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Beta Testing @CrowdifyTech ~ Some Issues With Communication With the Development Team

Crowdify.Tech is a new intry into the social media “sharing” niche.

I have been advised by the entrepreneur developing the project that the status updates (on your profile) and “tasks” (equivent to requests for social shares) need to be “tech” related.

Whey I inquired how strict that rule was i was informed by the entrepreneur that they neither planned on providing customer service nor would be offering any explanations.



So it seems strictly tech related is the rule as a humorous blog about a mutual friend selling his business seems not to have been worth discussing.

To my thinking this defeats the purpose of beta testing, as exchange of information between testers and the site should be welcome, but I guess that’s their policy at present.

I was reporting that the “tasks” allow you to type more than 140 characters with no warning.  Once you hit update you are presented with a finished and oddly truncated, “task”.

As there is no beta testing forum, nor way to make these bugs and other issues known to the developers directly on the website I made what I was discovering known to the entrepreneur through Facebook chat, as he had indicated on this blog he welcomed such input.



It’s easily corrected, but a character limit warning when you are creating the task would be nice.

There are some issues with the programming associated with the Crowdify.Tech website itself at present.

Neither Facebook nor facebook pages can be hooked up at present.

The “Support” link does not work, nor are any of the other links live.



Crowdify will combine unique features into one package, a marketplace for tech, meeting place for in person meetings, and a free bitcoin wallet according to their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.




New #SocialMedia Entry @crowdifytech To Combine Elements of Fiverr, Triberr In Unique Way

According to Michael Q. Todd, Crowdify.Tech will combine elements of,

We have built a system like Fiverr, an equity crowdfunding vehicle, an automating blog post sharer like Triberr and a system for scooping content into your topics like scoop.it

So actually 4 things. You will also like our influence score system when it starts

This will place Crowdify.Tech in a unique position to form a market for those engaged in and around social media where work may be contracted for reasonable rates, and social media may be “shared” as part of the new digital “sharing” economy.

Crowdify.Tech is not in open release though you can register for free.

Michael says it’s in beta, but it feels like an open beta with a limited release to early adopters who are in social media.

A full open release is planned for January.



Michael Q Todd, @CrowdifyTech is A “Support And Promotion Vehicle” For #EmpireKred #socialmedia #eav

I asked Michael Q. Todd, founder of CrowdifyTech for comment on my blog about EmpireKred’s traffic woes.
Here is what Mr. Todd told me on Facebook.
Actually we are are a support and promotion vehicle for Empire Kred
My wife and I have invested over $40,000 in Empire Kred and sponsored around 25 friends into the leaders group
We are sending them traffic not taking it away
I asked why Yoriko Todd was prohibited from commenting in the Leaders forum.
This is Mr. Todd’s response,
I have zero idea about why they block Yoriko
Source:  https://www.facebook.com/michaelqtodd

Traffic! Unique Visitors and Sales! New Startup @crowdifytech Takes Some Of #EmpireKred’s Traffic

Crowdify, a new social media startup is finding room in the not so crowded social media, influencer marketing and influencer networking scene.

Where is their traffic coming from?


The major social media sites for the most part.

And EmpireKred.

According to founder Michael Q. Todd,

Idea of site is to bring internet knowledge to world and to hold meetings that will promote and faciliatte *sic equity crowdfunding especially of cleantech


Helping spread the news of smaller social media entrepreneurs along with news on cleantech, bitcoin and other subject matter, there’s room for Crowdify to grow due to Empire Avenue’s historic abuse of customers and resulting migration of customers away from the site.

Will Empire Avenue’s legacy of abusing customers and having a “goon squad” (Keith Gill, Chris Sandys, Nance Larson and Gareth Davies) still leaders at EmpireKred (which recently changed name from Empire Aveue) continue to siphon customers away from EmpireKred?

Will Keith Gill and the other “goons” continue to lash out at news they don’t like on their social media profiles?

Or will they stop the cycle of abuse and repair their business image, traffic flow and increase their own sales?

Only time will tell.

Other competitors that offer “sharing” of social media between other members include Traff.Up and Co-Promote.



Chris Sandys has been warned by Twitter for non violent threats.
Gareth Davies has been suspended for tweeting private information and violent threats.
Keith Gill, AKA DIgitalKeith was moderated by Instagram for cyberbullying and had his twitter account locked (replaced indefinite suspension)
Nance Larson participated in the doxing of a customer.
All acts were directed at a then customer of Empire Avenue, and now a customer of Kred, which owns EmpireKred.

EmpireKred “support” refuses to stop the ongoing abuse.

#Crowdifytech Wants Your Feedback #socialmedia #influencernetworking

That’s right.  It wants your feedback.

Rather than run things their way (even if you’ve paid to help run things), attack customers, and generally run themselves out of business and into a fire sale like that other gamified social media sharing site, Crowdify wants your feedback.


So here’s mine.  Just real quick, in under 5 minutes of review.

I’m gonna start with my profile page.

It’s pretty simple and uncluttered, but some links would be nice.



Crowdify presents a simple interface.  Being able to select and see “All users” is nice as who is available to network with on site isn’t buried in lists spread all about the place.

I’d slightly expand the options available to free users however.  The one “task” is nice, but a blog now and again published on site could also be useful, and help the site a destination for useful information from more than just paid members and affiliates (as publishers.)

It gives a little more “see and be seen” incentive and ability for other people there to get a taste of a bloggers content, without need to leave the site.

The site is positioned to be a driver in the worldwide digital economy and help promote green and clean initiatives which seem to be the founders interest, but helping other people promote their own interests on your site (even for freebies) would help this mission.

A bit of a buyin is created for those interested, if not in dollars, in time invested.  Give someone a reason to take a greater interest.

It’s simple consumer psychology….



Review of Crowdify: A New #SocialMedia Sharing (Slightly Gamified) Application

What is Crowdify?

Simply and succintly:  It’s Empire Avenue social media without the abusive personalities with perks and bitcoin.  It’s copromote, with a bit of gamification.

You set “Tasks” ie “missions” and send your fellow crowders out to your social media.

I created one, and “stole” some crowdycoins from MQT (20,000) on his facebook group mission.  Sadly I couldn’t complete it, but I did try.

He’s the banker I guess, so he can afford the loss.  I did join the other pages however.




Where does my mission lead?

To this review.

The perks?  Nothing really special.



It’s a clean and simple interface.

The app permissions to hook up facebook and the facebook page aren’t working.

The rest of the major social media sites hooked up quickly and easily.

Bitcoin is also built in, if you are into that.

It’s a little more content and “free stuff” than something like co-promote gives, and potentially less fun than EmpireKred (no serious gamification), but without the obvious negatives empire avenue offered.

So there’s always that.

The potential for a fun sharing site is there, and they seem to have a good chunk of new users to continue the testing.

There were not that many “tasks” to complete at this time.  I easily completed them all in a few minutes and earned what seemed for the small economy, a fair chunk of crowdy coins.

The game is available for free with a simple twitter login, and a premium membership of $12.00 a month that offers expanded options.