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Addressing Scandalous And Malicious Lies On @Twitter CC: @jack @policy @support @sfdaoffice

It pains me to do  this, however I feel I must.

@Koustave is one of my oldest friends online and is always supportive and is a great person.

Due to sheer volume of the malicious lies by men such as Keith Gill and Chris Sandys, I must address the following lie.

I have no idea where this lie originates from, however the sheer volume of the attack, with seemingly over 100 (I haven’t counted) tweets received compels me to address it.


I do not, nor have I ever run any social media account for @koustave.

I have not cyber harassed anyone.

Lies like these are told by malicious individuals seeking to compel silence on truth, a silence they cannot accomplish through traditional legal remedies or good faith discussion of pertinent facts.

People like this have no ethics, morals, business sense, logical argument or ability to apply reason.

They seem to exist for one reason and one reason alone.  To do damage to others by any means neceesary, including through application of “superior force.”

I am voluntarily removing my “mentorship” of Koustave from my bio and Linked.in and any other post or profile.

However me and @koustave remain best buddies.

I suggest you avoid people who act maliciously in bad faith to damage others reputations.

It’s strange that Twitter will moderate the truth, but will allow scandalous lies to be tweeted in incredible volume with absolutely malicious intent.

I will be contemplating what further course of action to take in the new year.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.



Why didn’t “Support Group” of #Celebrity Nancy Abt Seek Appropriate Medical Care for Her?

Celebrity Nancy Abt, sister of TV Attorney Jay Abt was housebound and needed appropriate medical care.

She had recently come into contact with what she later described as her “support group”.

These people included Keith Gill, AKA @Digitalkeith and Chris Sandys, @usafa_93.

Why didn’t this so called “support group” seek appropriate medical attention for this person who clearly needed help when advised she was housebound?

What kind of “support group” acts so.

Here Nancy Abt tweets her displeasure to the men, but they fail to respond with appropriate compassion, kindness or care.

It seems a clear case of abuse to me.

Cant leave house

What Is This #SocialSales Personality and #EmpireKred Leader Trying To Accomplish?

If you want to have a popcorn eating moment, read this dude’s timeline.

Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith, Forbes quoted Social Sales guru, corporate marketing manager of Avisolve and EmpireKred leader seems to be making strangely vague and terroristic type threats on Twitter now.

The Instagram moderated cyberbully tweeted the following:




The tweet was deleted, but what is “peace through superior firepower” about?





What kind of “payload” is he referring to?  And whom is he referring to?

What is he trying to accomplish here?

Does DigitalKeith think he can stifle free speech through some use of a “payload” and “superior firepower?”



Is #EmpireKred Leader Under Criminal Investigation by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office?

Last Friday I received an email from a Lt. Carlos B. Sanchez of the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, Criminal Division, with an attached PDF File asking that I cease posting about a “Keith Gills” vis a vis the San Francisco District Attorney’s office due to the confidentiality of criminal investigations.



DA Letter My address unredacted





Of course I had no idea of any potential pending criminal investigation, and had been blogging that the San Francisco DA’s office Consumers Protection Unit had assisted me with an issue with twitter and that their unit had opened files, including once on 1/12/2015 subsequent to what apparently was a false report by Keith Gill, AKA Digitalkeith.

MR. Gill’s behavior, along with the other “goon squad” was so extreme that not only did the San Francisco DA’s office assist, but the CA DoJ opened an inquiry into Twitter’s handling of the matter on 12/30/2014.

12302914 letter DOJ redacted



I emailed Lt. Sanchez back, and recieved a notification that he was out of the office, and was instructed in the reply to contact a Lt. Van Jackson if in need of assistance.

I did so, and confirmed the legitimacy of the correspondence, including that that Mr. Gill seems to be under investigation for consumers fraud by the San Francisco DA’s office, and that the consumers unit had previously handled the matter.  As his knowledge matched what I know, it seems likely this is indeed Keith Gill of Arizona, employee of Avisolve, CEO of PunkPit and Telecom and Data Guru.

Yesterday the postmarked letter from the DA’s office arrived, thus I am firmly convinced of the legitimacy of the correspondence.

