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Internet Marketer Steven Krohn’s Problems Catching Up To Him? #EaV #SocialMedia

Steven Krohn, internet marketer and leader of EmpireKred had some problems with the government and an abuse charge he had to clear up.

Steven Krohn, according to Rebecca Godson,

“He uses people women exploiter.”


One woman who claims to have been abused has written a poem, dedicated to Steven Krohn.

I’ll mannered and dubious personality
With the charm of a poisonous Snake
Who creeps , roams and it wonders
To make women his favorite prey .





Sunday Morning And All Is Well

Sunday Morning
All Is Well
Falls Return
Crisp Day, Feels Swell

A Day of Football
A Day of Rest
End of the Week
What Is to Come Next?

Oddly enough it’s a cool day, and it’s been somewhat cool for most of the week here in the Central Valley.

This is a bit different, as for the past 20 years or so we haven’t really had a cool fall, instead having heat (and to mow the lawn!) well into December.

Hopefully we will get the el nino, and have a nice, cool and wet fall.


Goon Squad

Sunday Morning And All is Well

Sunday Morning
And All Is Well
A Gael Blows
Through Farmers Dell
Wet Winter Coming?
Do Foretell
2 El Nino’s In A Row?
Rarer Still

Another El Nino is forming already. This is amazingly rare and bodes well for California’s drought.

We just had one arrive, in late Spring, early Summer.

The El Nino’s ate arrival instead of during winter meant we didn’t get the full effect, and it’s brought rare rain in the summer. The summmr rains have not been sufficient to ease California’s drought.

Sunday Morning And All Is Well

Sunday Morning Far From Shore
A Summer Thunderstorm
Surprise, For Sure
The Rain Brings Some Relief
From Severe Drought
To Keep Leaves Green

It’s highly unusual to have thunderstorms in the Central Valley of California in summer. With the El Nino weather pattern having arrived late towards the start of summer rather than in March or early spring the weather is highly unpredicatable.

It’s also good news that another, perhaps stronger, El Nino is forming in the Pacific. This brings hope for a wet rainy season next spring.

Sunday Morning And All Is Well

Sunday Morning
All Is Well
A Cooling Trend
In the Farmer’s Dell
The Valley Floor
Is Cool But Dry
A Most Astonishing
Unseasonable Clime

So far July has been cool with a little bit of rain here in the Central Valley of California. It was 78F at noon the other day, which is as low as I can remember it being at that time. Some days haven’t even required the air conditioner be on.