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Why didn’t “Support Group” of #Celebrity Nancy Abt Seek Appropriate Medical Care for Her?

Celebrity Nancy Abt, sister of TV Attorney Jay Abt was housebound and needed appropriate medical care.

She had recently come into contact with what she later described as her “support group”.

These people included Keith Gill, AKA @Digitalkeith and Chris Sandys, @usafa_93.

Why didn’t this so called “support group” seek appropriate medical attention for this person who clearly needed help when advised she was housebound?

What kind of “support group” acts so.

Here Nancy Abt tweets her displeasure to the men, but they fail to respond with appropriate compassion, kindness or care.

It seems a clear case of abuse to me.

Cant leave house


Nancy Abt: #Hollywood #Celebrity Was (Still Is?) In Hiding #socialmedia

In court papers, celebrity Nancy Abt, AKA #Fancienanc claims that Nance Larson, Teri Gidwitz, Gareth Davies, Chris Sandys and Keith Gill are her “support group.”



Ms. Abt, a Howard Hughes like celebrity, who was in hiding from workers’ compensation surveillance investigators, has a history of acting bizarrely and making wild accusations, even denying her own celebrity.

One has to wonder at the nature of the “support group” when they don’t try to calm the seemingly agitated celebrity and try to obtain her help rather than leave her hiding from people just doing their job.

The nature of workers’ compensation investigations is subrosa is generally ordered if a person is suspected of having filed a fraudulent claim that is totally false or the injured worker is overstating the nature and extent of injury.

Due to the expected costs of surveillance, and low likelihood of success in general, such outside surveillance investigations are not normally ordered as a matter of routine.

Hopefully Ms. Abt’s brother, Attorney Jay Abt, ¬†takes charge of the situation.

Someone needs to ¬†look into the nature of the relationship with this alleged “support group”.

More on this as developments occur.

Nancy Abt 2



Nancy Abt Can't Go Outside 2

Nancy Abt Hides From Private Investigators


Source:  https://www.facebook.com/messages/archived/nancymglitter



#Celebrity and #Socialmedia Dragonlady Warned By #Twitter For Non Violent Threats

Celebrity Nancy Abt, AKA #fancienanc, has been warned by Twitter for non violent threats.


Nancy Abt Non Violent Threats


Ms. Abt a Hollywood celebrity who has previously trended on the Perez Hilton gossip site…

Nancy Abt Trends 1


…and falsely claimed a Victoria’s Secret design as her own on Twitter (subjected to DMCA takedown for copyright abuse)….

Nancy Abt Claims Victorias Secret Original As Her Own Design

FancieNanc DMCA Takedown


…has been warned by Twitter for non violent threats.


Ms. Abt has a history of tremendously abusing people on the internet, ruthlessly attacking a man and his child on Facebook (for which she was removed from webisode production as a cast member), making mean comments about other social media personalities (Empire Avenue customers even…) and generally being an obnoxious person.

She is strongly suspended of buying Twitter followers, (Status.people is the same applicating relied upon by social media expert Gareth Davies).

Nancy Abt Fake Followers


Despite all this she hopes to become a verified Twitter account.

It should be noted that Ms. Abt has or had access to what appears to be a non-publically disclosed department at Twitter, the shadowy “escalation department.”

Is that access what allows Ms. Abt to lie indiscriminantly on the internet as she brings her reign of terror?

One can only guess. ¬†Twitter has been non responsive to questions about an “escalation department.”

Nancy Abt Declaration Page 18

Nancy Abt has gone so far as to deny her own celebrity in court documents.


Nancy Abt Celebrity

Nancy Abt Declaration Page 17



We are glad to bring you your daily Variety.

Is it still “Keith Day” in the Abt household?

Keith Gill Day FancieNanc


As always Nancy Abt is free to comment here. ¬†Please just don’t be abusive this time.