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How @Jack, #Randileeharper Hate #Consumers, Ignore #Privacy @safety @policy & Damage $TWTR

Who is Randi Lee Harper (@Randileeharper)?

Randi is an alleged Online Abuse Prevention expert, which I would think would be considered as part of #cybersecurity.

I believe Randi’s charity, which she along with Alex Lifschitz (Crash Overrride Network,  @alexlifschitz), Zoe Quinn (Crash Override Network, @UnburntWitch), and Sheri Rubin (Design Direct Deliver, @SheriRubin) who serve as inaugural members for the organization’s board of directors is a sham designed to profit off the media attention surrounding Gamer Gate.

I believe @jack and @vijaya and @safety  public statements are duplicitous and harm consumers who then believe Twitter indeed seeks to protect safety and privacy.


@Randileeharper  is simply one of the most openly abusive, corrosive people on Twitter.

How do I know that she does not actually fight or prevent abuse?

Because of the abuse she openly and routinely engages in massive amounts of abuse.

And the fact that when I asked her for help she attacked me with false allegations.



Randi is allowed to lie at will, spread falsehoods, and label anyone she wishes as part of a Hate group for simply using Twitter as designed.  To communicate.


I don’t refer to  any of these alleged groups as groups except ISIS.

I also appear to have offended ISIS, being on their public block list.  Thanks Twitter.  It’s great to know ISIS has a published blocklist that’s publically available on Twitter.

That’s @jack looking out for my @safety!


I believe #RandileeHarperGate is a Hate group.

I have no idea why journalists like @kristenvbrown simply regurgitate her tripe that she spews out, and thinks that not being able to control free speech, in a country that guarantees free speech is a problem.




It seems @randileeharper, who asks for feedback then blocks people that make it, cannot take commentary that speaks about her massive, entitled, empowered abuse she pours out routinely onto PoC like Arthur Chu, Derek Smart and Mercedes Carrera.


What Randi Lee Harper considers abuse or harassment is subjective, according to her own words.


So people are held to account of a tyrant, that by a whim can say you are harassing her and journalists jump.


Meanwhile white journalists like Kristen pump out shlock quickly, without obtaining comment or do any significant fact checking.

How do I know this?

Because I submitted approximately 100 links of live tweets to Kristen.  And still await her meaningful response.

Despite being able to go to press quickly to write about Randi, she hasn’t been able to review what I forwarded.




This is some of the most hateful conduct I can imagine short of actual credible threats of violence to another that results in criminal prosecution.

She has an inside source at @twitter that feeds her private consumers information, which she then tweets.


All of this is expressly prohibited by ToS, as hateful conduct, but Randi is immune to moderation.




How can twitter claim to have reviewed the account at all?

They can read the same tweets I can, it’s all public, and the hate she spreads is well chronicled in this blog, with live tweets to her open abuse.

I cannot claim to have reviewed her whole timeline, just what I can find in archives.

Review of her account continues.

Allan Brauer, a former leader in the CA Democratic party resigned after tweeting to Conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter that he wished her children would die long and unpleasant deaths.

Despite this, his tweets, several years old now, remained up on @twitter.

Allan being a wonderful person, spun the public response to him on twitter, an open to the public communications network, as an attack on him.

And remained unmoderated by Twitter.  Despite losing his position in the Democratic party.

So, as part of my own investigation, I reported that tweet to Twitter.

And was told that it did NOT violate Twitter’s Terms of Service.

I proceeded to tell Twitter @support in yet another report that I would be archiving and writing about this.



Only then was Allan subjected to moderation and the tweet removed from Twitter.





I asked Randi her for help, and she denied knowing @jack, despite having met with the @safety team in 2015.

And she made false allegations against me.  Somehow she thought she could determine my intent without asking what it was.


I knew Randi had met with @safety because she had tweeted this information after Journalist @Karaswisher forwarded her medium article to @jack, and @jack responded to Randi.


I thought, and hoped Randi would agree to help me.  She did not.

