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Is Threatening To Horsewhip a Jewish Survivor of Stoneman Douglas (Mass shooting) A Violation of Twitter ToS?

Kyle Kashuv, a Jewish 17 year old senior at Stoneman Douglas, was threatened by a man named Christopher Suprun, a twitter verified account, with a “horsewhipping.”

He also mentions a “SKing.”  We are not certain who that it however the most prominent person on twitter with those initials is Shaun King, a writer for Glenn Greenwald’s “The Intercept.”

Kyle has tweeted with Chelsea Clinton and has met with many people who aren’t Conservative in an effort to promote bipartisan politics and good faith, non violent behavior in America.

The tweet of Christopher Suprun was reported to Twitter and we await a response.

Capture - Copy (53).JPG

Threatening a “horsewhipping” is precisely how racist plantation owners in the antebellum south threatened their slaves and kept order with slaves who learned to read and had their own ideas on slavery and being horsewhipped.

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Twitter has acknowledged receipt of the report.

report - Copy

Kyle was involved in an interesting discussion with William Legate when Mr. Suprun intervened to threaten him.

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Twitter has a massive problem with antisemitism on the platform as covered by other Main Stream Media sites.

Twitter also has a very well documented (and longstanding) problem with violence and threats of violence on their platform despite ostensible rules prohibiting advocacy of violence.

It is hard to believe that “horsewhipping” a Jewish kid doesn’t glorify and incite violence against other Jews as “horsewhipping” has a long history and is symbolic of the racist South however Twitter lacks transparency and their decisions are often, at best, bizarre.

Capture - Copy (52)

Kyle Kashuv is simply NOT a Nazi. Threats to abuse others under clearly false pretenses should not be tolerated by Twitter.

If Jack Dorsey feels threats of “horsewhipping” is OK we’d all like to know who he thinks it’s ok to have horsewhipped.

Mr. Supran is also a verified account. If verified accoutns have rights and privileges other twitter customers (the hoi polloi) lack, Jack should make that policy clear to us all as well.

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$TWTR Damages Their Investors As #RandiLeeHarper Advocates For ISIS

It is astonishing that @Jack and @Vijaya have allowed 3 people to harm Twitter to the extent that they have.

Lies not only poison the well for twitter and investors, but it destroys what Twitter is at it’s core.  A social media company.  A communications company.

Yet Randi Lee Harper, Zoe Quinn and Brianna Wu erode trust in Twitter daily as they regularly attack twitter consumers.

When Women Action Media teamed up with Twitter to work on the abuse problem, the study concluded that only .66% of harassment claimed by Randi Lee Harper was actually gamergate related.




#Gamergate is a hashtag that twitter allows.  

Yet Twitter allowed 4 women, Randi Lee Harper (@randileeharper), Brianna Wu (@spacekatgal), Zoe Quinn (@unburntwitch)  to label Twitter’s own customers as a “Hate group” equivalent to ISIS for tweeting to a hashtag.

Zoe Quinn is a partner with Randi Lee Harper in Online Abuse Prevention Initiative, allegedly an anti abuse organization.

Frankly it’s a leader in abuse on social media.


Although Brianna Wu lists Anita Sarkeesian (@femfreq) as the 4th of their group of women, I find no mention of comparing #gamergate tweets to ISIS in a search of tweets.


And yet it is @Randileeharper herself who is “signal boosting” ISIS, as she disseminated instructions on how to create an ISIS botnet, twitter handles of suspected ISIS accounts and various other means of social media usage by ISIS to her followers (and the public as anyone may come across her tweets.)


Randi Lee Harper considers tweeting a joke about ISIS as advocating for ISIS…


And it is Randi Lee Harper herself who has contacts at Twitter with Safety.




Randi Lee Harper brags about taking down WoC journalists openly on twitter.


It is shameful journalism, and contributes to the destruction of Twitter itself as @Jack and @Vijaya allow a lie to propagate and disseminate on Twitter.

Why is this person allowed to terrorize Twitter consumers?


Randi Lee Harper (a pseudonym, her real name is Olivia Pope) routinely tells consumers to set themselves on fire.


And yet this is how Randi Lee Harper treats professional journalists on Twitter.  With utter content, condescension and disdain.



Randi isn’t hesitatant to talk to reporters.  She only talks to compliant reporters, such as predatorial @jessesingal.


So many of the professional tech media simply regurgitate the hateful rehetoric spewed by these 3.

How did the #gamergate hashtag start?

