New $TWTR Competitor Andrew Torba of GAB.AI Displays #CustServ For The Ages

Last night I had the pleasure of tweeting with Andrew Torba (@torbahax), CEO of new Twitter competitor, GAB.AI.

Mr. Torba has started Gab to be a direct competitor to Twitter.

Already his service displays far more customer service and business sense than Twitter ever did, at least as far as I am concerned.


I’m @Verified.





The abuse that @Jack and twitter actually condone is shown in their own use of @Verified.

They have verified Randi Lee Harper, who has a MASSIVE history of openly abusing Twitter consumers and Brianna Wu, who knowingly leads a 50,000 strong targeted abuse mob.


So while @jack and Twitter enshrine abuse in @Verified status, Gab.Ai presents a new and growing competitor.

I can’t say that I am shocked that @jack enshrines abuse, they have a massive abuse problem as Vijaya Gadde wrote in her WAPO editorial.

It’s just that Twitter ALLOWS abuse by chosen people.  Tolerates it, condones it, tacitly approves of it.

After all, Randi Lee Harper has met with @safety.


Check it out.  Invites to the closed beta are going out.

@Twitter and @jack of course denied my request for verification.  I think they prefer I’m dead at this point.  They are really out of control, even CIA testifies in Congress about how awful they are.

That kind of environment doesn’t happen by accident.  It’s intentional.



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