Keith Gills Postage


Keith Gill Letter DA



Given the fact that I was just forced by twitter to delete a tweet detailing the assistance I received from the DA’s office to “unlock” my twitter account, I hope the DA’s office investigates thoroughly.

I have asked Ethel Newlin of the Consumers Protection Unit to reopen an inquiry into Twitter on my behalf to find out why I was forced to delete this tweet.

Sf DA office directed filing


Given that this tweet is literally true, that Ethel Newlin of the San Francisco DA’s office directed filing a FTC complaint, which I had already filed, and the FTC accepted the complaint and placed the information in their database, I have no idea how the literal truth could violate Twitter’s policy.

Ethel newlin Directed FIling FTC complaint





This seems very strange given Twitter’s insistence this year that they stand for protecting free speech.

In this case they seem to be protecting a false advertiser.  Why?

What does Twitter have against informed consumers and consumer protections?

Why would they require deletion of an honest tweet?

Avoid @empirekred if you value your cybersecurity, safety and privacy.

Yesterday I received an email from a Carlos Sanchez, Lieutenant of Investigations, Criminal Division of the San Francisco District Attorney’s office, asking that I respect the confidentiality of criminal investigations as regards an individual connected with EmpireKred.

With Nance Larson confirming the prior existence of a “goon squad” yet trying to deny it’s existence in 2014, times are crazy at EmpireKred (owned by Kred), formerly Empire Avenue.

We continue to recommend avoiding EmpireKred.

Obviously no one suspected a formal “goon squad” at Empire Avenue,  the term  was used by Chris Voss to describe actions by players and customers of Empire Avenue that were highly abusive and not stopped, just like occurred in 2014 and continuing by Nance Larson, Chris Sandys, Gareth Davies, et al.

Next week I intend to contact the San Francisco District Attorney’s office and confirm the contents of the letter.

I had no idea of any pending criminal investigation against anyone I have written about in connection with the “goon squad” of Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred), however this seems to be confirmation as to the seriousness the San Francisco DA’s office attaches to the matter.

I am also unaware of the full scope of the investigation.

DA Letter



Lieutenant Sanchez has confirmed that his office (the consumer mediation department) opened files, and assisted with my issue with twitter.

That issue arose from utterly reprehensible and abusive conduct by the Empire Avenue “goon squad”.

A file was opened in November of 2014, and again in January 2015 subsequent to Keith Gill’s very strange report to Twitter that caused an unjust suspension.

The CA DoJ also opened a file (x-ref 615640) and the matters were generally resolved to my satisfaction with Twitter unsuspending myself and announcing changes to their “abuse policy”.

Changes with Ethel Newlin of the SF DA’s office credited blogging by this blogger with helping change by documenting the incredible abuse by these people of their own customers on Twitter.

Steven Krohn corroborated the changes to Twitter’s “abuse policy”,  also of EmpireKred, in a phone call to Ethel Newlin on 2/5/2015, one day after Dick Costolo’s internal discussion on Twitter’s internal forums which was published on The Verge on 2/2/2015.

Conversation is archived on Facebook:




Obviously Gareth Davies doesn’t believe his reprehensible and highly abusive conduct can cause any repercussions.

They may be far more serious than he knew.

I have no idea why any company would abuse it’s customers so extensively that they cause policy changes and investigation by regulatory agencies, whether at a civil level, or criminal.

I only know that the “goon squad” of Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) has done so.

And Chris Sandys wanted that abuse kept “off the record.”

These animals  clearly do not value their customers or consumers.  They are best avoided until Kred cleans house.



As my concern is and has been protecting consumers from these animals I shall continue to blog about EmpireKred and their “goon squad.”

This will be my last reference to the SF DA’s office in connection with the matter.

If anyone asks what’s going on, I shall simply refer them to this post.


#News of the Bizarre From #EmpireKred #socialmedia #gaming.

Nance Larson of EmpireKred has tweeted “News You Never Expect” that Gareth Davies has won a lawsuit over the notorious Fresno Troll.

It’s a bizarre end to the case if true.

The link doesn’t appear to be live, however.

Our condolences to the Fresno Troll if he indeed lost the case.

The case seems to stem from some dispute dating back to last Semptember, however details of the case are unclear.

