Professional journalists, or other people, are routinely accused of falsehoods by Randi Lee Harper, as Twitter stands by, watching her drive their business into the shitter.



@jack says @twitter is about Truth To Power y’all.

I think it’s about @jack and @safety hating consumers.


Randi Lee Harper’s existence on Twitter is dedicating to eradicating free speech and the ability to network socially.

Randi thinks she can hate anyone she wants, attack them, and continue to attack as she is simply not subject to moderation.


In this archive, Randi explains in a deleted tweet that she is just acting like a dude.  I don’t know many people, dudes or otherwise that routinely tell people to self immolate, and actually get away with it.



She drives people away from twitter in droves through her openly condoned and endorsed harassment.


She wants to build fences, and will use ANY language necessary to drive you off, shame, humiliate and silence you that she wishes.  Including advocating violence as she advocates violence.


She can do this because she is beyond the reach of us mere mortals, empowered by @jack and @safety to abuse at will.

She does this by filtering content, which she openly boasts of.


This of course violates Twitter Dev ToS, but no one at Twitter REALLY has any commitment to free speech, or fucks to give that she abuses TRANS people during the course of this filtering of content.


Randi advocates for her politics in code where it can’t be detected, and you are simply silenced through the power of twitter coding.

And twitter just shrugs it off.


All Randi does is call anyone else’s opinion “harassment” and Kristen leaps pretty quickly to publish.  In fact she will publish without waiting for a response from the person she asked for comment.

Today, Herb Caen would be rolling over in his grave, as unprofessional yellow attack dog journalists like Kristen V Brown write articles devoid of fact or evidence and slam people who stick up for their, and others, free speech.



If you email her over a hundred live links to tweets and documentation of Randi Lee Harper’s abuse, you get not so quick a response.

I am still waiting on Kristen who published in a matter of a few hours to review and respond to the material.

Researching claims ARE TEH HARDZ, GUYZ.


Randi keeps getting those quick responses though.


And of course Kristen knows when someone tweeting Randi, and not her, is talking about her.


It was Mercedes Carrera (@themercedesxxx), who is not only a porn star, and by necessity guards her free speech, who is brave enough to speak out to defend others free speech despite the derision and scorn heaped on her by Randi Lee Harper, with Twitter and other tech companies direct complicity.

Mercedes was deplatformed by SXSW after Randi Lee Harper falsely claimed harassment and @sxsw and organizer @Hugh_w_forrest chose to believe a racist abuser of Trans people instead of keeping a commitment to free speech and letting Mercedes speak on her scheduled day.



And the helpful “journalism” of Kristen V Brown, who is the least professional journalist I have ever encountered.

Mercedes, in the terms of Social Justice, is a PoC sex worker who was deplatformed by a white feminist who is openly racist and bullies trans and PoC to keep them in line as Twitter does NOTHING to her.

She has been attacked publically by empowered white feminists who represent the patriarchy, and are empowered by @jack to attack whomever they wish at their leisure.


Randi Lee Harper also openly boasts of her privilege.


How does one do this you ask?

Easy.  Simply label everyone with a different opinion as you as members of a Hate Group, equivalent to ISIS.

And then presto voila.  No one in tech or journalism will fact check you, and in fact will attack people who speak up as those very same haters, or complicit with hate, or foul murderers, beasts and rapists despite you never having uttered an offensive word.

And so while Randi Lee Harper boasts that her enemy is both incompetent and only loud, and she hates men (you can hate men on twitter, it’s totally OK) and tells people repeatedly to self immolate (you can advocate violence on twitter if you have the right politics, even if you run an anti abuse charity) no one at Twitter will act.

Randi openly threatens consumers.  She can, and will pull down your metadata, write a block list targeting YOU and then, knowing SJW Twitter is the worst, watch it all unfold.

“Unfold” as in SJW twitter attacks you relentlessly after being greenlighted by Randi.


It is is NOT surprising to me at all that Randi can do this.

When I wrote to @Vijaya, the General Council for help with cyberbullying (I was doxed and threatened by leadership of a social media company, Empire Avenue, Gareth Davies (@me_gareth), Keith Gill (@digitalkeith), Nance Larson (@nancelarson) and Chris Sandys (@usafa_93), Vijaya Gadde blocked me.



Multiple accounts were ultimately suspended for making violent threats against me,  doxing, and non violent threats.

And yet I STILL find that Twitter, far from caring about the @safety and #privacy of their consumers, endorses a person who boasts of violating consumers privacy openly in her twitter feed AND advocates violence routinely.

As a result, I do not believe that Twitter or @jack care about consumers.

In fact I think they hate them.  Despise them, and think there is an inexhaustible supply of them.

Essentially they are simply the new overlords, who in replacing the old overlords, say nice words while lying on national tv about what they do.

Instead of Twitter simply handling the matter professionally, I had to involve the FTC, San Francisco DA’s office, CA DoJ and Senator Feinstein.

Who ALL acted to protect me, an American citizen.  Thanks Home Team!

I HOPE they will now turn their interest to protecting consumers from the very people who should be most interested in the health and well being of Citizens, ie consumers, from business which hates them.

That being the Tech Industry and Journalism.

Totalitarianism is totalitarianism, no matter how you brand it.

If government won’t act it won’t matter.  You see I’m all in favor of burning this mother down (in the free speech sense) and driving Twitter right out of business, IF they won’t protect consumers from rampant abuse by Randi Lee Harper and others who seek to exploit others for personal gain.

Let’s Dance, Biatch.



PS:  A Democrat who wishes death on children named Allan Brauer thinks asking government for help is bad.  



Twitter has NO commitment.  ZERO.  None. It’s up to us, as consumers, to act to protect ourselves.


Actual expert lawyers disagree.

Why does Randi get to lie and abuse on twitter?


We call on regulators at state, local and federal levels to investigate @twitter, @jack, @randileeharper and the funding mechanism that appears to be the shitheap known as @patreon.


653014 Letter DOJ REdacted

12302914 letter DOJ redacted

Ethel Newlin 11062014

Ethel Newlin 1122015


For another side of Mercedes besides her tush, check out her ASMR video.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s tingling people describe as a head orgasm.



Of course Brianna Wu, aka @Spacekatgal, labels anyone who is pro consumer and accurate journalism as part of a hate group, along with Randi Lee Harper.

No one doubts Brianna Wu received threats, I have as well.  But to label everyone who posts to a twitter hashtag as part of a hate group is beyond absurd.

And twitter allows it.

Jack hates people.  Won’t protect them from massive and sustained abuse.



Special thanks to Arthur.



Fool Herpes 1 hqdefault - Copy jack Me Racist - Copy Racist Randi Randi Lee Harper Responsibility sahugh

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