America’s Brain Is On Fire. Dick Comey of the @FBI, Statutes, Plain Meaning & Big Brother

I have no idea when Dick Comey, Director of the FBI decided that the plain meaning of a statute isn’t the law and he can interpret not only the plain meaning of a statute but Congress’ intent in writing the relevant statute.

In other words, Congress writes the laws, the Administration (FBI) enforces the law and the Supreme Court interprets the law.

This is why we have a court sytem.  To decide these questions.

The question is not to be decided in back rooms of FBI or with the AG and Bill Clinton on a plane.

Our government is dysfunctional and now exists to protect it’s own interests and not the interests of  American citizens.

We have arrived at Big Brother.

And Big Brother doesn’t care that Hillary Clinton broke the law, and everyone on earth knows our secrets.

However it does care that General Patreus, Snowden and Chelsea Manning broke the law.

We officially have a 2 tiered system of justice.  One for people the government doesn’t care about, and one for who it does.

Time to let the Government know this IS NOT OK.



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