Troubling Rise of Theft of Art And Lack of Credit For Work On #SocialMedia

Apparently feeling that proper credit for work done isn’t worth their time due to their positions in  a for profit business that relies on volunteer labor, certain someone’s failed to give proper credit for works created.

I have noted 3 properly credited works, however.  DMCA takedowns were not filed on those instances.

Given the longstanding policy posted on this blog as to copyright, DMCA takedowns were filed and honored by Twitter and WordPress (so far.)

This lack of credit is not surprising given the strange goings on in their former slack chat, so I wonder if they believe if anyone else has any rights at all?

(A certain intern refused to do assigned work, and wrote sexual poetry that a 17 year old minor responded to.)

This is simply more reason while small, but abusive businesses that rely on interstate commerce for their existence should be regulated.

As Congress expressly has the power to regulate interstate commerce, and the Commerce Department exists for this reason it should be simple enough to do.

Given the patriarchal nature of the CEO of the related entity, it seems clear they wish to undermine congressional authority to act in the nations interest.

Have a listen to The Mid  Merican Podcast Presented by Lone Conservative yourself to judge what you think their intent is.






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