$TWTR @Safety Consultant @Randileeharper Propagates ISIS, @Jack is “Consciously Failing” To Fight Terror

The United Kingdom Home Affairs Committee published a report arguing that¬†social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are “consciously failing” to combat the use of their sites to promote terrorism and killings,

In Twitter’s case this is undoubtedly true as Randi Lee Harper, allegedly an internet abuse expert, propagated ISIS on twitter.

Ms Harper has contacts with Twitter Safety (thought to be @Delbius) and openly boasts of being able to make queries of twitter and has openly violated consumers privacy in the past.


In a shocking display, Ms. Harper tweeted (tweets still live) an information dump of ISIS propaganda.


@Jack has tweeted with @Randileeharper, indicating that he takes her advice on “safety” seriously.


Jack responded to Randi Lee Harper after journalist Kara Swisher (running for San Francisco Mayor) tweeted Randi Lee Harper’s Medium article to @Jack for review.

Vocative has reported that ISIS has been growing at least as fast as Twitter has been suspending accounts, no doubt in large part to Randi Lee Harper’s propagating ISIS materials and Jack’s conscious disregard of safety for all of Twitter’s customers.

In fact, Twitter’s customers actually fight ISIS on twitter, with @Jack and @support frequently suspending accounts actively trying to aid the US & UK in the fight against terrorism.

I often wonder why it is that @Jack has such callous disregard for the safety of his consumers, even as Islamists openly declare Presidential candidate Donald Trump their enemy and solicit hitmen.


As for Randi Lee Harper, her motivation is clear. ¬†To “burn down” Twitter.

And she has, however @Jack seems complicit in the burning of national security and twitter investors.

Not to mention consumers whose safety is compromised by alleged expert Randi Lee Harper.


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Why Does @Jack @Vijaya Allow Targeted Abuse Mobs To Flourish on $TWTR? #socialmedia #custserv

One thing that should be clear is that @jack does not have a commitment to his customers safety, privacy or ability to communicate freely on twitter.

Brianna Wu, (@spacekatgal) runs a 50,000 strong targeted abuse mob that she knowingly uses to attack twitter consumers.


Imagine the temerity of these people.  Discussing whether Eddie Izzard, a celebrity and public person, should be barred from commenting on transgender issues.

Clearly these people do not respect freespeech, commentary, satire and news, yet @jack allows them to habitually attack his consumers.

The #beyhive of @beyonce functions in much the same way.   Launching attacks  coordinated off their own forums and attacking Twitter consumers in droves.

Simply google “beyhive” to see. ¬†The news media is very kind and documents their actions.



The Ringer documented the Beyhive in an article entitled, “Inside The Beyhive” on June 3, 2016.



However @jack allows the beyhive to function as well.

What SEEMS to bother Jack is not that abuse on twitter exists and is rampant but an “uptick” in abuse.

The Verge wrote about journalist Milo Yiannopoulis on July 19, 2016,

Over the past 48 hours in particular, we’ve seen an uptick in the number of accounts violating these policies and have taken enforcement actions against these accounts, ranging from warnings that also require the deletion of Tweets violating our policies to permanent suspension.”


Notice the artful phrasing of “uptick.” ¬†That is because Jack and Twitter tacitly condone attacks by SOME empowered abusers on twitter.

Twitter should do the right thing and ban the actual abusers.

Abusers such as @Randileeharper, @Spacekatgal, @glinner & @2dammuslim.

Abusers that target journalists in coordinated attacks and boast about it openly on Twitter.


Strangely enough, @2dammuslim has taken to deleting tweets.

Though the archives of the 3 below tweet s exist.  The original twitter URL is presented.


The archive of Glinner’s tagging in @2dammuslim to attack journalist @ninjaeconomics contains Mr. Muslim’s response.




Here Randi Lee Harper tags in @popehat and @2dammuslim because Mr. Kern (@grummz) is himself a lawyer.


