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Beta Testing @CrowdifyTech ~ Some Issues With Communication With the Development Team

Crowdify.Tech is a new intry into the social media “sharing” niche.

I have been advised by the entrepreneur developing the project that the status updates (on your profile) and “tasks” (equivent to requests for social shares) need to be “tech” related.

Whey I inquired how strict that rule was i was informed by the entrepreneur that they neither planned on providing customer service nor would be offering any explanations.



So it seems strictly tech related is the rule as a humorous blog about a mutual friend selling his business seems not to have been worth discussing.

To my thinking this defeats the purpose of beta testing, as exchange of information between testers and the site should be welcome, but I guess that’s their policy at present.

I was reporting that the “tasks” allow you to type more than 140 characters with no warning.  Once you hit update you are presented with a finished and oddly truncated, “task”.

As there is no beta testing forum, nor way to make these bugs and other issues known to the developers directly on the website I made what I was discovering known to the entrepreneur through Facebook chat, as he had indicated on this blog he welcomed such input.



It’s easily corrected, but a character limit warning when you are creating the task would be nice.

There are some issues with the programming associated with the Crowdify.Tech website itself at present.

Neither Facebook nor facebook pages can be hooked up at present.

The “Support” link does not work, nor are any of the other links live.



Crowdify will combine unique features into one package, a marketplace for tech, meeting place for in person meetings, and a free bitcoin wallet according to their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.





New #SocialMedia Entry @crowdifytech To Combine Elements of Fiverr, Triberr In Unique Way

According to Michael Q. Todd, Crowdify.Tech will combine elements of,

We have built a system like Fiverr, an equity crowdfunding vehicle, an automating blog post sharer like Triberr and a system for scooping content into your topics like scoop.it

So actually 4 things. You will also like our influence score system when it starts

This will place Crowdify.Tech in a unique position to form a market for those engaged in and around social media where work may be contracted for reasonable rates, and social media may be “shared” as part of the new digital “sharing” economy.

Crowdify.Tech is not in open release though you can register for free.

Michael says it’s in beta, but it feels like an open beta with a limited release to early adopters who are in social media.

A full open release is planned for January.



Michael Q Todd, @CrowdifyTech is A “Support And Promotion Vehicle” For #EmpireKred #socialmedia #eav

I asked Michael Q. Todd, founder of CrowdifyTech for comment on my blog about EmpireKred’s traffic woes.
Here is what Mr. Todd told me on Facebook.
Actually we are are a support and promotion vehicle for Empire Kred
My wife and I have invested over $40,000 in Empire Kred and sponsored around 25 friends into the leaders group
We are sending them traffic not taking it away
I asked why Yoriko Todd was prohibited from commenting in the Leaders forum.
This is Mr. Todd’s response,
I have zero idea about why they block Yoriko
Source:  https://www.facebook.com/michaelqtodd

Publicist Jackie Bigford of @jackiesbuzz Won’t Answer A Question About Fundraising

Sadly Jackie Bigford is unable or unwilling to answer a very simple question.

Did she transfer the money raised during her “campaign” to help Michael Q. Todd to Mr. Todd?


Strangely enough, rather than give the simple, and expected “yes” she blocked me on Twitter.

I have to suggest to my friends that they watch out for this person who can’t answer a simple question about a very public campaign she conducted.






Jackie is  Social Media Evangelist for Kelly Le Brock – Kelly’s Kitchen, according to her LinkedIn profile.




Is #GarethDavies Even His Real Name? #EaV #socialmedia #cybersecurity

According to Michael Q. Todd, leader of EmpireKred, Gareth Davies (@me_gareth) also a leader of EmpireKred, is a troll and Gareth Davies may not even be his real name.

MQT 5 MQT 7  MQT 9


Gareth Davies has a long history of attacking other Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) customers.

His vendetta against Michael Q. Todd has been carried out on Twitter and in the Empire Avenue forums for over 3 years.

Gareth Attacks Michael Q Todd - Copy


Gareth Davies has been suspended by Twitter (to my knowledge) for doxing (tweeting private information) and violent threats.

He was additionally warned for violent threats.

To my experience Gareth Davies is a troll who lies, bullies and does whatever it might take to try to get his bullying way.

It’s astonishing that EmpireKred still allows this man to be a customer of, much less a leader of EmpireKred.

It’s best to avoid EmpireKred until this abusive leader is removed or controlled.

Source:  http://www.empire.kred/gareth

Gareth New Profile


Why #Consumers Do Not Trust Internet Marketers ~ Cheesy Affiliate #Marketing #SocialMedia

“Join Empire.Kred Today” the headline screams.

