Outspoken Gay Man @Nero Banned From San Francisco, Censored By @Jack Abused by @Randileeharper. Herb Caen Rolls in Grave. $TWTR

I’m sure that Herb Caen is shocked.

I’m dead certain that Herb Caen is shocked and perturbed.

Heck.  Herb Caen, the conscience of San Francisco is shocked, perturbed, and planning his return.

What would cause such consternation in Heaven about San Francisco?

The City has banned a gay man from appearing.


How could this happen?

In the 60’s San Francisco was the counter culture, man.  Haight and Ashbury, Jefferson Airplane.  White Rabbit.


People looked around and said free love!  And much love was had.

And then people looked around and said who is missing?

And some people said they were missing.

And the people said who are you?

And the people replied, we’re gay.

And the people said, well come on then.

And The Village People were born.

And much joy was had.

For many decades.


And San Francisco became a beacon of tolerance, where weirdness was celebrated.



Until now.

When a gay outspoken journalist who would have been welcome in the 1970’s is excluded.

Heck, @Nero would have been at the forefront of the whole thing in 1978.  Would have been a champion of free speech and absolutely flaming gayness of pure gay with much amplitude.

But now?  Not so much.

He’s just a gay toff Brit into buggery.  Nothing new here…  Not even scary.

He has the wrong opinions, according to the totalitarian left.

And what was needed in 1978 when they fought to be heard isn’t needed now today as they wish to control the message.

Now their politics are about exclusion.  And “problemantic”.  And division.

And the rest of us wonder at this.

And we try to figure out why they think they can exclude everyone they don’t like endlessly.  How subdivided they think they can get, how much hate they can project before no one cares about them anymore at all and rejects all their silliness out of hand.

In the meantime, we’re gonna dance.

Herb Caen would want us to party until the fat Sister of Perpetual Indulgence Sings.



I’m just surprised it’s a Brit that has to ring the bell of Liberty.

@jack is a failure.  He should resign.  He is destroying $TWTR.





It’s weird when public people grasp the public limelight, then fight the press they want.



Why would @jack and @twitter embrace someone that wants to burn it all down?




Stop listening to this person, @twitter.



Randi is silencing LGBT on Twitter, and abusing people.  Stop her.





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