And @Jack should actually stop the abusive of professional journalists such as Kristen V Brown and Kassy Dillon.


Bit of advice for Vijaya Gadde. ¬†No, it’s not just you. ¬†But you do fuck yourselves, consumers, investors, advertisers and businesses with your openly hostile to consumers policies.


I personally never read any tweets by Mr. Yiannopoulis urging his followers to attack anyone.

I read them all the time from people like Brianna Wu (@spacekatgal), Martin Linehan (@glinner), Randi Lee Harper (@randileeharper) and Boner Poopman AKA Mr. Muslim (@2dammuslim.)

Oh yes, the targeted abuse mobs includes close coordination with media such as Jesse Singal, editor for NY Mag.



Actually Jesse Singal actively participates in the cyberbullying.


Community, Police And Positive Justice. Captain @CaptainRose of @SandySprings_PD. @FultonSheriff

To my way of thinking Law Enforcement has somewhat lost the meaning of the law for the pure enforcement.

“The problem with the law is that it has been argued in insurance offices.” ¬†~ ¬†Lenny Bruce

I was lucky enough to come across the stories told by now Captain Steve Rose of Sandy Springs Police Department.

The Captain spent his early years in the area of metro Atlanta known as Buckhead working private security at what must have been one of the funnest party areas in the South, if not the United States.

During that time he worked for Fulton County Police Department.

From reading his stories, which are wildly entertaining you learn that he frequently didn’t arrest people who nowadays might be routinely run in as they had suffered enough from their own stupidity & resulting battle wounds.

And that, is what I call justice.

If the bar fighter is standing before you with the busted nose and a bar tab, does running him in help? ¬†Probably not. ¬†He’s lost enough right there.

That’s not to say the Captain didnt arrest anyone, certainly he did. ¬†And he advanced through a wonderful career in law enforcement.

But he had a human touch, and wasn’t out to do injustice. ¬†He delivered fairness.

And we need more of that now.

I had the joy of visiting Atlanta in 1991 and 1992 and visited many of the same places the Captain writes about, including the American Pie.

And I know that if God forbid we’d of been dragged into a fight, we’d of looked for a police officer to cut us a break.

And I think the Captain would have.

I was working executive security for the Fulton County chairman’s office and spent all of the Olympics on the road going to events, then dinner, then cigars, then late-night private clubs. It was an exhausting two weeks but I rubbed elbows with movie stars, athletes, and a cigar with Jack Nicholson. All of that centered around Buckhead.

Thank you, Captain.

There’s a book in this.

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Capt. Steve Rose: popular crime blotters to continue




New $TWTR Competitor Andrew Torba of GAB.AI Displays #CustServ For The Ages

Last night I had the pleasure of tweeting with Andrew Torba (@torbahax), CEO of new Twitter competitor, GAB.AI.

Mr. Torba has started Gab to be a direct competitor to Twitter.

Already his service displays far more customer service and business sense than Twitter ever did, at least as far as I am concerned.


I’m @Verified.





The abuse that @Jack and twitter actually condone is shown in their own use of @Verified.

They have verified Randi Lee Harper, who has a MASSIVE history of openly abusing Twitter consumers and Brianna Wu, who knowingly leads a 50,000 strong targeted abuse mob.


So while @jack and Twitter enshrine abuse in @Verified status, Gab.Ai presents a new and growing competitor.

I can’t say that I am shocked that @jack enshrines abuse, they have a massive abuse problem as Vijaya Gadde wrote in her WAPO editorial.

It’s just that Twitter ALLOWS abuse by chosen people. ¬†Tolerates it, condones it, tacitly approves of it.

After all, Randi Lee Harper has met with @safety.


Check it out.  Invites to the closed beta are going out.

@Twitter and @jack of course denied my request for verification. ¬†I think they prefer I’m dead at this point. ¬†They are really out of control, even CIA testifies in Congress about how awful they are.