Hollywood actor Adam Baldwin invented it in a tweet.

Randi Lee Harper jumped on it, and started accusing a Hollywood Actor, Adam Baldwin, of being a leader of a hate mob.

And the media ate it up.

Randi Lee Harper has even leaked consumers private information as it relates to moderation of their accounts as @safety has a leak.




(Adam has taken to deleting his tweets as protest against Twitter which monetizes him as they allow him to be viciously abused by a predator, Randi Lee Harper.)



You can see more of Randi Lee Harper’s abuse of Adam, here.

And at no time has Twitter protected their consumers or investors from this insidious attack on their own business interests and customers.

Twitter is utterly corrupt and management and the Board needs to be removed.

They allow Randi Lee Harper to spew lies, abuse and threats.  It’s sick.


“Aggressively parroted” by attorneys such as Mitch Jackson, CA litigator of the year in 2013, a highly successful trial lawyer.




Twitter plays favorites and allows these women to abuse their customers.  Openly.



Jack is a liar, lying about Safety being a priority and about censorship.

Twitter censors for Turkey and other governments, yet went on national televsion and told the world that Twitter does not censor.

We know this is demonstrably false, yet Jack misleads his own investors with falsehoods.


Jack Squat




Tweeting ISIS does not break Twitter ToS.




Kevin Green On @empirekred, “goals appear to be to white wash black hat engagement…”

Former Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) Brand Manager Administrator Kevin Green, currently a leader at Empire Kred has this to say in the Empire Kred Leaders forum

12650292_10153544940893710_491891982_n - Copy


This is well known to observant social media practitioners and the subject of extensive abuse by Nance Larson, Keith Gill, Chris Sandys, Gareth Davies and now Valerie Clark in order to try to keep said abuse “off the record.”

Gareth Davies has an extensive history of doxing customers of Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) and issuing violent threats, with warnings and suspension on Twitter.

Keith Gill was moderated by instagram for cyberbullying and had his twitter account locked for abuse.

Chris Sandys was warned by Twitter for non violent threats.

Nance Larson, a former team leader, and currently staff at EmpireKred participated in the doxing of customers and acknowledged a “goon squad” that was attacking customers.

12625978_10153542446693710_79365951_n - Copy


Low end digital markets like Keith Gill, AKA @digitalkeith  proliferate on Empire Kred and are free to abuse other customers to their hearts content.

Customers of EmpireKred report continuing cyberbullying despite the change of ownership to to Kred, and rebranding.

Employee of @junipernetworks, @asherlangton has major diapout on $TWTR

Do you wonder why it’s become well known that twitter doesn’t value their own consumers and allows serial abuse and harassment?

When @jack took over, Jim Cramer urged them to help fight libel on Twitter.

Although simply a small part of a worse pattern of abuse that takes place on Twitter, violent threats and doxing, being lied about by people that you have blocked, with little to no recourse is costing Twitter customers.

When such maliciously abuse people, that are otherwise claiming to be cybersecurity professionals lie, it’s extremely frustrating.

Yet that’s what Asher Langston does.

Asher is employed by Juniper Networks, and is apparently free to tweet lies on company time (I’m in CA, and these tweets appear to have occured on regular work hours) about myself.

Given his longstand history of abuse (he has tweeted he had no idea who might want him fired after a busy week), it remains clear that safety and privacy are simply not a concern of Twitter’s for their customers.


This despite Twitter rules which ostensibly outlaws such practices, defining such activity as spam.




Twitter tweets are public.

Responding to them with legitimate intent to discuss a matter of public interest is perfectly appropriate and what twitter is for.

That the lady appears to have been willing to integrate what she learned on tv into her counseling practice however is not really appropriate in the State of California to my knowledge.

And when a tweet crossed my timeline that a licensed professional councilor was going to amend her practice to teach something she learned on television from @deray, I was concerned about it.

I tweeted her to inquire, and tweeted my local Congressman.  Congressman Costas and just slightly to the east of me, Congressman Devin Nunes.

Apparently in Asher land contacting your representatives on Twitter is done to “intimidate.”

Incidentailly I believe the congressmen are democrat and republican, respectively.



He surely didn’t ask me why I did it.  I did it because I was concerned with the efficacy of professional counseling by a licensee in the State of California.

Such harassment by serial liars and cyberbullies that you can’t even block is part of the reason twitter has the reputation it has.

They should clean up Twitter and start with getting rid of the obvious problem children, like Asher.

By the way, Asher doesn’t hold himself to the same apparent standard.  He researches people that tweet him.