Randi believes that she does not have to read the content of a tweet to determine if it is hateful.


Simply tweeting to a hashtag she doesn’t approve of leads to you being placed on a massive, propagating blocklist which can lead to your account suspension.

This also continues the same pattern that I have seen before, where threats and intimidation are not moderated by @twitter.


Here she attempts to bully a PoC not just off @twitter, but off the internet for disagreeing with her.


According to connected Randi Lee Harper abuse is subjective,


And twitter is known to hide tweets as Slate reported.

With subjective coding determining what gets shown, it’s clear that certain segments of twitter consumers are simply silenced by coding.

This was NOT a problem for @randileeharper until she determined it impacted HER personal safety.

However, how many other peoples safety is she affecting by potentially blocking credible threats from other people through her massively propagating blockbots?



Additionally, 44% of consumers online are gamers.  Over 1.2 billion people worldwide.  According to Pew Research 49% of American adults play games.

52% percent of gamers are women.  The average social gamer is a 43 year old woman.

A Study by Women, Action and The Media found a very small percent of abuse amongst the people labeled as a Hate Group by the massive abusive @Randileeharper.



z2kfbyx (1)


@Jack literally allows these few people, to habitually attack and label as a hate group the massive amount of gamers who only want to use Twitter for what it is for, and instead find themselves labeled as part of a hate group by these few people.

@Randileeharper is able to control free speech through the use of outright bullying, threats, intimidation and mass blocking of accounts, simply for tweeting to a hashtag.

Even as she believes her metadata analysis determines who is a member of a Hate Group, without reading the content?

Can anyone question that @jack has any actual commitment to @safety, #privacy and truth?  Freedom of Speech?  No.  Not when @randileeharper can function as a tyrant.



I submit Jack’s hatred of his own consumers is palpable and slowly driving twitter out of business as these haters continue to poison the air we all breathe on twitter.

And it can only be their intent.



She is privileged, by @jack.


If you want to help support a victim of abuse, support @jacieleopold, not someone like @spacekatgal who labels 1.2 billion people worldwide, 44% of consumers online, as trolls and psychopaths because they like to play games, and tweet to a hashtag, #gamergate, that Twitter allows.


Or barring that, write to Senator Feinstein and tell her that CDA 96 230 which gives Twitter immunity enables this massive abuse of consumers.




Feinstein Email


If you find yourself unfairly suspended by @twitter after being targeted by @randileeharper, the San Francisco DA’s office offers consumers mediation through their Consumes Protection Unit.


I still have my knees thanks to the combined efforts of Senator Feinstein, the CA DoJ and SF DA’s office.


Strangely enough Allan Brauer, Democratic supporter of @hillaryclinton  is opposed to consumers protections.


There’s vicious doxer of her own customers @nancelarson and @digitalkeith.  The abusive leadership of yet another social media company, faving a hater and abuser of women on twitter.

Haters like these stick together folks, and it’s who you know at @twitter, not any commitment to safety, privacy or free speech that determines who gets suspended or simply left to be abused by enabled cyberbullies.





How Abusive #TROll $TWTR Accounts Like Allan Brauer Abuse @Support Report Function

Allan Brauer, former Democratic Party leader, is to hateful for the Democrats, but not for Twitter.


However the tweet remains live on his Twitter feed and very actively commented on at this point over 2 years later.

The California Democratic party issued the following tweet in response.


Twitter, how is ok with this open hatred and did not moderate this still active tweet in line with their newly announced policy against hateful conduct.

Is there an expiration date on hate?

Not when the tweet is still highly active, referenced and well known as an extreme example of hate not ok in society, but OK on Twitter.

In seeking to silence the legitimate news of his losing his position, Allan is now seeking to coordinate reports of tweets which speak about his abuse.

This is how people seek to silence dissent on Twitter.


If @jack and Twitter stand for free speech, they need to stop abuse of their report function by people like @allanbrauer to silence dissent.


As it stands, trolls like Allan Brauer can call in the mobs and @jack and twitter allow it.

Enough is enough.