That kind of environment doesn’t happen by accident. ¬†It’s intentional.



Dear @Jack @Support, I would like to report @teamgb for targeted abuse of a UK and $TWTR

Dear Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde, Esq,.

Team Great Britain (@teamgb) has threatened to sue their own countrymen for using your service.

Given your fiduciary duty to protect your investors (which I don’t think you discharge very well), I thought you should know about the Orwellian heavy handedness being exhibited by the United Nations Olympic team.

Can you believe a national Olympic team would threaten to sue their own countrymen for retweeting their tweets?

Given that @teamgb INVITED people to retweet, it seems quite extraordinary.


In fact I would say that @teamgb has waived any right to sue by inviting retweets and is estopped from suing.

Trying to claim that a RT is a tort is insanity in any case in my non lawyer opinion.

This obviously destroys the very business model of Twitter itself if one can prevent another from using core twitter functionality through threats of lawsuits.

Should a national team threaten sue at all, in any case?

Should @ukhomeoffice be ashamed that their Olympics team threatened UK citizens?

Will you take steps to protect your consumers from such heavy handed abuse?

Or is destroying twitter functionality via legal intimidation OK if it matches Jack Dorsey’s personal politics?

Dude - Copy

In Which I Appropriate Culture, And Eat A @Burgerking Whopperito. @Jack Remains a Burro. $TWTR

It’s always odd to me to receive hate on Twitter for ‘cultural appropriation” or be called a racist simply for being white.

It’s not entirely unusual, because hatred of people not from the big city of San Francisco or Hollywood being expressed just isn’t unusual to people in Fresno or the rest of the Central Valley.

And it’s why I know at his core Jack Dorsey is just a hater. ¬†And has no care for all of his customers, advertisers or any common sense. ¬†So he let’s the abuse pile down on people he doesn’t personally like.

We all know it. ¬†It’s past the point of him being able to deny it. ¬†It’s that obvious.

Since arriving in CA during the Dust Bowl, bigots in San Francisco have always attacked us, even as we live integrated lives with Hispanic and black family members in the Valley.

I digress.

Today Burger King announced the Whopperito.



So I hitched up the giddyup and moseyed on over to the local BK to try it out.

And it was actually good.

A huge burrito, with pickles. ¬†Basically it’s a whopper in a tortilla. ¬†So if you like Whopper’s, it’s a good deal.

And as for Jack Dorsey? ¬†He’s just a giant BURRO of a CEO.



Gab Takes Advantage of Lack of @Safety For Women With $TWTR #SocialMedia Alternative. @jack

Having blogged about abuse on Twitter I am saddened to report that a startup is seizing the opportunity to launch in the face of Twitter’s continuing abuse and censorship problem.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter has shockingly tweeted that conversations are to hard right now and there are hidden rules.

This is bizarre as Twitter itself is a social media & online communications company.

Of what use is a social media platform that one can’t communicate on?

Virtually none.



With professional journalists like Kassy Dillon suspended for using the same words Hollywood celebrities use, receiving threat  and Kristen V Brown receiving death threats it remains a wonder any woman feels safe on Twitter.




The alternative, Gab, is to start Beta testing on Monday.

Details will be available on Regated.



We continue to wish Jack Dorsey and Twitter the best and hope they can salvage what’s left of Twitter’s business and reputation.




Rock And Roll Is Dead! Long Live Rock And Roll! #socialmedia

The magical thing about living in a free society is that you can be the very change you wish for.

Have you heard that Rock & Roll is dead, but know that it’s out there, just not heavily promoted?

Write about it!  Give it airplay!  Make an app that plays it!  Find the youtube video and tweet it!

Use the power of the internet to do what could not be done anytime before in history!







Welcome to America, Ex Politician Now Journalist Expatriot Tory Louise Mensch!

