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“America Person” Don Blankenship Shatters The GOP

In 2015 I wrote about the rising tide of Xenophobia I was seeing and feeling in the GOP.

As a Republican this was worrying, however the party saw fit to nominate (and the country elect) Donald Trump.

This has only emboldened the worst dregs of society to crawl out of the swamps and into Washington DC.

Or at least they are trying.

It was no accident Richard Spencer showed up in Washington DC close to the inaurguration. The “alt right” expected to be welcomed into power with open arms.

Their being “disavowed” by Donald Trump was a surprise to them.

However the same mechanism that networked on Twitter, and promoted the spread of what has become active nazis, still openly exists and can do the same thing in any election.

Then Lone Conservative editor Brian Brathovd, featured in this video with Milo Y saying “hi” to then Breitbart Contributor Kassy Dillon, is NOW Richard B. Spencer’s bodyguard and a Daily Stormer contributor (according to Brians Gab.ai account, @caerulus_rex.)


The prominence of the “alt right” social media stars is mentioned elsewhere and their rise chronicled by Joe Bernstein of Buzzfeed.

Don Blankenship is a convict who chose to run for US Senate in West Virginia.

Mr. Blankenship was CEO of Massey Energy Company, was charged with multiple charges, including felony conspiracy for his role in a mine explosion that killed 29 miners.

Mr. Blankenship was convicted of  one misdemeanor charge of conspiring to willfully violate mine safety and health standards and sentenced to one year in prison and a $250,00.00 fine.


Fresno Bee journalist Mackenzie Mays is from West Virginia and speaks of the impact of the mine explosion on her life.  And the impact on her community.

Mr. Blankenship has taken to denouncing people as not an “America person.”

In Mr. blankenship’s “Post-Election Statement” Mr. Blankenship says,

P.S. Mitch McConnell’s cocaine tweet is just more proof that he is not an America person.

In the spirit of denouncing, I’d like to denouce Don Blankenship as a royal asshole and defintely NOT an American.

Let me tell you why I believe this.

My family came to America in the 1600’s.  We settled all across the Eastern seaboard, north and south.

Over time my family migrated west, and my grandparents and great grandparents ended up in Kansas and Missouri.

I’m not certain who fought on which side of that Civil War, but I’d assume I had family on both sides.

Fast forward to WW1.  My great grandfather served in France in the American Expeditionary Forces.

Returning home to Missouri to farm, his farm up and blew away in the Dust Bowl.  He left his teenage daughter, (my grandmother) with his family and migrated to Tulare, CA where he worked fields and started a second family.

Marrying a local woman, he started a new family. (my cousins pictured here.)

My uncle, pictured in back, is a USAF veteran (enlisted), retired CHP and currently a Tulare County DA’s office investigator and grows produce in the Central Valley of CA near Exeter.

My grandparents also lost farms in Missouri and Kansas and migrated west.

My moms dad worked on New Deal public works projects in Idaho.  He was a carpenter.  Due to the WW2 war effort, he also mined during WW2 near Elko, NV, being to old for the draft.

My great uncle was a pipe fitter building ships for US Navy in Portland.

As working class people, my grandparents raised families, and my parents were among the first to go to college.

I have relatives that served in nearly every war, with an Uncle in Korea, another stationed in Fort Ord in inter war period and my dad volunteered for the US Navy after his deferments were up.

My ex father in law, a Marine, became a psych tech and program director before retiring as Acting Director (I believe) at Porterville Developmental Center.

My ex wifes family also has people working at PDC.

My dad volunteered after college and went to OCS, then to Supply School, serving on USS Reeves, as an officer, in the Sea of Japan. Their mission was to escort aircraft carriers and rescue downed pilots, and the occasional “boat person” refugee.

Small town Idaho is unique in that emergency services don’t get done unless the locals do them.

My cousins ran EMS out of the family store.    One cousin got her degree and moved to San Francisco where she’s a surgical nurse.

M eldest cousin does heavy construction work, after learning to drive on my grandpas lap at age 5 or so.

My grandpa started wtih a mule team, and began trucking and doing baling for farmers, amongst other odd jobs.

Here’s my cousin and his company hard at work on the US Naval Reservation near USS Arizona and Missouri.

*I’m not sure where this picture was taken, I suspect Utah, but my cousin digs BIG holes.

If you are lost in the backcountry my “Deplorable” cousins are the people that CAN and WILL rescue you.  My family aren’t the kind of people to abandon you in a dark mine.

My dad is a  retired Claims Manager for a large third party adminstrator/independent claims adjusting firm out of Atlanta, GA.

