How To “Other” Students in Oakland Unified Schools District. @OUSDNews #education

Oakland schools are in crisis.

In a March report of The Post News Group, Ron Smith, OUSD Network Superintendent noted that  a huge percentage of students are “low income” which I take to means qualifies for federal aid for free school lunches, etc.

Given they are noted as being in the “flatlands” of Oakland and not in the hills I assume most of the students are minority students as well.

“Eighty-eight percent (of our students) are low income. We have two or three jobs, many parents don’t have both partners at home. I don’t care about these numbers,” the parent said.

Especially troublesome to me personally is that charter schools would have to “co locate” with existing schools and parents were worried that music and engineering programs would end.

Given my experience of attending a magnet school in Fresno, Holland Project T.A.L.E.N.T., I know that co location is not good for the school children.

It creates a real sense of “other” as while physical space is shared, there is very little actual interaction between the two separate and distinct classes of students.

I always wondered where the half of the school kids that were in the classrooms I was in were.  Were they being bussed out so I could be bussed in?

While Project T.A.L.E.N.T. was and continues to be a success for FUSD, the school did relocate to it’s own campus shortly after I left there after 8th grade.

The least amongst us need to have access to music, arts, science and engineering increased, not decreased to allow charter schools.

OR kids not in the non charter school part of the now co located schools not be given the same opportunities and programs as kids on the same physical school grounds.

That should be clear.

If Oakland can’t do it the state should step in.

Co location of charter schools is a horrible idea.  If the charter school doesn’t have the resources to start their own campus, don’t do it.


One thought on “How To “Other” Students in Oakland Unified Schools District. @OUSDNews #education

  1. A crisis that calls for state intervention I do believe. I appreciate hearing from your perspective what colocating might feel like from the child’s perspective

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