Open Letter to @Jack @Vijaya & @Torbahax, CEO of @Getongab. #custserv

I support Gab.  Openly.  Presently without reservation.

This unreserved support is after blogging about abuse on twitter since 5/2014 after noting abuse of others that was transferred to myself as I resolved to write about the abuse I was witnessing.

Believe me, it is with no joy that I write about Twitter in what Jack Dorsey and some at Twitter must consider to be in negative fashion.

Yet it is only done to help Twitter fix their own acknowledged problems as Jack Dorsey struggles to balance free speech and abuse policy.

I never in a million years would have thought that I would have been doxed, repeatedly threatened and cyber bullied by the same people for nearly a year on end, & Twitter would not only do NOTHING, but would censor and suspend me for telling the truth of the massive abuse I was witnessing and receiving.

Yet this is what happened.

The abuse was so pervasive I had to file a complaint with the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, which has local jurisdiction over Twitter, and the CA Department of Justice.

Both opened files, The San Francisco District Attorney’s office did, twice.

This is a matter of public record.

Yet the abuse that is so prevalent simply continues to journalists such as Kassy Dillon and Kristen V Brown, amongst countless others.

It is beyond strange to me that Twitter and Jack Dorsey allow ISIS to proliferate and be propagated by their own safety consultant, Randi Lee Harper, to the point that the CIA director testifies that Jack is disappointing and the UK Home Office committee writes that Twitter is ‘consciously failing’ to fight ISIS online.

This even as a Twitter safety consultant openly propagates ISIS materials.


It is beyond strange to me that Black Lives Matter can be identified and called a radical domestic hate group yet Jack allows Deray to target Milwaukee and call for Cameron Newton to be harassed by telephone with Jack and twitter taking no action.

It is beyond strange to me that Kassy Dillon and Kristen V Brown can receive multiple death threats without titter acting.

It is as if Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde consciously disregard the safety of anyone they so choose, and due to immunity under CDA 230 96 they do as they please, and dare you to sue.

You would actually most likely lose any lawsuit, as Jack has congressionally granted  immunity.

I firmly believe that this congressionally granted immunity has created a monster of callousness in Jack Dorsey and Twitter.  A complete and utter disregard for the physical safety of their consumers.

As a consequence of this blogging, not only has Twitter @support apparently begun to view me as a trusted resource as they respond to my 3rd party reports.

This despite Randi Lee Harper, trusted safety consultant, tweeting that twitter does notrespond to third party reports.


They do provide feedback, and have, to me.

The feedback from @support has furthered the knowledge of twitter’s bias against certain users and the systemic bias against conservative customers.

It is patently obvious that to be conservative is to be prejudged according to horrific SJW rhetoric as racist, and every other insult they can hurt, and Jack Dorsey simply accepts that as truth.

Unfortunately the lies told about me by others, including that I control a massive bot army and plan to murder people are NEVER moderated by Twitter.

It is beyond astonishing to me that McCarthyist accusations of criminal evidence can be hurled without evidence and as if the people making the accusations are mind readers.

To Twitter, Truth is the enemy, and lies and liars are their friends and confidantes.

This to my sorrow has damaged personal friendships that I value.

I can only hope that my friends realize that what I do has a purpose and it is to help correct what I see as open, systemic abuse of people around the world by an openly abusive and dare I say hateful, corporation named Twitter.

Despite never threatening a soul, and being placed on the ISIS blocklist (instead of adequately fighting ISIS, Jack and @support suspended the account that let people know they were blocked) the threats, bullying and intimidation continue.

I can only assume Jack Dorsey hates a significant portion of his own customers and also intends to stay the course.

This opinion is based on observations of Twitter’s stated policy, actual reality and observed threats and inaction by Twitter.

At this point I am astonished Jack Dorsey still has a job, and that he dares show his face in public.


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