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Oh That Nutty #EmpireKred Squirrel! #EaV #humor #socialmedia

It’s hard to remember which account you are logged into when you share a lot of them I suppose.

Here “Player Champion” Lynn O’Connell posts on her own profile (increases network score! yay!) thinking she’s signed into the account she helps manages, (e)sqrl.

Capture - Copy


She’s just a squirrel trying to get a nut!


Can #EmpireKred Increase Your Sales With Measurable Results? Signs Point To No. #socialmedia #eav

According to EmpireKred Player Champion (Brand Manager/Admin?) Lynn O’Connell,

We have MANY small business owners who thrive on Empire.Kred and use it as a way to learn the techniques that will drive people to their business. But, realistically, running a mission here is not going to get more people in to buy pizza in Des Moines.

Capture capture-copy2


The reason for that seems to be that the most active players on EmpireKred are actually social media marketers.

And these are marketers who themselves note that Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) doesn’t help with their niche marketing.

Marketers such as Paul Steinbrueck of OurChurch.com.

With a very small player base of course EmpireKred can’t really help you sell a pizza.

What they can do is get people to talk about you, and maybe someone in your area might see that discussion in their feed, and read the post, then decide to visit your establishment.

Maybe.  But not probably.  And not measurably.

So is EmpireKred a good investment for your limited advertising dollar?

Not at present.

As EmpireKred leader, and 2nd most active player on social media as Dividends measure,  Steven Krohn notes, he can deliver the traffic but he can’t make them buy.

Well, Steven’s Virtual Assistant in India can deliver the traffic…

Do you want marketers talking to other marketers about your business or product and sending people with no intent to buy to your social media posts?

Give EmpireKred a try.

You can see a partial discussion of Steven Krohn’s methods on Empire Avenue leader Richard Krawczyk’s Blab.







The Internet Marketers Guide To Skeezy Traffic Generation #EaV #Marketing #socialmedia #socialsales

Why are some of the worst marketers in social media all players, customers and leaders of EmpireKred?

Capture - Copy (2)

A portion of Mr. Krohn’s “biography” from his EmpireKred profile.

Capture - Copy

Source:  https://www.empire.kred/STEVEKROHN

Steven Krohn is a leader at EmpireKred, and not coincidentally has the second highest dividends of any leader, player or otherwise.


I’m sure Richard Krawczyk probably doesn’t have a clue is that Steven Krohn gave access to his “virtual assistant” Akanasha, and they posted incredibly spammy comments on Facebook (and elsewhere?) to generate “traffic.”

Steven is periodically locked down by Facebook for spammy comments.Capture








Source:  https://www.facebook.com/messages/archived/stevenkrohn215

Steven Krohn describes himself as the “wizard of oz.”

Do you want VA (Virtual Assistant) generated “traffic” or do you want real traffic from real customers with a real intent to purchase your pizza?  Or at least take a legitimate look at what your product is about?


These “relationships” are not “real”, it’s empty “social signals” that game Klout and Kred and EmpireKred’s “algorithm.”

This is not organic traffic and “real” people commenting who may have an intent to become your customer.

Who is Akanasha Gautam you ask?  A Virtual Assistant at “Things I Like.”


See more on Richard Krawczyk’s blab for an incomplete discussion on how marketer Steven Krohn makes things go “viral.”

And as Lynn O’Connell, Player Champion of EmpireKred says,

Capture - Copy

Lynn O’Connell also has a history of having access to other Empire Avenue Brand Manager/Admins personal accounts and creating “missions” in their name on Empire Avenue.


Edit:  Richard Krawczyk is a leader at EmpireKred.

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Are You a #Business? Beware An Email Invitation to Join #EmpireKred. #EaV #Socialmedia

Internet cyberbully and EmpireKred leader Gareth Davies (@me_gareth) feels one unsolicitied email is spam, and uses that as a pretext to attack the facebook pages of businesses.

Not only can EmpireKred not help you sell a pizza, according to Lynn O’Connell (@omdirect) Player Champion of EmpireKred, but their own leaders can hurt your business dramatically.

Capture - Copy

1 email leads to attack


Gareth has attacked a business page of a new contact on Linked.In for sending him an email.

Gareth Davies has been suspended by Twitter for doxing (tweeting private information) a customer of Empire Avenue’s (now EmpireKred) and violent threats.