The author is identified as Nance Larson.

The affiliate referrer link is provided at the bottom of the blog.

We have inquired if this is THE Nance Larson, who is an affiliate referrer of EmpireKred, admin of the “Welcome Wagon” forum (identified as EmpireKred staff by popup on the site) and leader (former team leader) who was gifted the leaders package promoted as follows and removed people unilaterally from benefits they paid Empire Avenue $100.00 for.





Mad Nance 1

Mad Nance 2

What do affiliates earn?  A percentage of what players spend.

Capture Capture2


Kita Champion and Lynn O’Connell are Brand Manager/Admins and Lynn is also “Player Champion.”



The EA Leaders Account is managed by:

Capture - Copy








(Nance Larson seems to share something in common with Michael Q. Todd,    They fail to clearly disclose they are afilliates of Empire.Kred in their blog posts.


Nance Larson Gifted




#EmpireKred Leader #GarethDavies, Games, @lqqkatthis And #NanceLarson’s Failure To Protect Customers

Want to be abused by a company you’re a customer of?

Give EmpireKred a try.

Shortly after leader of Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) tweeted his intent to bully me, a customer of Empire Avenue’s, the @lqqkatthis account was created and began spewing lies, bile and falsehoods.

Additional accounts were created, including @doriangraycali, @trollhunterbob (of “superior force” fame and @willardrat007.



The @lqqkatthis account registered at Empire Avenue and proceeded to produce blogs on a website.

The website has been taken down, but the comments on some of those blogs still exist on Disqus, their comment software.

The titles of the blogs are still shown.



The level of vitriole and hate and false information that poured out of this fake website is astounding.




I never worked for Michael Q. Todd, that is wholly a figment of their imagination.

Chris Sandys also made the blatantly false accusation on my blog, and on twitter.

I was simply inquiring as to why Gareth Davies was able to attack others in the Empire Avenue forums, and why Ulf Hedlund was attacking people in the X Bar community.

For reporting cyberbullying, I ended up cyberbullied by the “goon squad” of Empire Avenue.





Michael Q. Todd never paid me a dime nor asked for me to blog about Empire Avenue.




I do not see that Michael Q. Todd is trying to tear down Empire Avenue, if anything he was committed to trying to save it in some form.

But this company seems committed to allowing Nance Larson to attack Michael Q. Todd any anyone that inquired why these attacks were occuring when their own forum rules prohibited personal attacks.

That they then exported their falsehoods to Twitter is astounding.




I have never met Michael Q. Todd.

I believe I followed him or he followed me on Twitter on @wanderinpoet as a result of Twitter’s algorithm that suggest interesting accounts.




An unwary visitor took the time to point out the falsehoods.




Michael Q. Todd did not pay for my leaders package.  He has never paid me a dime.  Nor did anyone approach me on his behalf to blog about Empire Avenue.




And their falsehoods explain why I had to go to the CA DoJ and SF DA’s office as Twitter was unresponsive to my emails to @support.


The false blogs were shared by a few Empire Avenue leaders, Omar Habayeb and Gareth Davies, included.

Dorian Gray Locked DorianGrayCali Non Violent Threats Suspended DorianGrayCali Suspension Non Violent Threats Warning lqqkatthis suspended non violent threats lqqkatthis suspended Trollhunterbob suspended




I disagree, and you seem to have done it to yourself.


Gareth Davies is a leader of Empire Avenue, they run things.

Does #Twitter “Condone Bad Behavior”? #Celebrity #Fancienanc #socialmedia #cybersecurity

Celebrity Troll Nancy Abt and her “support group” have an astonishing record of cyberbullying, doxing, trolling fathers and their kids and issuing threats on Twitter.




Who is the support group engaged in this activity with Nancy Abt?

According to court documents, Chris Sandys, Gareth Davies, Nance Larson and Keith Gill.

One common denominator between the “support group” is that they are all leaders at EmpireKred.

Nance Larson is also on staff at EmpireKred.

When I removed Nancy Abt for trolling on facebook from my content, she set about bullying her friend on Facebook and on Twitter to teach a lesson of some sort.

I should say that she removed herself.  I explained to Nancy Abt why I wasn’t comfortable with her mean trolling attack and asked her to delete it.

When she refused she gave an ultimatum.  So ultimately I removed her, and her friends who hang out with abusive people from my content.





Nancy Abt seems to have forgotten that she gave me the headshots and she wanted to be in my content.


