The Ghost of Eugene Debs. #Politics In The US Remains Cyclical

In the 1930’s after the collapse of the stock market and mass economic collapse, socialism rose and was partially embraced as a temporary measure by FDR and Congress with the “New deal.”

During that time labor protests racked much of America as workers fought for what they saw as their rights against entrenched business  interests.

The recent Presidential election has once again exposed a rift between the populist leftist wing of the Democrat party (temporarily represented by Bernie Sanders) & the corporate, big bank friendly/war exporting wing of Hillary Clinton.

With Silicon Valley leadership (Jack Dorsey, etc)  preaching leftism and inclusiveness while not actually delivering on the results (poor hiring practices leaving minorities out in the cold, homelessness and a corporate aesthetic taking over San Francisco rather than a vibrant and eclectic city) socialism is once again making a comeback.

At the same time high tech, through the use of borderless (largely unregulated) apps ( like Uber)  undermines even BASIC employment protections that most Americans think of as basic, routine and theirr rights.

IE being an employee and not an independent contractor when you don’t actually control the work you do, workers’ compensation (itself earned through compromise with business interests) and perhaps a dash of time off.

This is hardly unexpected when those same states leave youth uneducated, incarcerated at massive rates and quite frequently jobless, yet without entrepreneurial skills to make their own way.

It’s as if the business left is pulling the wool over the eyes of everyone and expect to have their whole cake and eat it too.

And we all know what happened to Marie Antoinette.

We now have a President elect that’s actually less conservative than Hillary Clinton, yet somehow despised by the left due to the Democrats attempts to rig the election for Hillary Clinton?

How will this play out?  Well I expect actual jobs bills similar in nature to a new “new deal.”

And the self appointed “cultural elites” like Bob Chipman, AKA @the_moviebob?  

Folks like Bob are the same old hate from the Bay Area and Orange County that previous generations of Dust Bowlers felt in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

In other words, politics is cyclical and same as it ever was.

There’s no reason to fear putting people to work who need work and will work.  None.

Will the Democratic party find it’s soul and actually function to protect workers, or will it remain tied to big banks, and tech while lying to their own electorate publically while maintaining private positions?

Will the GOP stop teaching young activists to abolish the Commerce Department even as Congress has explicit authority to regulate interstate commerce?

“to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes.”

Time will tell.

Is Trump Hoover or Eisenhower?


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