No, World. Milo Yiannopoulis of @breitbarttech Is Not A White Supremacist.

Milo Yiannapoulis is many things.  Gay, Jewish by birth, half greek, a ponce, intelligent, beloved by many, hated by many.

But he is not a white supremacist.

If you don’t want to believe me, just read feminist journalist Kristen V. Brown’s of Fusions coverage of Milo.

Yiannopoulos is an outspoken advocate of free speech on the internet—at all cost.

She pretty much rips him a new one, politely, but it’s fair.

After all, Milo admits he’s a provocateur and troll.

I began following Milo after he was deverified by Twitter because I felt it was an attack on professional journalists.

Little did I know at that time the volume of vicious attacks poured on him by entitled, empowered bullies on Twitter.

Randi Lee Harper, Brianna Wu and a cast of miscreants had spent over a year attacking him because he refused to bow to their demands to not write about Gamergate.

What journalists write is not subject to approval by twitter mob leaders like Brianna Wu.


“Attacking” would be writing a story this empowered cyberbully doesn’t agree with.

Brianna and Randi have conducted a cyberbullying campaign that actually is still ongoing as they are connected to the Democrats as activists.

Randi Lee Harper was able to have Milo locked out of SXSW16, to do his actual job, in secret negotations with SXSW admins.


A White House accredited journalist was prevented from doing his job at SXSW16 because two empowered bullies were able to silence him.


Randi Lee Harper, has met with @safety.  It’s astonishing that a California corporation would allow a safety consultant to actively abuse their own customers, but in Randi Lee Harper they have done so.


The left would have us fear censorship by Donald Trump on the internet when they conduct cyberbullying and censorship in broad daylight ignoring your basic civil rights.

Randi otherwise spends time bragging about the massive amount of abuse she can pile on @jack’s customers.

It’s atrocious.

Yet @jack and @support refuse to handle the matter and apply their terms of service evenly and supsend these two massively abusive people

Of course gamergate moved into the political race, and became the base of the people making memes and real live neo nazis, white supremacists and nazis tried to integrate into THAT movement and were partially sucessful in their efforts.

Believe me.  If I saw anything indicative of Milo’s being a white supremacist I would have said so.  I saw NO indication in his twitter account, or journalism.

The stain on his reputation is part of a deliberate effort by evil people to destroy people who write things they do not like.

And they are fully empowered on Twitter by @jack.



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