Is Empowered By @Jack Cyberbully #Randileeharper A Legitimate Threat To LGBT $TWTR #Consumers? #cybersecurity

I am appalled that Randi Lee Harper has met with @Twitter @safety in early 2015.


Randi Lee Harper, who founded an anti abuse charity, is one of the most open advocates of violence on Twitter.

According to her own definition, she is a Digital Terrorist as she has a history of doxing consumers on twitter, thereby removing their digital privacy by exposing personal data online which is a crime in CA.



According to Twitter in  various public statements, Twitter stands for freedom of expression.


According to Twitter General Council Vijaya Gadde in a Washington Post Op-Ed dated 4/16/2015,

I’m often inspired by the vigorous debates on controversial issues that occur on Twitter, but I’ve also been seriously troubled by the plight of some of our users who are completely overwhelmed by those who are trying to silence healthy discourse in the name of free expression.


And yet this is precisely what Randi Lee Harper does, silences healthy discourse through a combination of lies, intimidation, threats and overt McCarthyism.

This has left one of the most marginalized audiences on Twitter both afraid of her, and afraid to engage in discourse with those that seek to help them.

That would be the LGBT community.

How does she do so?  By repeated false and misleading tweets about there being no Freedom of Speech in social media.

This is in direct contradiction of Federal, state and local CA law.  CA is the state Twitter is headquartered in, and I personally am a resident of CA.

Attorney Mitch Jackson has answered the question of Free Speech on twitter before.

Mitch was CA 2013 attorney of the year, and is widely recognized for his legal expertise.


Randi Lee Harper has spent a lot of time both segregating her audience from the general twitter population and reinforcing that they have no rights beyond what Twitter ToS says.


So after lying to a marginalized community for over a year (and Twitter allegedly prohibits false and misleading tweets) the LGBT community which are her followers are cowed, fearful and unable to take part in rational social media discourse.



I am not part of gamer gate and not blocked by her blockbots.



In her own words, Randi does not care about the silencing of #lgbt advocates.


I can imagine why she would be concerned, she would be unable to exploit her abused audience for funding.


Except that the State of CA does have anti harassment law on the books.  It’s just that Twitter doesn’t really concern themselves with law all that much that I can tell.

As does the Federal government.

Randi Lee Harper is a one person Hostile Environment Zone.

The audience made up of consumers recognize hypocrisy when they see it.


Twitter however does not.


Building walled off fortresses to sit in and rule others is Randi Lee Harper’s expertise.  

Not social media networking, not digital communications, not risk management, not social media, not public policy, not branding, not anything.

She abuses and make money off those she abuses.


Why do I belive that Randi may be a legitimate credible threat of violence to others?

When Randi Lee Harper’s claims of “harassment” were fact checked by only the results were clear that Randi Lee Harper, and anyone labeling GamerGate an organized hate group (it’s a twitter hashtag) was lying about the extent of harassment.



Her transiition to SJW was quite sudden.


She expresses a desire for martyrdom.


Built her army (cult of personality.)


And soon started her campaign of hatred, establishing her pattern of fear and intimidation.



She soon began exhibiting signs of apparent paranoia in public.


However she noted she thought they were to intimidated to approach.


She seems to think her ability to get away with harassing people is hilarious.


Randi knows that blocking people creates a safety hazard.


Yet the censorship of other people on @twitter wasn’t a problem until it affected her safety, personally.


She struggles with public life.


Complains about being dehumanized even as she conflated .66% of harassment into a HATE GROUP.


She builds up anger.


And expects everyone else to put up with her abusive ways.


Randi released a blacklist, which may have caused people to lose their homes.


And relies on donations for her ADD meds.


I am amazed at how far she has gotten as she openly terrorizes twitter consumers, including silenced #lgbt.


I have ZERO idea how @jack can tell the general public that safety and privacy are a priority.

None, zero, nada, zilch.




I do not want to run into her on the street.

The amazing thing is you can report this to @support, and it does not violate @twitter policy.







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