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Tech Bro Anil Dash is a Gaslighting Douchelord Troll!

Anil Dash was a “leading supporter” of Republican TERF Randi “Die In A Fire” Lee Harper.



Randi Lee Harper’s credentials are IMPECCABLE.

Randi Lee Harper tweeted she lead a haraassment mob and now Anil in his “I am not listening, I am right about everything” mode, has decided harassment mobs don’t exist.

There Is No “Twitter Mob”

You see, there is no “Twitter mob”, there’s only people

Sorry, but mob leaders who attacked people FOR Randi have tweeted about how their abuse mob tactics worked before they were suspended, Anil.

Sorry LGBT silenced by a harassment mob leading Republican terf, but what you saw you did not see.  IT did NOT happen to you.  Anil Dash says so.

Anil Dash is STILL “this asshole.”


How did a Republican TERF who silenced LGBT gain such prominence?

Early supporters like Anil Dash latched onto her message and didn’t listen to her victims.

Anil Dash is a gaslighting troll denying the very reality Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says exists at Twitter and that we know Anil Dash particpated in.

He is condescending, rude and a participant in harassment.

Please ban Harassment Mob Foot Soldier/Troll Anil Dash.

Anil Dash.  Gaslighting Troll.

How News Genius Silences Writers

How some people treat others on the internet is amazing.

Obviously with “reviewers” abusing bloggers by punching down, then tweeting with the creator as she’s mocking the person she’s “annotating” the prospect of @newsgenius treating consumers with anything less than total disdain is nil.




Ella Dawson

Untitled design

I moderate Facebook comments all day. While the rest of the Internet shuts off comments on publications, Facebook comments aren’t going anywhere—they count as engagement to help rank posts in the newsfeed, and there is no way for an admin to turn them off. As the host of a large media non-profit’s page, it is my responsibility to remove comments that are hateful while not censoring our audience. I work to create positive discussion by hiding the most appalling instances of racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia, and by banning consistently hostile users. If we can’t turn off our Facebook comments, we need to own them.

As a result of this daily grind of filtering the worst instincts of humanity, I have a thick skin. I also know the value of sites that protect their creators. As a herpes+ sex blogger, I avoid writing for publications that do not moderate their comments…

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Leader of #EmpireKred Gets His Answer. It’s A 1st Amendment Issue. #socialmedia #eav

Keith Gill, leader of EmpireKred has a hard time understanding that California isn’t a corporatocracy.  Neither is the United States.

He inquired of a well known attorney in California, Mitch Jackson, and got a straight answer back.


Context matters.  Who, what, when, where and why matters.  The laws in effect matter.

In my case, Keith Gill’s reporting caused the San Francisco DA’s office to reopen their file on 1/12/2015.

Ethel Newlin 1122015 Ethel Newlin 2032015


Later the Ethel Newlin of the SF DA’s office told me she thought my blogging helped change Twitter’s abuse policy.

The CA DoJ also opened an inquiry into Twitter’s handling of the matter on 12/30/2015.

12302914 letter DOJ redacted


When Steven Krohn called her, she basically told him the same thing according to Mr. Krohn.

Capture 12272978_542792102560658_1818020912_n


Source:  https://www.facebook.com/messages/archived/stevenkrohn215


What was I blogging about?  Empire Avenue and their “goon squad” and their ability to openly abuse their customers on Twitter.

According to Ethel Newlin of the San Francisco DA’s office my blogging helped change Twitter’s policy.

What “statement” is Steven Krohn referrring to?

The statement by then CEO Dick Costolo (since resigned) that they suck at stopping abuse.

Basically, Empire Avenue “goon squad” abused their customers on Twitter so severely that they helped change Twitter’s abuse policy.


Helped protect consumers from people like Gareth Davies, Chris Sandys, Nance Larson and Keith Gill, leaders of Empire Avenue,  is what the San Francisco DA’s office and CA DoJ did.

And Twitter’s new “Director of Comms” (and General Council)?  She blocked me when I asked her for help with the cyberbullying taking place.

Her response is emblematic of why I had to go to the SF DA’s office and CA DOJ in the first place.

They truly suck at dealing with abuse.

Bullies Changed Policy

To Seek A Civil Restraining Order Is A Serious Step #EaV #SocialMedia

I asked Social Media and cyberbullying expert Officer Mike Bires of the Azusa Police Department whether or not I should seek a civil restraining order against Chris Sandys, Gareth Davies and Keith Gill, leaders of EmpireKred.

I got my answer.


Of course as a consumer affairs, customer service and social media blogger, blogging about relevant subject matter, ie, Empire Avenue, (now EmpireKred) and their out of control leaders, I feel that continue to blog (and tweet) about their activities would serve the public good far better than securing a restraining order.

I consulted with a person I consider to be an expert who agreed with the present course.

After all, these people don’t respect their own customers rights, and have a long history of having a “goon squad.”

California has anti-SLAPP legislation and a recent 9th Circuit Court Decision (also covers Arizona) protects bloggers as journalists.

Essentially these peoples contempt for rule of law is such that they believe they can do anything to anyone, I feel.

As such, I continue to warn consumers about their actions as they are Leaders at EmpireKred, a social media corporation, now owned by Kred (PeopleBrowsr) headquartered in San Francisco.

Given that the CA DOJ opened an inquiry into Twitter, and the SF DA’s office opened a file as a direct result of Keith Gill’s abuse of reporting feature, it’s clear that Mr. Gill’s knowledge of CA and San Francisco jurisdiction consumer protection laws is sadly lacking.



Twitter themselves are on the record as standing FOR free speech, and working to improve their record on abuse on their social media platform.

Keith’s opinion is clear…





12302914 letter DOJ redacted


Ethel Newlin 1122015

Ethel Newlin 2032015

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Buying “Fake Followers” As A Form of Reputation Attack On #Twitter

The Daily Dot has previously reported on the buying of fake followers as a form of attack.

And shortly after Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith tweeted that I had created my own chaos the fake followers began arriving in droves.

Of course the ready availability of fake followers is part of the problem with Twitter’s marketplace.  You never know who is speaking to a real audience.




Instagram has purged many fake accounts.  It would be wonderful if Twitter did the same.


This morning, within not that short a time I went from zero fake followers to lots.




It’s astonishing that DigitalKeith thinks an account warned for violent threats and suspended for non violent threats is credible.

Syndicate Order suspension non violent threats Syndicate Order Violent Threats Warning


There are a number of tools available to get rid of the fake followers relatively quickly.

Tweepi for one, which allows you to block eggs.  Eggs being one of the identifiers of fake accounts.

I have no idea why Keith Gill, AKA Digital Keith has a problem with consumer advocacy blogging, but he clearly does.

DigitalKeith Troll


This man is just way, way out of control.


Sadly he remains a leader at EmpireKred, a company with a well documented history of having a “Goon squad.”

This type of attack is just another well documented method used by trolls.

Cyber harassment involves threats of violence, privacy invasions, reputation-harming lies, calls for strangers to physically harm victims, and technological attacks. Victims’ in-boxes are inundated with threatening e-mails. Their employers receive anonymous e-mails accusing them of misdeeds. Fake online advertisements list victims’ contact information and availability for sex. Their nude photos appear on sites devoted to exacting revenge. On message boards and blogs, victims are falsely accused of having sexually transmitted infections, criminal records, and mental illnesses. Their social security numbers and medical conditions are published for all to see. Even if some abuse is taken down from a site, it quickly reappears on others. Victims’ sites are forced offline with distributed-denial-of-service attacks.


Have you been abused by the “Goon Squad” on Twitter?