Childhood friends from Fresno grew up to work for the GOP, working for Governor Pete Wilson (R) and doing lobbying in DC.

They also wrote Netfile, the system the FEC uses to track campaign donations after graduating from Fresno State.

Another childhood friend, T. Oppliger, is now a Deputy District Attorney in Fresno (son of Judge Oppliger) and works with Democrat candidate Andrew Janz.

Mr. Janz is challenging incumbent nincompoop, Devin Nunes, for California District 22.

I don’t recognize Devin Nunes as a Republican according to my lights, nor Don Blankenship.

I believe the party is extremely damaged, AND unwilling to take corrective course to disassociate with the nazis and white nationalists racists running for office.

I don’t believe Don Blankenship is much of an American, at all. I think he’s a horrible employer and a safety risk to anyone working for him.

I fear that the rise of nazis in the GOP is NOT an aberration. It’s a natural outgrowth of the coalition building undertaken by GOP during the election.

I am supporting Andrew Janz for Congress as a result.


#CrowdFunding And You; A Matter of Risk Tolerance And Avoidance #socialmedia

With the democratization of the internet comes micro transactions, micro loans, and crowdfunding.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding provides a way for small startups that can’t get traditional funding to get support from the masses essentially.

While I have friends who have successfully crowdfunded projects and delivered, the internet is full of tales of failed crowdfunding and non delivery of promises.

TechCrunch has an article entitled,

When Crowdfunding Fails The Backers Are Left With No Way Out

And this is 100% true in nearly all cases.

To mitigate the risks to yourself carefully judge the project.

Who is involved, how much is being raised and what the promises are.

Only give money that you can afford to lose with no strings attached and no care if the project is finished or not.

You can help with someone elses dream project, but protect your nest egg as you do so.

After all, without a valid contract between you and the originator of the crowdfunding project, you are left with little if any, recompense.


Abusive #EmpireKred TeamLeader #NanceLarson and Invasion of #Privacy

Edit 11/6/2015:

Nance Larson is identified as Staff by a popup on the EmpireKred website.

The “Welcome Wagon” forum is prominently featured on the first screen visible after registration with a “Join The Welcome Wagon” button.

Source:  https://www.empire.kred/eahome/getstarted

Capture - Copy (5)


When you go down the list of missions for new players you are presented with a mission to join the “Welcome Wagon.”


Once You Click the “Join Button” you are greeted with this pop up screen (seems to only show once).




And inside you find Nance Larson listed as an Admin.

Source:  https://www.empire.kred/community/page/about?c=4200



And Nance Larson has posted various sticky threads.

Source:  https://www.empire.kred/community/page/discuss?c=4200

Capture - Copy


The “Welcome Wagon” is one of only 2 Communities visible to new players (or anyone) when they go to the “communities” tab.  

Both indicate that they are run by “staff” when you join the first time.

Source:  https://www.empire.kred/community/dashboard



The other is “EmpireKred Tactics & Tech”.  It’s also part of the new player missions.


The hypocrisy and bad faith evident in Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) is made complete by the continued presence of abusive spammer, former Team Leader  (Now identified as “Staff” Nance Larson.

The invasion of privacy feels almost complete as Nance Larson discusses what a PI has even as Empire Avenue had zero reasonable reason to hire a PI.

Avoid EmpireKred until they clean up their leadership.

Apparently feeling beholden to no law, ethics or morals, Nance references a PI in regard to myself, a customer of Empire Avenue’s and customer of PeopleBrowsr, which owns .dotkred of which EmpireKred is owned by.

Strangely enough, by trying to lie about her position of authority on Twitter, they hope to slide by and do I don’t know what.

Empire Avenue leadership


Nance Larson will lie repeatedly about her and others authority in game as she seeks to be as abusive as possible in a passive aggressive and conniving stance.

She’s truly an abusive personality, and best avoided if you give EmpireKred any business at all.

You never know when the rest of the “goon squad” will pop up and take away paid for benefits unilaterally or conduct other abusive business practices that no legitimate business would ever engage in.

She’s a threat to customers of EmpireKred’s.

She has simply lied to many times to believe a word out of her mouth at this point.







Basically this is the most abusive company I have ever run into.


Avoid anything Nance Larson does, because she is one of the most abusive people imaginable.


It’s truly astonishing because Empire Avenue, at the time in Edmonton, is now in CA.

Alberta PIPA (privacy regulations) only allow businesses to do what is reasonable to meet its obligations.

I assure you that being falsely accused by a leader who denies his own leadership and others is not reasonable.

