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How Abusive #TROll $TWTR Accounts Like Allan Brauer Abuse @Support Report Function

Allan Brauer, former Democratic Party leader, is to hateful for the Democrats, but not for Twitter.


However the tweet remains live on his Twitter feed and very actively commented on at this point over 2 years later.

The California Democratic party issued the following tweet in response.


Twitter, how is ok with this open hatred and did not moderate this still active tweet in line with their newly announced policy against hateful conduct.

Is there an expiration date on hate?

Not when the tweet is still highly active, referenced and well known as an extreme example of hate not ok in society, but OK on Twitter.

In seeking to silence the legitimate news of his losing his position, Allan is now seeking to coordinate reports of tweets which speak about his abuse.

This is how people seek to silence dissent on Twitter.


If @jack and Twitter stand for free speech, they need to stop abuse of their report function by people like @allanbrauer to silence dissent.


As it stands, trolls like Allan Brauer can call in the mobs and @jack and twitter allow it.

Enough is enough.


Hitman Explains Why He is Not A Real Hitman. $TWTR @support buys it?

Only on twitter, the bizarro world where anything can happen and often does.

@spikemahogany, who seems to be a porn star, offered to fly out and silence someone the flight was paid for.

Now to me, and I’m no expert, but offering to silence someone is a pretty clear offer.

And the response back, “cool”, seems to be an acceptance of that offer.



However Spike has helpfully explained that REAL hitmen don’t attract attention to themselves.

And I don’t know. ¬†Normally I’d agree, but what if it’s a really, really stupid hitman?


And this is why Twitter General Council @vijaya is full of bull puckey.


And what is the abuse scandal at Twitter doing to Twitter?


In more important news, @Vijaya does not like bacon.


Someone really ought to tell Keith Gill Spike might be looking for him.


The Misogynysts Guide To Hate On @Twitter. #feminism #cybersecurity

Depersonalization is the core of hate.

There can be little doubt that depersonalizing others is key to rationalizing the abuse of individuals.

And yet an easy way to attack women on twitter is to simply deny their very personhood.



This has been happening to Lili, aka @laughrodite4u for over a year and Twitter never stops it. ¬†Never considers it’s impact.

And so one can simply lie to harass women, and Twitter won’t stop it despite rules against targeted harassment of women and spam.

Archive of hateful tweet.

Want Rid of Someone On @Twitter? Just Tweet About It.

According to Twitter @support, open discussion of whom you want rid of does not violate Twitter Policy.




Nance Larson is on staff at gaming company Empire Kred.

Empire Kred (formerly Empire Avenue) has a well documented history of having a “goon squad” that attacked their own customers for years.

Nance Larson has acknowledged the goon squad existence, indicated that it only existed in 2011, and that she’s not a part of any goon squad.

Fooled me.








Nance Larson, former Team Leader of Empire Avenue (now Empire Kred Staff) and other leaders of EmpireKred have been attempting to keep this massive record of abuse of their own customers “off the record” since 5/2014.

They have magnificently failed.

Consumer Advocacy


However, according to @twitter @support talk of getting rid of people does not violate their @safety @policy.


This contrasts directly with support who took the time to review events and come to the correct conclusion and result.



Personally I think abusers are a bad look for @linkedin brand.

Your mileage may vary.


No love


Destruction of Capitalism And You, A Choosy Buyer’s Guide.

There is much debate in socialist economists circles (those led by Krugman) as to which method of juicing the economy through utterly debasing currency is the quicker better picker upper method to hyperinflation.

Should you helicopter money like Finland?

Or reduce interest rates to negative numbers through a central bank.

With helicopter money you shovel money out straight to the people.  I think about $900.00 a month for Finland (based on exchange rates which I last checked never.)

With negative interest banks the window at the central bank loans out money to other banks at negative rates.  Which means the central bank is effectively paying other banks to take out loans.

This will then be loaned out (hopefully) to qualified applicants at even lower rates (I dunno how low, cause I’m not familiar with Japan’s credit market.)

So if the central bank loaded at 1% and the next bank at 5%, perhaps now credit will be available at 4% instead, theoretically.