One wonders if he had to turn over his Pud Pit?





Who On Earth Is #EmpireKred Staff #NanceLarson Speaking To (Besides Herself) On #Twitter?

Most adults address those they are talking to.

Not “Freak” Nance, EmpireKred Staff and “goon squad” of doxing her own customers fame.

Who is “Freak” Nance addressing here?


As far as I can determine, virtually no one reads her tweets or interacts with her on Twitter.

According to social media expert Gareth Davies she’s an expert at spam.



Klear corraborates this, noting a high volume of tweets, but little interaction.

Very few people even seem to wish to communicate with her.




According to unnamed sources from EmpireKred, Nance Larson is,

Nance Larson Freak - Copy

Nance Witch

Heil NanceIs Nance Crazy - Copy Nance Flipping Out - Copy Nance Zero People Skills - Copy


How often does Nance Larson flip out on people in the EmpireKred forums?

Why is Nance Larson an admin of a forum or have any position of authority?

Her record of abuse of Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) customers is clear.

Avoid EmpireKred while Nance Larson is there in any capacity, from customer to volunteer.

You just have no idea when the “goon squad” will show up to abuse you.



Why A Corporatocracy  Equals Fascism

Keith Gill, AKA #DigitalKeith, leader of social media company EmpireKred, thought that we both live in a corporatocracy in the United States and that a corporation could not violate a customers civil rights.

Do you want to be the customer of a corporation that believes they can do anything to you and cannot violate your civil rights by virtue of it’s being a corporation exercising it’s property rights?

Is DigitalKeith’s retweet an endorsement?  This quote is positively Orwellian.


I have no idea how a former USAF veteran could have been turned into such a fascist, but it seems clear he is one to me.

According to the Libary of Economics and Liberty,

As an economic system, fascism is socialism with a capitalist veneer.


With the United States government engaging in partnerships with corporations to “invest at home” it’s clear there’s a major shift from a “free market” with limited intervention in the economy into one of corporate control where citizens are subject to the whims of corporations with little to no recourse.

Fortunately California is not a corporatocracy, and the CA DoJ and SF DA’s office acted to protect consumers from Keith Gill and the “goon squad” of Empire Avenue.

Do you believe that consumers, aka citizens are protected by the Constitution whether they are directly addressing their government, or simply by virtue of being a citizen of the United States exercising their rights wherever they are?

Are corporations “benevolent dictatorships”?

Keith Gill is on record on Paul Steinbrueck’s blog stating that,





I have no idea why Keith Gill doesn’t respect consumer advocacy, I just know that he doesn’t, and he’s not above trying to be intimidating to try to get his way.


Capitalism relies on informed consumers not abused by corporate leaders.

If there’s no meeting of minds, there’s not a valid contract, or possibility of informed consent to a sale.

There can’t be a meeting of minds when one side of the discussion, in this case Keith Gill of Avisolve, is willing to use cyberbullying, harassment and intimidation to try to stifle discussion of events that are well within one’s legal rights.

Keith Gill should be ashamed to describe himself as a little L libertarian.

I believe he’s a fascist, to the core.




How Can Employee Affect A Brand? Caveat Emptor; Of “Wolves” and “Sheep” In The Free Market

Do you divide the world into the simplistic notion of “wolves” and “sheep”?

Or do you realize that we are all individuals that make discrete decisions based upon our own needs, desires and resources?

That the decision to enter into a purchase reflects an informed choice made by an informed consumer?


In comedy, the advice is to “know your audience.”

A corollary in social media sales would be to, uhhh, “Know Your Audience.”

According to  Jill Schiefelbein. former Business Professor and @Entrepreneur contributor,



Obviously the inability to accept correct feedback, critique and crticism marks a social sales amateur and differentiates the true professionals with a message that helps others from a person intent on simply fulfilling his own needs, desires and goals, no matter the costs to others.

Even potential customers in the marketplace.

Caveat Emptor if considering doing business with Keith Gill, aka DigitalKeith, leader of EmpireKred and employee of Avisolve.

We know how DigitalKeith feels.



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How Sick, Twisted And Deviant Is This #EmpireKred Leader?