At no time did Empire Avenue support ask me for my name or identity, unlike Twitter, The CA DoJ and San Francisco DA’s office which did so.






This is par for the course for this lying, abusive Team Leader and Empire Avenue, now EmpireKred.

The “someone” is Gareth Davies, Chris Sandys and Nance Larson, who in an attempt to keep the abuse of customers “off the record” launched into a furious assault on Twitter.

To the point that I had to involve the CA DoJ and San Francisco DA’s office.

Imagine reporting cyberbullying and being bullied and accused of maliciousness for reporting the bullying.

These people are so incredibly abusive that I have no words to describe it.


Blogging…  Social media…


Try to remember there’s a framework of laws in place that we commonly refer to as western civilization…


Chris Sandys is a leader.  Empire Avenue support lies about a product they sold as “run by members for the members”.


Thanks for protecting your customers.  Oh Nance Larson didn’t.  She’s ignored doxing and threats and participated in them.

Gareth Davies tweeted his intent to bully me 2 days before Empire Avenue support once again acknowledged I’m a customer.

I cannot recommend anyone spend a dime at EmpireKred until they clean up the leadership.

They found their own customer.  Well played…

Then doxed him, and made violent and non violent threats.  And false allegations.

Chris Tweets Legoland vacation

Tweets Neighborhood


Twitter Gareth Davies DMCA Takedown Twitter Suspension Gareth Davies Tweeting Private Information Twitter Warning Gareth davies Violent Threats Twittter Suspension Gareth Davies Violent Threats

Chris Sandys Non Violent Threats Warning

Keith Gill Account Locked 1042015 Keith Gill Instargram Moderated For Cyber Bullying

653014 Letter DOJ REdacted 12302914 letter DOJ redacted Ethel Newlin 1122015 Ethel Newlin 11062014

Chris Sandys No More Camping Trips Chris Sandys Off the record

Chris Sandys Meat Puppet


Sorry Keith.  You’re inextricably linked.  You’re an abusive leader.  Period.

You’re an embarassment to your former uniform, along with Chris Sandys.  Shocking.  Sickening.

Is #Kred Just Hoping No One Mentions They Paid To Run Empire Avenue As Leaders? #EaV #socialmedia

The elephant in the room for Jodee Rich and @Kred is how or even if the “Leaders” interests were protected at sale of Empire Avenue from whomever had equity to Kred.

According to Team Leader Nance Larson, “$100 is just a share of how many?”

Nance Larson Shares



This is of major interest as during a period of financial duress, admitted to by Brand Manager Admin Lynn O’Connell, Empire Avenue advertised and sold the package.

Lynn OConnell equity


Clearly the leaders have some form of intangible asset even if it’s not a traditional stock, bond or other asset.

How were Leaders interests represented and protected during the sale?

If at all?

When will Kred STOP being secretive and address these issues?

Nance Larson Things Change


Empire Avenue sold over 800 such leaders packages, even if Team Leader Nance Larson thinks that’s not worth much.

At least offer to refund the $100.00 to all purchasers if you wish to proceed forward in good faith, but unemcumbered by people that feel the product wasn’t delivered…

Nance Larson had her fun abusing customers and telling leaders to only post once a day in the EaV Elder’s forum set up after Empire Avenue restricted use of the Leaders forum.

It’s time that all that be addressed.

Nance Larson One Post A Day

Nance Larson Wants it her way


Volunteers don’t pay $100.00 to run things.  That’s called a transaction.  Not volunteering.

Steven Healey Vast Majority


Lynn O’Connell is the must abusive brand manager I know of.

Team Leader Nance larson is nearly equally abusive, participating in the doxing of her own customers and abuse of customers in the Empire Avenue forums.

Scotty Kicked Out Of EaV Elders


People that are empowered equally cannot kick others out of the forum they paid to belong to.  But Team Leader Larson could, and did.




And a question for Team Leader Nance Larson.

Did her startup funds ever come in?



Source:  https://www.facebook.com/messages/archived/nance.larson.9

Canada Post Disabled Accessability Fail @canadapostcorp

My friend Michael (@resilientmichae) has interest in disability accessability.

His little share on Facebook illustrates the issues disabled and elderly have with accessability.

A picture is worth 1000 words, but I will explain it in depth.



1,  I have no idea how far this gentleman has to walk to this centralized mailbox.
2.  No handrails.
3.  Ramp not paved.  It’s assuredly slippery in winter or wet conditions.
4.  Ramp appears to steep for elderly disabled to comfortably and safely ascend and descend.
5.  No lighting.

It’s just a quick look at the risks entailed in using this postal access.