The Internet “Sharing Economy”

While professional journalists such as Kristen V Brown attend meetings where unionizing is discussed at professionally run internet based news sites there exists a darker, seedier underbelly of the internet.


Many sites that are starting out essentially rely on volunteer labor.

Volunteers not only write much of the content you consume on a regular basis, but form the backbone of the economic engine of growth for those websites.

Despite the lack of formal employment, or employment protections young people looking to break into journalism flock to these sites and submit articles for the hope of exposure.

Thus, as the news and media profession (and thus economy) moves online it’s time for basic employment protections for those volunteers who labor under often callous leadership of these websites.

The more predatorial of the sites prey on college students eager for exposure even as they mock them in slack chats and other “team chat” sites where often unscrupulous, older “staff” or “management” heap abuse on the young, unchecked by inexperienced “President’s” and “CEO’s”.

Congress regulates interstate commerce and should act to protect not just our nations citizens, but people worldwide from predatory practices.


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