Double standard much, Asher?


Empirekred Staff #NanceLarson Detests Liars….. Unless It’s Her Own Lies? #socialsales #socialmedia

Nance Larson, identified as “Staff” on the EmpireKred website, and former team leader says she detests liars.


Apparently what she does not detest is her own lies, and abuse of customers so severe that the CA DOJ opened an inquiry into abuse by the “goon squad” of a customer of Empire Avenue on Twitter.

Additionally, the San Francisco DA’s office twice opened files to help resolve the matter.

Nance Larson has a long history of lies, and even indicates she had no idea what “doxing” was at the time she participated in the attacks on a customer (included doxing, violent threats and non violent threats.





At that time Nance Larson had been previously gifted the “leaders” package, and was a Team Leader.

A team leader in charge of the marketing and other departments.





Gareth Davies was a leader in Empire Avenue, and remains a leader of EmpireKred.


As reported by Chris Voss of The Chris Voss Show, Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred):

Over 5 posts on my blogs I documented issues with Empire Avenue, from their rogue volunteers, running a “wall of shame” on Brands, attacking Brands reputations online, not answering complaints, having a “goon squad” of endorsed volunteers attacking customers who complained, refusing to discipline internally thereby encouraging more attacks on Brands, etc. What I witnessed was the worst travesty in the annals of customer service I have ever seen. After a month of private discussions with EA to change things, I went public. Only then did they begin to change, but the attacks on me and others grew by their “goon squad.” In the end, I went to EA’s Angel Investor and EA had to shut down its Chat Room and Chat Mod “goons squad.” EA shamelessly has never apologized or produced it damning chat logs as promised by their CEO. This is one of those posts, you can read the rest by Search in the upper right for ‘Empire.’ Don’t play EA or if you do save your REAL money.


Amazing the leaders of EmpireKred continue to abuse customers of Kred, EmpireKred’s parent company.

Nance Larson, staff at EmpireKred, does nothing to stop the abuse and retirbutive acts by their “goon squad”

For some reason, Keith Gill of the “goon squad” doesn’t accept consumer advocacy as a valid subject.


Concerned About the Horrible State of Internet #Marketing?

Keith Gill, AKA Digitalkeith, leader of EmpireKred, and the notorious Fresno Troll (I thought it was Charles Johnson) is given to random and false accusations and assertions on Twitter.



Given that I am not anonymous and Keith Gill has been moderated by cyberbullying, I’m sure everyone can see the lack of truth here.

Since he loves to engage in smears and falsehoods, let’s ask Keith some questions.

  1. Does he consider his moderated cyberbullying to arise to the level of criminality?
  2. Why did he engage in false advertising?
  3. Why didn’t he simply correct his article instead of engaging in a vicious campaign of trolling and cyberbullying?  Why persist in false advertising after the truth was known?
  4. Is he on crack?
  5. Is he on meth?
  6. Is he on SNAP?
  7. Is he on SSDI?
  8. Is he on welfare?
  9. Is he beating his wife?
  10. Why does he not respect consumer advocacy blogging?



#EmpireKred Leader So Abusive The CA DoJ And SF DA’s Office Opened Files

Do you wish to be a customer of a company Empire Avenue, now EmpireKred, whose current leaders have such a history of such blatant abuse of their fellow leaders (and customers) that their conduct is credited by the San Francisco District Attorney’s office with helping change Twitter’s abuse policy?

Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith, Leader of then Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) was so abusive on Twitter that the California Department of Justice and San Francisco District Attorney’s office opened inquiries into Twitter’s handling of the abuse.

Keith Gill is currently a corporate marketing manager for @avisolve.

If you’d like to be the customer of such a company give EmpireKred a try.

If you’re a normal person, and don’t wish to potentially be abused by people that have a history of doxing customers, issuing violent and non violent threats, trolling, and other harassment, pass on EmpireKred.

Empire Avenue refused to stop the abuse, and EmpireKred also indicates they will do nothing to stop abuse either.

According to Ethel Newlin of the San Francisco District Attorney’s office blogging helped change Twitter’s abuse policy.

This was further corraborated by Steven Krohn in a phone call to Ms. Newlin on 2/5/2015 one day after Twitter CEO Dick Costolo acknowledged they sucked at dealing with trolls and abuse.



In fact, the San Francisco DA’s office recommended a potential civil rights complaint if I chose to pursue litigation.

However, as I am out roughtly $100.00 – $115.00  (leaders package plus a month or so of bronze package) I feel warning consumers about who is at EmpireKred is a much more worthy exercise.

