The Hatred & Disdain of @HillaryClinton For America Is On Full Display On $TWTR

The “Alt right” is not a group.

There are no meetings, sign up forms, secret handshakes, etc.

Yet Hillary, herself a national security threat due to her ignorance of and disdain for rule of law and cybersecurity sees fit to label a significant portion of America as a “hate movement.”


Astoundingly she ignores her own ties to the KKK, both in her love for former Senator Robert Byrd, and the open endoresement given to her by current Grand Dragon of the KKK, Will Quigg.

The genesis of the “alt right” actually started in the late 1990’s with the labeling of what used to be Top 40 music, ie rock, pop punk, as “alternative” and Hip Hop and Disney Pop taking over the Top 40 airwaves.

Current Democrats rhetoric has simply ridden that shift in sentiment as exhibited by former GOP and current Democrats advocate Brianna Wu, herself a leader of a targeted abuse mob on Twitter.


I am not sure who appointed Brianna Wu as guardian of what’s appropriate to say, but she clearly attacks people she wants to, knowingly, with Jack Dorsey’s tacit ok and endorsement.

Clearly Twitter itself has been weaponized to attack anyone that is not a Democrat (and even Democrats will be targeted by the targeted abuse mob led by Brianna Wu, and her compatriot Randi Lee Harper if they decide to.)


Ms. Wu, who is bills herself as the “ISIS of Feminism” believes she and 4 other feminsits are changing the future of the world.

Even as she finds women in movies offensive.

Her opinion is at best bizarre, or reflected in her upbringing in a cultish family in Mississippi.

Essentially Jack Dorsey has turned Twitter over to abusers.


Randi Lee Harper has herself propagated ISIS on twitter, and has her own targeted abuse mob that responds to her commands, as Jack Dosey consciously fails to fight terrorism according to the UK’s Home Affairs Committee.

All in all, Hillary Clinton, Jack Dorsey and their band of hateful mob abusers exemplified by Brianna Wu, Randi Lee Harper and Zoe Quinn hate a significant portion of American citizens and are given a platform to abuse people on Twitter and social media.




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