Yvonne Roga was also a customer of Empire Avenue’s.

Amazingly enough Valerie Gray managed to pick a side.  Imagine that, the corporate shill blogger came down on the abusive liars side.

Nancy Abt seems to confuse fun pictures on the internet with reality.


Nancy Abt Lies on Facebook 1

Nancy Abt Lies on Facebook 2

Nancy Abt Lies on Facebook 3

Nancy Abt Bullying Yvonne Roga 2 Nancy Abt Bullying Yvonne Roga 3



Nancy Abt Claims Victorias Secret Original As Her Own Design


She falsely claimed I had stolen her design (it’s a Victoria’s Secret Original) and made an astounding number of false allegations on twitter as she attempted to get whatever revenge she was after.

Twitter has honored my DCMA takedown, and this tweet has been deleted.


Nancy Abt learn from it


Nancy Abt, self admitted celebrity has trended on Perez Hilton.

Nancy Abt Trends


Nancy Abt Celebrity

Trending On Perez Hilton


FancieNanc DMCA Takedown


Somehow Nancy Abt had access to an apparently undisclosed Twitter office, the “escalation department.”

This does not seem to be available or offered to regular consumers and might explain my difficulty of reaching responsible parties at Twitter such that I had to involve the SF DA’s office and CA DoJ as Twitter was largely unresponsive.

The San Francisco DA’s office twice opened files and the CA DoJ opened an inquiry into twitter’s handling.

One can only wonder why such people remain on Twitter.

One can only wonder at Valerie Gray’s seeming close association with Nancy Abt and gullibility at believe an astonishing liar.

Nancy Abt has been “warned” on Twitter for non violent threats.

Nancy Abt remains one of the most dangerous, conniving, manipulative liars I have ever encountered in my life.

She even falsely claimed having a restraining order on Twitter in multiple tweets.




We continue to hope Nancy Abt gets the hope she needs and is out of hiding from workers’ compensation subrosa investigators.

Given her propensity to lie and make false allegations, I figure it’s only right that I speculate on what she and her “support group” might have done.

They seem like the kind of people that are extremely abusive, what with the cyberbullying, threats and doxing.

Perhaps they like to push people out of wheelchairs?

Haa Haa2


Support Group

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How Big A Liar is This #Celebrity, Anyway? #socialmedia

Glad you asked.

Nancy Abt, aka @Fancienanc is the worst liar I have ever known.

Why she even tweeted tons of tweets to people I know, like @mqtodd and @terrinakamura that she had a restraining order.  This is a total and abject lie.

Who in their right mind claims a courts authority when they don’t have it?

Maybe Nancy Abt should appear on Celebrity Lie Detector?


This is astonishingly abusive behavior from a celebrity.

Nancy Abt Celebrity




Twitter has rules about lying in tweets, but nothing really seems to matter if you’re a celebrity.

So for fun, let’s count her lies.

I’m using Backtweets to search her tweets to or clearly about me.

For backgrounds sake, Nancy Abt, @fancienanc is a former hollywood agent who was in hiding from her workers’ compensation carrier, fearing their sub rosa investigators.

Source:  https://www.facebook.com/messages/archived/nancymglitter

Nancy Abt Hides From Private Investigators

Nancy was in my social media content until I removed her for trolling another person on Facebook.





Nancy Abt seems to buy Twitter followers, and cultivates her Twitter following for the celebrity factor as she was paid to advertise.

Nancy Abt Fake Followers


Nancy Abt has trended on Perez Hilton.

How many times can one abusive person lie on Twitter?



Lies.  Nancy Abt gave me her headshots on Facebook to use in my content.

Needless to say I wasn’t stalking her also.  This is a figment of her imagination.





I feel it’s an accurate portrayal of her true inner self.


Lie.  I was blogging about Empire Avenue and their leadership.


Nope.  The content I create isn’t me.  Nancy seems to confuse the internet with reality.

And she didn’t have a restraining order.














images (1)


I asked Nancy Abt not to troll.  She removed herself by trolling a man and his kids.

If she’s doing #ads for your brand, watch out!

Nancy Abt tried to silence my blogging about Empire Avenue, a gaming company with a record of attacking their own customers.


Nancy Abt Declaration Page 17


Support Group

Nancy Abt 2

Nancy Abt Declaration Page 21


That effort was denied.

Abuse by Empire Avenue of their customers led to a CA DoJ inquiry into Twitter and the SF DA’s office twice opened files.

12302914 letter DOJ redacted


Capture3 Capture