Mr. Gill, who thought corporations can do whatever they want to customers, apparently was surprised by response from attorney Mitch Jackson.





Bullies Changed Policy



653014 Letter DOJ REdacted 12302914 letter DOJ redacted Ethel Newlin 1122015 Ethel Newlin 2032015 Ethel Newlin 11062014

Bullies Changed Policy


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Twitter @Policy @safety @Jack Stand Against Abuse? #cybersecurity #socialmedia

With more customers of EmpireKred noting the cyberbullying they have witnessed on the website Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith, leader at EmpireKred, is fighting a desperate battle to bully and intimidate poeple out of telling the truth about EmpireKred.

Sadly for Keith Gill the “goon squad” is well documented and their activities conducted largely in the open for several years on Twitter.

According to Ethel Newlin of the San Francisco DA’s office blogging was part of helping change Twitter’s policy regarding abuse.

Despite this, Keith Gill continues to attack people who speak truth about EmpireKred.


We know how Keith Gill acts, he has been moderated by Instagram for cyberbullying, and has visited this blog in an act of open intimidation.

It’s sad that EmpireKred simply doesn’t fix their abuse problem, but warning customers and consumers of the “goon squad’ is perfectly reasonable given the circumstances.

According to Vijaya Gadde, General Council of Twitter,

This is, to put it mildly, not good enough. Freedom of expression means little as our underlying philosophy if we continue to allow voices to be silenced because they are afraid to speak up. We need to do a better job combating abuse without chilling or silencing speech.


Why is Keith Gill of the “goon squad” free to intimidate people concerned about cyberbullying and online safety?



Why are threats such as below tolerated?


Bullies Changed Policy




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Dups Wijayawardhana Legacy As CEO of Empire Avenue? A “Nightmare” Of His Own Making

Being a customer of Empire Avenue was a nightmare for a lot of people.

According to Alan Gray of NEwsblaze, Empire Avenue had the second worst customer service in his time on the internet.




That’s a deathknell for a small startup that refuses to protect their customers from their own “goon squad.”

Towards the end of Dups time at Empire Avenue, even answering basic customer service inquiries became a bridge to far for Dups.

With a “goon squad” as reported by Chris Voss of The Chris Voss Show, certain customers (later leaders) being able to viciously attack other customers at will, with no protection from those in authority at Empire Avenue, it’s clear that Dups gave no concern to customer service issues, nor safety or cybersecurity issues.

From doxing customers to violent and non violent threats, cyberbullying and intimidation the “Goon squad” does it all.

One legacy Dups has is that his “goon squad” helped change Twitter’s abuse policy.

We would like to cordially thanks Dups Wijayawardhana for being such a horrible CEO that his companies “goon squad” helped change Twitter’s abuse policy.

Thank you Dups.

There is a silver lining in every “goon squad” cloud.

However, according to reports, Dups remains a consultant for PeopleBrowsr, aka Kred, owner of EmpireKred.

The “goon squad” remain leaders (at least) at EmpireKred, able to at least attempt to “goon” it up against unwary consumers.

Gareth Davies is perhaps the single most abusive predatorial person I have encountered on the internet.

Next to him, the next most vicious are Nance Larson and the rest of the “goon squad.”



Why Does #EmpireKred, A #Socialmedia Company, Have Anti-social Leaders?

According to one well placed source at EmpireKred ( A leader),

These animals are driving average user away surely

With perhaps,

I think 150-200 unique users a day max

Of course another 200-300 run buys on avenue.io but that could hardly be described as “active”

Why does a gaming company, whose leaders activities on twitter triggered a CA DoJ investigation into Twitter (and the SF DA’s office twice opened files) not take responsiblity for the obvious assault on their own customers, which violates their own Terms of Service, at least, and resulting loss of business to themselves?




No, EmpireKred doesn’t direct social media posts by other players, but they can and should enforce their Terms of Service to protect customers attacked by these vicious “goon squad” types, Chris Sandys, Gareth Davies, Nance Larson and Keith Gill.

From EmpireKred’s Terms of Service:




As a current customer of Kred’s, which owns EmpireKred, I am subject to continued harassment and abuse by DigitalKeith, who seems to think he can bully me out of consumer affairs blogging.

Keith Gill is a direct affront to freedom of speech and American values.  I’m surprised he’s welcome at EmpireKred.


Obviously when a company sells a product that allows customers to run the company, that is simply not a “player”.

