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How to Achieve #SEO Results Without Doing SEO on #LinkedIn.

Is your Linked.In profile a SEO laden beast that causes people’s eyes to glaze over before they read  your bio?

Does your Linked.In profile drive traffic to garbage pages leaving consumers and potential new business contacts feeling misinformed at best, and deceived at worst?

Do you do more harm than good to yourself creating a SEO laden beast of a bio?

Worry no more!

I shall reveal the secret to SEO and internet traffic that is factual, organic and brings you traffic!

Write good stuff that people want to read that’s truthful, helpful and solves the persons problem.

That will leave them wanting more.

For instance my article is doing quite well and finding the target audience I wish to inform.

According to Linked.In pulse:

Capture Capture2


As you can see,  traffic is incoming from google search, my profile and linked.in pulse itself.

And in 6 days, I’ve had 929 unique clicks through my custom shortened link, to boot.

So the best practices recommendation is to write a short, concise bio that informs without overwhelming.

And the traffic will flow in the right direction.





Fundamentally Dishonest Assumptions And A Borderline #CyberStalker #cyberbullying #cybersecurity

Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith, leader of EmpireKred has a problem with honesty.

Keith Gill is a corporate marketing manager for @avisolve.

He is well aware that this blog does consumer advocacy, customer service, social media blogging yet is simply unable to accept the purpose of this blog.


Obviously he fails to accept that his concept of a corporatocracy is wrong, and his abuse on Twitter was part of a first amendment issue that the San Francisco DA’s office and CA DoJ helped rectify.

Beware dealing with Mr. Gill, as you never know what he will say at any time.


I believe this is a man capable of any misdeed or untruth.

He stalks this blog, and has tried to tell me what I may write about.




One thing Keith can do is stop making an ass of himself and just accept the public nature of his tweets.

He’s the one that promotes himself on Linked.in as an advocate for capitalism and being a person that manages corporations “pain points” after all.

It’s in the public interest to know what this obvious corporate shill who was moderated by Instagram for cyberbullying is doing.

If you are hiring this man to manage your “pain points” and help mitigate risk you should know that he’s an utter failure at it, and has no idea what the Constitution is, or what Rule of Law is.

Capture2 Capture


He will simply cause your business more pain as he fucks stuff up beyond any ability to reason.

Questions the “status quo”?

This is one of the funniest lines (unintentional I’m sure) that I have ever read.

If only there was a “Punkbuster” online for the games Keith Gill plays.






Keith Gill Instargram Moderated For Cyber Bullying








According to Chris Voss of The Chris Voss Show, noted social media expert, 



You never know when Keith Gill or his fellow “Goon squad” people will show up on your social media.



Yet Another Epic Pile of Steaming Bullshit from a Leader of #EmpireKred #EaV #socialmedia

Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith, leader of EmpireKred, former military intelligenec specialist  and alleged “small L libertarian” apparently has no concept what Rule of Law is.

Poor Keith, in his continued attempts to slime Lili Coffin,  asks her how she doesn’t know that he didn’t feel threatened by her viewing his public Linked.In profile.





If Mr. Gill felt threatened, it would simply be (additional?) evidence of his openly abusive of Empire Avenue customers ways and bias as a seeming member of Empire Avenue’s (now EmpireKred) “goon squad.”

I obtained some advice for Chicken Little from Linked.In support on how he can lock down his public profile if he is scared of a Grandma viewing his profile.



Linked.in ToS specificies the State of California as having jurisdiction in disputes with Linked.in.

As Keith Gill apparently is scared of grandmas viewing his public profile, his dispute would be with Linked.in, not the general public.



The “hard and fast rule” on Twitter, which in their ToS indicates that you (Keith Gill, their customer) agree to local law, ie 9th Circuit Court, State of California, and San Francisco, CA local courts, is something I know, and something Keith Gill has a callous (some think malicious) disregard for.



That Keith Gill believes corporations to be benevolent dictatorships, and that corporations “uninviting” someone from their premises does not equal a violation of first amendment is his own unschooled opinion on the first amendment.

The CA Statute on cyberstalking is provided for this morons edification.

Lili Coffin has never issued any threats, she is simply not a credible threat.

Linked.In is also located in the Bay area, and is very concerned with being a trustworthy and professional place.



Keith Gill however is a malignant presence in social media, whether on Twitter or elsewhere.

That Keith Gill himself was cause of the San Francisco DA’s office reopening a file should be cause for concern for anyone listening to Keith Gill.

Ethel Newlin 1122015


That is if this is Keith Gill’s own opinion, and he’s not just acting as a “goon squad” meat puppet for Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred.)

If you listen to Keith Gill, you’re an American Idiot.

Leaders of Empire Avenue were responsible for a CA DoJ inquiry into Twitter’s handling of this matter.

12302914 letter DOJ redacted



When Keith Gill comes around…


Keith Gill is the kind of guy that the Department of Defense should be wary of.  The guy seemingly willing to use his military training to abuse citizens exercising their rights.

Keith Gill has been moderated by Instagram for cyberbullying.


Keep bleating the same lies, corporate sheep.

Consumer advocacy blogging is perfectly legal content, Keith Gill is just a magnificent specimen of a corporatized goon, and major asshole.

Consumer Advocacy



So Much For A Public Profile #EaV #SocialSales

What kind of self promoting “social sales rock star” that promoted Linked.In, along with twitter,  as the key to his klout success doesn’t want people from viewing his Linked.In profile?

Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith, the leader of EmpireKred.

A person who helps run the player retention and recruitment departments of EmpireKred doesn’t want people looking at his very public Linked.In profile.

This is extremely odd and seemingly anti-social behavior.

It’s as if he doesn’t realize how much of a buffoon he presents online.

Why when I spoke to Lee, a salesman at Tsu about Mr. Gill, Lee admitted he had to laugh.

Keith Gill’s reaction was so over the top as to draw laughs from other professional salesmen.

I shouldn’t say “other”, as Keith Gill has never exhibited one whit of professionalism in social media interactions with me.

He’s simply been a bully who couldn’t understand that his advise was flat wrong, and that Twitter was not the key to Klout in any way, shape or form.

When he couldn’t accept the truth, he like all trolls, resorted to ad hominem attacks.

It’s sad, but that’s how Keith Gill, Leader of EmpireKred rolls.

If you want to see a buffoon in action, give EmpireKred a try, and buy the Ultimate Leaders Upgrade they have put on sale at EmpireKred.

Read the old Leaders forum threads going back over a year.  You will see a whiner and a crybaby little bully in action, I guarantee.

My advice to the salesman is to at least try to act more professional.

Right now he’s a canker sore on the buttocks of a baboon to most reasonable people’s perceptions that I talk to or interact online with.

He’s a detriment to EmpireKred.



Keith needs to treat himself, and his EmpireKred leadership as  a “Brand” and be far, far more welcoming to views of his profile.

That’s straight off his Sales 4 Life article.


By the way, Keith Gill had zero impact on my Klout score.  It stayed at 78.

His was lower, so by any reasonable standard, I raised his even when he failed to return the Klout he promised to Empire Avenue players.

Basically Keith Gill failed to deliver on his promises over the course of a month.  He’s just a user and an abuser.  Best avoided.

His lack of professionalism is appalling.

Some advice from Linked.In support for Keith if he’d like to hide his profile.

That way the rest of polite society won’t continually be exposed to his “red ass”.