Brianna Wu Is Doing Massive Harm To #LGBT @CivilRights Effort on @Twitter. $TWTR

Game Developer Brianna Wu (@spacekatgal) is doing massive harm to the LGBT communities effort for inclusion and @civilrights.

I am firmly aware that people receive threats on twitter, having received many myself.

But that does not excuse the outright lies, distortions and quite frankly slander of 1.2 billion consumers worldwide as part of a “hate group” for liking games and perhaps tweeting to a hashtag, #Gamergate, that @twitter allows to exist on their social media platform.


When I asked Brianna Wu for help with @jacieleopold’s case, she blocked me on Twitter.


Jacie Leopold also tweeted her, but was ignored.


This surprised me, as it was a legitimate request, and I am not a gamergater.

What type of person blocks people who ask for help in a field they purport to be an advocate in?

And then I reviewed her timeline.


It’s is clear that Brianna Wu is given to outrageous histrionics and false claims in pursuit of whatever her goals are.

In her world, Lou Reed, The Kinks, movies,  newspaper articles, art and even  porn is simply whitewashed, erased,  as she lies in pursuit of what seems to be her own enrichment.

Apparently Andy Warhol and Candy Darling didn’t exist.


She is setting back decades of Civil Rights work for her own gain as she alienates a huge audience who see her lies, falsehoods and abuse of others as corruption.


Fortunately the Department of Justice, @civilrights, has taken up Jacie Leopold’s case.




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