OR the banks can simply pocket the difference.

Which is better?

I say cut out the middleman if you want to implode your economy and sustain hyperinflation.

Shovel that cash right out the door to the end user!

Shovel out some $TWTR while you are at it.

$TWTR MAU Problems? Entirely Self Induced #IJFU #cybersecurity

It’s clear to me that Twitter’s problems are their own creation.

An institutionalized culture of not listening to valid feedback, arrogance and lack of business ethics and common sense.

When I started blogging about the abuse at Empire Avenue, what I quickly noticed was the relative impunity with which leaders from Empire Avenue threatened and doxed me on Twitter.

Chris Sandys, a leader at Empire Avenue, wanted the abuse of Empire Avenue customers “off the record”, rather than deal with the abuse.

Empire Avenue Team Leader Nance Larson and Leaders Chris Sandys, Gareth Davies were able to target me for doxing and massive harassment for blogging about abusive practices on Empire Avenue.

Keith Gill, aka DigitalKeith joined in after I noted his false advertising being run through Empire Avenue social media promotional missions.

And they were able to openly export that abuse right on twitter.  And it continues unabated.

After a couple months of emails to support inquiring as to why with no real response I filed complaints with the San Francisco District Attorney’s office Consumers Protection Unit and The California Department of Justice (x-ref 615640).

During that time other much higher profile accounts such as @Femfreq and an Electronic arts gaming executive also talked about the massive abuse they were sustaining, death threats etc.

I was not alone in the abuse piled on me.

Twitter simply allowed customers to threaten other customers to the point that the mass market was made aware that Twitter didn’t care about their customers.

Twitter tried to address this with Dick Costolo taking responsibility and Twitter General Council Vijaya Gadde writing a Washington Post Op-Ed about the abuse.

I hoped changes would be made, but certain leaders of Empire Kred continued to be able to be openly abusive with little response from Twitter.

One such abuser is Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith.

You see, Jim Cramer has tired of the libel Twitter allows.  The serial lies, abuse and harassment customers can sustain.

However you can tell and SHOW Twitter how people are serially lying about you and Twitter does not care.

They simply allow people like Keith Gill to continue their abuse on and on and on and on.


This despite having rules defining such lying as spam.



Some people don’t leave Twitter. ¬†Some stay to let others know what Twitter is.

Twitter is a company that allows massive abuse of it’s own customers by it’s own customers and censors journalism and truth.

Twitter has polticized abuse.   And the free market knows it.



Basically Twitter General Council Vijaya Gadde’s reaction to me when I asked her for help with cyberbullies and cyberstalkers sums up Twitter.

She blocked me.

Twitter simply does not care.

They even suspend victims of rape.

And Empire Avenue?  Despite being bought out by Kred, and rebranded EmpireKred, the truth about how they act is tumbling out, as well.

Goon squads, trolls and mobs run rampant on Twitter, ruining social media.



Kevin Green On @empirekred, “goals appear to be to white wash black hat engagement…”

Former Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) Brand Manager Administrator Kevin Green, currently a leader at Empire Kred has this to say in the Empire Kred Leaders forum

12650292_10153544940893710_491891982_n - Copy


This is well known to observant social media practitioners and the subject of extensive abuse by Nance Larson, Keith Gill, Chris Sandys, Gareth Davies and now Valerie Clark in order to try to keep said abuse “off the record.”

Gareth Davies has an extensive history of doxing customers of Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) and issuing violent threats, with warnings and suspension on Twitter.

Keith Gill was moderated by instagram for cyberbullying and had his twitter account locked for abuse.

Chris Sandys was warned by Twitter for non violent threats.

Nance Larson, a former team leader, and currently staff at EmpireKred participated in the doxing of customers and acknowledged a “goon squad” that was attacking customers.

12625978_10153542446693710_79365951_n - Copy


Low end digital markets like Keith Gill, AKA @digitalkeith  proliferate on Empire Kred and are free to abuse other customers to their hearts content.

Customers of EmpireKred report continuing cyberbullying despite the change of ownership to to Kred, and rebranding.