Twitter Suspension Gareth Davies Tweeting Private Information Twitter Warning Gareth davies Violent Threats Twittter Suspension Gareth Davies Violent Threats


Additionally Gareth Davies was warned by Twitter for violent threats.

Why would anyone in their right minds invite their friends to EmpireKred when such a vicious predatorial animal is present as a leader of EmpireKred?

Value your friends safety and cybersecurity, it’s clear EmpireKred does not.  They classify this behavior as “social media interactions” even though they are clearly prohibited by EmpireKred’s own Terms of Service.

Save your friends!  Don’t invite them to EmpireKred.

Source:  https://empireavenue.zendesk.com/requests/9000




You simply never know what will set off a timebomb like Gareth Davies.

And EmpireKred callously disregards his history of “rampage.”

It’s clear they don’t value the cybersecurity and privacy of internet denizens despite their own Terms of Service provisions.





The Noid


Nance Larson, identified as “staff” by the Empirekred website and is an Admin in the “Welcome Wagon” forum (and Leader) participated in the doxing of a then Empire Avenue customer.

Nance HitlerStalin


According to Nance Larson,


Nance needs to figure out who she is, and that other people now know.

“You never know just how you look through other people’s eyes.”

Unless they blog about it.



Sadly Nance Larson does not define US, State or local laws on the state of satire or parody.

Nance Larson is also a major, major plagiarist.

At the time of this post she was attacking other players (customers) of Empire Avenue in the (eav) elders forum.

She later unilaterally deprived a paying customer of his benefits because he shared a social media blog she didn’t approve of.

It’s clear power went to Nance Larson’s head, and the depiction of her as a nazi or communist (apparently if you don’t think and act to Nance Larson’s approval she will punish you) is entirely appropriate.

She went mad with power, I believe.

Nance Larson Wants it her way - Copy


How others see what being a customer of Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) is like.

Alan Blaze NewsBlaze Publisher - Copy


Keith Gill, AKA Digitalkeith has been moderated by Instagram for cyberbullying.

Want to expose your friends to these people?  Email them an invitation.

#EmpireKred Doesn’t “Get More People In To Buy Pizza In Des Moines”

According to Player Champion Lynn O’Connell (@omdirect) of EmpireKred,

We have MANY small business owners who thrive on Empire.Kred and use it as a way to learn the techniques that will drive people to their business. But, realistically, running a mission here is not going to get more people in to buy pizza in Des Moines.


EmpireKred has announcted new promotions for November, the Blogathon, and Inviteathon.

In the inviteathon existing players can receive $2,000,000.00 eaves, subject to not very difficult requirements, for inviting friends.   They can invite up to 50 friends.

The invited friends received $2,000,000.00 eaves also.

For a new player this equates to a pretty significant time savings in eaves otherwise, with running missions.    Other than running missions this cash will be handed to new players.

They are rerunning the Blogathon also to attempt to spark interest and attract new players.

Readers of the blog joining gains you $2,000,000 eaves.

A Share-a-thon (basic itent of the website is to share others social media) and Video-a-thon (create videos promoting EmpireKred) are also running.

All these promotions are basically reliant on the volunteer labor model they have been employing for over a year to attempt to grow then Empire Avenue, and now EmpireKred.

Just don’t use it to try to grow your local business according to Player Champion, Lynn O’Connell.

Capture - Copy


So it seems that rather than address existing customers longstanding complaints with hyperinflation and no incentive for players to run missions, EmpireKred will be hyperinflating the game economy in an attempt to lure in new businesses, which they then claim they cannot help.





Wondering About Changes At EmpireKred? Prepare To Be Disappointed #EaV #SocialMedia

Current “Player Champion” and Brand Manager/Admin Lynn O’Connell gives a clue as to the future direction of EmpireKred.

If you were expecting a professional staff and massive change to EmpireKred be prepared to disappointment.

Basically this just seems like a continuation of the “leaders” program with “volunteers” who before Empirekred took over, having paid to run things  only being able to do whatever “bits and pieces” they are actually allowed by the likes of then Team Leader Nance Larson.





Will EmpireKred ever be a functional company not run by abusive “volunteers” (identified as staff on the webisite) like Nance Larson?

Only time will tell.

Robby Ball Bits and Pieces - Copy


Lynn O’Connell’s comments are on Team Leader Steven Healey’s Blab.