Chris Sandys (@usafa_93), leader of EmpireKred,  is one of the worst liars and trolls I have ever encountered in my life.

I recommend avoiding EmpireKred while he’s on their social media platform in any capacity, whether as leader or customer.

You simply never know when he will show up and launch a tremendous diatribe of abuse and EmpireKred simply will not stop the abuse by their leaders.

I had a friend, a fashion model and TV host (also an Empire Avenue customer) who had her twitter account hacked and a personal DM published.

She considered it a tremendous invasion of her privacy and abuse of her account.

Subsequently, as I reported the issue to Twitter I told them in an email that abuse of popular accounts was driving away people from Twitter.

Dick Costolo, then CEO, admitted as much in an internal memo published on The Verge 

“It’s no secret and the rest of the world talks about it every day. We lose core user after core user by not addressing simple trolling issues that they face every day.”


As Twitter was proving non responsive to tremendous abuse piled upon myself by the “goon squad” (Chris Sandys, Keith Gill, Gareth Davies, Nance Larson) of them Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred), I filed complaints with the San Francisco DA’s office and CA DoJ.

The CA DoJ opened their inquiry into Twitter on 12/30/2015, and the San Francisco DA’s office opened files in November 2014, and again on 1/12/2015 after Keith Gill’s abused Twitter’s report function.

Chris Sandys and troll twitter celebrity Nancy Abt were happily trolling my attempt to help my friend on Twitter.


The issue was my friend being hacked and an invasion of her personal privacy.

The DM was NOT about what Chris Sandys stated, he’s a liar.

The hacker was subsequently suspended after admitting on twitter in a tweet that he had hacked the account.

Chris Sandys chose to lie about what was going on, referring to my friend as “goth girl” and the name of my satirical blog, Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew, as some sort of “crew.”

The only “crew” is a figment of Chris Sandys sick and twisted imagination.

Chris Sandys seems to me to be a paranoid delusional, inventing falsehoods, making false allegations and generally being one of the worst trolls ever encountered on twitter.

All in a vain and failed attempt to keep abuse of Empire Avenue’s own customers “off the record.”

Subsequently he was warned by twitter for making non violent threats.

However due to his efforts to keep the abuse of Empire Avenue customers “off the record”, and my blogging on that issue, (amongst others) Twitter changed their abuse policy, according to Ethel Newlin of the San Francisco DA’s office.

This was corraborated by Steven Krohn, also of EmpireKred, in a phone call to Ethel Newlin on 2/5/2015, one day after Dick Costolo’s internal discussion on Twitter’s internal forums which was published on The Verge on 2/2/2015.

Conversation is archived on Facebook:





The abusive “goon squad” of Empire Avenue, now EmpireKred helped change Twitter’s “abuse” policy through their open abuse on twitter of myself and others.

Abuse that included Empire Avenue customers and others (twitter’s customer irregardless) and stretched back years.

Their abuse of Twitter’s customers was so bad (and twitter’s mishandling of that abuse so egregious) that the San Francisco DA’s was looking into criminal charges against Twitter for their mishandling of the situation, according to Ethel Newlin of the San Francisco DA’s office.

Due to the interstate (and international) locations of these trolls, Ethel Newlin recommended filing with IC3 and the FTC.

Gareth Davies is apparently in England, Keith Gill in Arizona, Nance Larson in Florida and Chris Sandys in Connecticut.

That is if they really are who they say they are.





The San Francisco DA’s office handled the entity that was in their jurisdiction, Twitter, to my satisfaction.

I simply documented the “goon squads” actions.

Gareth Davies, leader at EmpireKred, was suspended by Twitter for tweeting the private information of a customer of Empire Avenue, and violent threasts toward that same customer.  He has an extensive history of abusing other customers of Empire Avenue’s.

Chris Sandys, leader at EmpireKred, was warned by Twitter for non violent threats.

Keith Gill, AKA Digitalkeith, was moderated by instagram for cyberbullying, and had his twitter account locked (replaced indefinite suspension).

Nance Larson failed to stop all these acts, and participated in the doxing of a customer, and recently corraborated the existence of the “goon squad” at then Empire Avenue.


California is definitely NOT a corporatocracy, despite whatever Keith Gill and his fellow goons might say.