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Employee of @junipernetworks, @asherlangton has major diapout on $TWTR

Do you wonder why it’s become well known that twitter doesn’t value their own consumers and allows serial abuse and harassment?

When @jack took over, Jim Cramer urged them to help fight libel on Twitter.

Although simply a small part of a worse pattern of abuse that takes place on Twitter, violent threats and doxing, being lied about by people that you have blocked, with little to no recourse is costing Twitter customers.

When such maliciously abuse people, that are otherwise claiming to be cybersecurity professionals lie, it’s extremely frustrating.

Yet that’s what Asher Langston does.

Asher is employed by Juniper Networks, and is apparently free to tweet lies on company time (I’m in CA, and these tweets appear to have occured on regular work hours) about myself.

Given his longstand history of abuse (he has tweeted he had no idea who might want him fired after a busy week), it remains clear that safety and privacy are simply not a concern of Twitter’s for their customers.


This despite Twitter rules which ostensibly outlaws such practices, defining such activity as spam.




Twitter tweets are public.

Responding to them with legitimate intent to discuss a matter of public interest is perfectly appropriate and what twitter is for.

That the lady appears to have been willing to integrate what she learned on tv into her counseling practice however is not really appropriate in the State of California to my knowledge.

And when a tweet crossed my timeline that a licensed professional councilor was going to amend her practice to teach something she learned on television from @deray, I was concerned about it.

I tweeted her to inquire, and tweeted my local Congressman.  Congressman Costas and just slightly to the east of me, Congressman Devin Nunes.

Apparently in Asher land contacting your representatives on Twitter is done to “intimidate.”

Incidentailly I believe the congressmen are democrat and republican, respectively.



He surely didn’t ask me why I did it.  I did it because I was concerned with the efficacy of professional counseling by a licensee in the State of California.

Such harassment by serial liars and cyberbullies that you can’t even block is part of the reason twitter has the reputation it has.

They should clean up Twitter and start with getting rid of the obvious problem children, like Asher.

By the way, Asher doesn’t hold himself to the same apparent standard.  He researches people that tweet him.

Double standard much, Asher?



Some Random Lies From An Abusive #Troll and #Cyberbully On Twitter.

It’s still astonishing to me that Twitter says they have a commitment to safety and privacy when Gareth Davies (@me_gareth), leader at EmpireKred cannot be blocked.

Watch out if  you use EmpireKred for anything, Gareth attacks people for as little as one tweet.

Gareth even tweets about not being blockable on Twitter, but twitter pretty much does nothing about that.

Not to say that twitter has done absolutely nothing because Gareth, a leader at EmpireKred, has been suspended by Twitter for doxing me, and violent threats.

Additionally he was warned for violent threats.

Twitter says they have rules against creating multiple false or misleading tweets, but I have never seen that enforced either.

Even in cases where the falsehoods were easily checked against public records, as in the case of Nancy Abt, one of the worst liars I have ever met.

Come to think of it, most of the worst liars I have ever met are in Nancy Abt’s “support group” of Nance Larson @nancelarson, Chris Sandys @usafa_93, and Gareth Davies @me_gareth.

I guess people of like minds congregate.

I digress.

Here’s some of Gareth’s obnoxious lies.


I don’t buy fake followers and I don’t attack everyone.  In fact I’ve never threatened anyone.  Gareth seems psychotic to me.


Since I don’t lie, and I use his image as news, commentary and satire Gareth Davies, leader at EmpireKred who abuses customers can suck a fatty.


A not very in depth review reviews tremendous abuse including doxing of customers.

Of course he was suspended by twitter for violent threats and warned yet again.

Gareth seems a very, very dishonest person.  Best avoided.


WordPress has never closed me down and he hasn’t proven anything.  Him ranting on twitter isn’t proof of anything but that he’s a very big liar.


I told them the day before actually.  Gareth has difficulty with timelines.   Maybe he can’t tell time?


I know many methods, I was just hoping twitter had a shortcut actually.


I’m not doing anything wrong, so again Gareth can suck a fatty.


Didn’t buy any fake followers.


I am happily warning other consumers about the remarkably abusive Gareth Davies, still in leadership at Empirekred.

Abuse by Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) leaders on Twitter caused a CA DoJ inquiry into Twitter (x-ref 615640) and the SF DA’s office twice opened files.



Twitter Suspension Gareth Davies Tweeting Private Information Twitter Warning Gareth davies Violent Threats Twittter Suspension Gareth Davies Violent Threats