They become what Empire Avenue sold, Leaders who help run the company.

EmpireKred can deny any association with the prior company, however what the customers bought prior to EmpireKred taking over is clear.

Personally I think it’s Lynn O’Connell on the “support” desk in any case.

Or whoever it is is just a mindless parrot shoveling the same drivel that’s been said since they sold “Leaders” then tried to state the leadership isn’t what they sold in the EAV Leaders community (Richard Townsend, Brand Manager Admin, approximately 5/2014 in a thread opened by Chris Voss.)

Why anyone would want to be a customer of a company with a “goon squad” that disregards their own Terms of Service and allows some customers (and after 4/2014, Leaders) to viciously attack other customers with threats, doxing, harassment and intimidation is quite beyond me.

Chris Sandys *@usafa_93) is exemplary of the “goon squad.”

Given to false accusations (seemingly hysterical) in order to try to keep the abuse of customers “off the record”, it’s clear he damages EmpireKred’s potential future business.

Mr. Sandys has been warned by Twitter for non violent threats and seems to be not concerned at all about tremendous physical abuse by Ray Rice, of his spouse.

Why didn’t Empire Avenue simply stop the abuse of customers by Gareth Davies and others?

  Chris Sandys Off the record

Chris Sandys No More Camping TripsChris Sandys Meat Puppet

I think Chris Sandys has been hitting the sauce a bit hard, or sniffing to much funny powder, perhaps?

The woefully ill prepared Mr. Sandys has now taken to attempting to debate law with an extraordinarily well qualified lawyer on Twitter.

The lawyer won’t engage, as he knows what a Troll is, and teaches others how to avoid them.

Popcorn, anyone?  It’s uneventful theatre, however.


Twitter however isn’t a social media neophyte, like Chris Sandys, and realizes the impact on their bottom line and changed their policy after Dick Costolo, then CEO realized they sucked at preventing abuse.

Why is a neophyte Leader allowed to attack customers?

Twitter General Council Vijaya Gadde penned a Washing Post Op-Ed:

Twitter executive: Here’s how we’re trying to stop abuse while preserving free speech

“Twitter CEO: ‘We suck at dealing with abuse” 


Gareth Davies (@me_gareth) has been suspended by Twitter for tweeting a customer of Empire Avenue’s private information and violent threats.  Additionally he was warned for violent threats.

Gareth Davies has a long history of antisocial attacks on other customers of Empire Avenue’s, that were not stopped by Empire Avenue admins.

In fact, he boasts about being on a “rampage” and being hard to stop in the Empire Avenue forums.



Keith Gill (@digitalkeith) was moderated by Instagram for cyberbullying, and had his twitter account locked.

Nance Larson (@nancelarson), currently identified as “Staff” on the EmpireKred website participated in the doxing of a customer.

It’s clear there is a “goon squad” at EmpireKred, as first reported by Chris Voss, noted social media expert,

Empire Avenue Fail 5 post overview: Over 5 posts on my blogs I documented issues with Empire Avenue, from their rogue volunteers, running a “wall of shame” on Brands, attacking Brands reputations online, not answering complaints, having a “goon squad” of endorsed volunteers attacking customers who complained, refusing to discipline internally thereby encouraging more attacks on Brands, etc. What I witnessed was the worst travesty in the annals of customer service I have ever seen. After a month of private discussions with EA to change things, I went public. Only then did they begin to change, but the attacks on me and others grew by their “goon squad.” In the end, I went to EA’s Angel Investor and EA had to shut down its Chat Room and Chat Mod “goons squad.” EA shamelessly has never apologized or produced it damning chat logs as promised by their CEO. This is one of those posts, you can read the rest by Search in the upper right for ‘Empire.’ Don’t play EA or if you do save your REAL money.

A company is responsible for overseeing its reps and volunteers that are endorsed and sanctioned by the company, in making sure they are in line with a Company code of conduct. Let me ask you something, if you were to go into Walmart or Nordstoms, make a complaint with Customer Service would you expect or allow yourself to continually be attacked and bullied by their Company volunteer staff? Then over a month it continues and gets worse the more you complain? I’m warning everyone with no question to avoid Empire Avenue. If your Brand comes under the ire of one of their rogue Chat Mods, Empire Avenue can’t protect the bashing of your Brand and doesn’t seem to care in my opinion. I’m telling people to run from this company, keep your money or ask for a refund. This is a perfect example of a social media fail everyone should be blogging about and making lesson plans on!


Bullies Changed Policy