Racist Game Dev #BriannaWu @spacekatgal Now Spends Her Time Trying To Suppress #news, Attacking @Klout on $TWTR

Apparently @spacekatgal of anti #gamergate fame considers it fair game to suppress free speech and news about herself on Twitter.



She seems to be reporting content she doesn’t like as abuse.

This isn’t surprising given her background of attacking journalist David Pakman, and conflating a .66% harassment rate into every gamer in the world is a hate group.

Why would a game developer even want to say her customer base is a hate group?

It makes absolutely no sense from a business perspective.

In any case people sharing content off Klout, a very large companies website, are attacked by @spacekatgal as bots.

@Klout allows you to share content chosen by Bing to your social media stream.


So, given her connections to racist Randi Lee Harper, who has insiders at Twitter Safety, I clarified with @support that I am not a bot as I shared a tweet off Klout.

In other words, I used social media as designed.


It’s a strange world at Twitter, where @Jack will tell people Twitter stand for free speech, while empowered abusers harass his customers, but we know @Jack doesn’t care about 44% of consumers worldwide.

Twitter has rules against creating false and misleading tweets, but these rules are not enforced against empowered abusers like Brianna Wu.

He let’s Brianna Wu label them as a Hate Group.

Feel the love at Twitter!


People with weak opinions try to suppress free speech.

Want to help a LGBT victim of real world violence?

Help out @jacieleopold.

Avoid Brianna Wu.  She’s just in it for herself, and can’t be bothered.







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