We in America welcome immigrants from oppressed lands and certainly the UK fits in as a giant oppressive imperialist force from the past.

Having seen the Light of Liberty and come to New York we are certain you will fit right in with our country!


We welcome dreamers from around the world.

Why here in the Central Valley of CA we are a verititable immigrant paradise as we feed the nation.




We welcome you and are glad an ex Tory MP has grasped Freedom!


And…. Uh…

Louise we won our independence in a Civil War that we call the Revolutionary War.

You know, you taxed us, we rebelled, we kicked England’s ass out?

Ring any bells?

So freedom isn’t a gift.


Right. ¬†Glad that’s cleared up.

Ok, so, uhh…


Louise are you sure you want to call our country a moron?

This seems pretty harsh doesn’t it? ¬†God & Country to God and Moron?

I’m unsure why you would call the United States a moron. ¬†Are you SURE you want to be in America, Louise?


Approved for entry.



Edit:  Louise Mensch provides the following update:




‘Scuse me Governess. ¬†Was just rememberin’ that we serve God and Country not God and Mammon, Moron or Turd.

You swear an oath of loyalty to the Constitution and are supposed to disobey illegal orders.

Sadly that didn’t happen, especially in regards to torture, but it shouold happen that way.


#Gamergate Reimagined! Journalist Jesse Singal Tossed OUT By Randi Lee Harper

The “Gamergate” controversy has roiled twitter for coming up on 2 years.

Amazingly enough the most sustainably abusive person in Gamergate is Randi Lee Harper.

She’s managed to become an “anti abuse expert” while telling people to light themselves on fire, fuck off, “get fucked” in endless supply.

I can only imagine it’s because she has inside contacts with Twitter (@safety) and openly boasts about them.

Not only does she boast about them, she brags that she knows what is best for you whether you like it or not, and they can make these suggestions.

Often when I read through various accounts that are linked to Gamergate, however tenuously I cannot believe I am in America.

It’s Orewellian.

And it’s a high school soap opera once you realize that everyone on that page is a public person (at least now) and receives threats from the weirdos that inhabit the internet in endless amounts.

I myself have also received threats.

I funny understand that women perceive threats differently, but still some caution must be taken to make sure the threats are credible threats to yourself.

Quite frankly Randi Lee Harper openly advocates violence, hatred and is the most abusive person I have ever seen on the internet.

I have no idea why @Jack turned her and her mob loose on consumers.

They operate exactly as @Vijaya explained in her Washington Post Editorial, but they remain beyond moderation.

Soap Opera


What we have is Journalist Jesse Singal boarding the Revolution!  Sounds fun and why not?

Jesse Singal is a firm believe in “explain nothing” and that by explaining nothing social change is inevitable.

I cannot believe this man is a journalist.


As long as Jesse comes out on top, it’s all systems go!


And not so much, when enforcers are on the scene.

Jesse has a long history of being tossed out and gamely reboarding the ride.


Don’t cross the enforcers, or their friends.



So after warning Candace Owens not to write about Zoe Quinn and Randi Lee Harper, Jesse went ahead and wrote his hit piece.

No single person is more important that the Revolution!



And the lynch mob that Randi Lee Harper command set in.  As Jesse knew it would.

The “Lynchmob” (racist reference) of course operates exactly how Vijaya Gadde wrote in her Washington Post Op Ed, but if you are Randi, the Terms of Service seems to be inoperative.


This of course STILL offended Katherine Cross.

Gonna have to blame Jesse again, because there’s just not a convenient person about!


And thus Jesse ends up being the target du jour.


Like so many others.




What remains a mystery to me is why Katherine Cross is silent about Randi Lee Harper silencing LGBT on Twitter?

Or why she is silent about Jennifer J. Medina targeting LGBT for Randi to block, intimidate or harass?

If anyone has seen her respond to this publically I’d sure like to see it.


PS: I cannot WAIT for what Dick Costolo comes up on his tv show!