The Care And Feeding Of Interns #humor #satire

Sadly an intern was shitcanned for attacking an interview subject rather than simply complete the interview assigned last August.

He’s a major detriment to any organization and is best avoided.

Typically interns that trigger on twitter and cause harm to professional relationships being developed should not be tolerated.

There was hope the intern would stop being crazy, but he simply insisted on attacking the professional credibility of a major recording artist.

Given that was not his assignment, such acts could not be tolerated.

If you choose not to shitcan your dumbass intern the following steps are recommended in order to rectify the situation.

We present the Top 10 list of ways to correct interns behavior.

10.  Put him in charge of Rocky Mountain Oyster production in Sparks, Nevada.

9.  Put him in charge of inseminating cows at a large dairy in North Dakota.

8.  Appoint him as chief STD technician at a Tijuana health clinic.

7.  Have him admitted to Masters & Johnson Institute for for study of asexuality.

6.  Give him to a motorcycle gang as “gimp.”

5.  Donate his heads to science.  While he is alive.

4.  Appoint him Grand Marshall of the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade.

3.  Have him spell check by hand every article ever written.

2.  3. Make him run backwards through a corn field filled with chiggers.

1.   Have Donald Trump fire him.




Tim Fargo (@alphabetsuccess) Diversifies Tweet Jukebox Into Social Jukebox, Adds Networks #socialmedia

Tim Fargo (@alphabetsucccess) announced plans to upgrade and diversify Tweet Jukebox with addition of new features and social media networks  (Facebook, Linked.In ) and a name change.

Tim explained the changes in a goodbye email.  But it’s not really a goodbye, it’s growth, change and a new, expanded direction that will diversify your social media and grow your audience.

Sign up at

Tim’s a good guy and I hope you all take a look and give it a chance as part of your social media strategy.




Jamal Omar: Classic Degenerate in the Finest American Sense

Jamal Omar is a degenerate.  An awful free thinking degenerate.  A virtual hippie.

He should be banned in Boston and not allowed in Peoria.

How bad is Jamal?  Bad.

Here’s the Top 10 list of BAD things Jamal has allegedly done (I made none of them up.  These are all real.  Trust me.)

10.  Litters on American highways.

9.  Invented the Hillary Clinton douche after watching Old Faithful erupt at Yellowstone.

8.  Spray painted MAGA on Abraham Lincoln’s nose in green at Mount Rushmore.

7.  Had an orgy with 73 South Dakota coeds in the snow.

6.  Takes multiple mulligans on the golf course.

5.  Tipped an uber driver with investment advice.

4.  Groped the North Dakota governor on the golf course.

3.  Refuses to wear coats during winter.  Or pants.

2.  Failed to open the door for a woman once.

1.  Supports Donald Trump.



Why Does @Jack and Twitter Play Favorites in Targeted Abuse Cases? #custserv #cybersecurity $TWTR

It’s beyond a given that Jack and Twitter allow abuse of a huge portion of their own customer base.

Journalists Kristen V Brown and Kassy Dillon have routinely received death threats with inaction by @support.

The only question now is why.

The answer seems to be politics, as even Jack shyly demured when an interviewer noted that his politics were pretty clear.  (21:04).


Model Kate Upton came under massive attack after being targeted by Roland Martin for daring to express her opinion bout Colin Kaepernick’s flag protest.


I do not believe Ms. Upton joined twitter to be condescended to or ordered about by Mr. Martin.


And yet @jack has not DM’d Kate Upton to render assistance as she is on her third day of targeted abuse by black lives matters advocates.

This after leaping to the defense of actress Leslie Jones after she tweeted racist and colorist tweets for years.


The misogyny and hatred is in tremendous volume with no sign of slowing down.

Everybody knows how it works, anticipates it.




These are but a small sampling of the abuse heaped on some, with inaction by @jack and @support.

That abuse heaped on Kate Upton directly contradict what Twitter General Council Vijaya Gadde wrote in her Washington Post Op Ed of 4/16/2015.

I’m often inspired by the vigorous debates on controversial issues that occur on Twitter, but I’ve also been seriously troubled by the plight of some of our users who are completely overwhelmed by those who are trying to silence healthy discourse in the name of free expression. At times, this takes the form of hateful speech in tweets directed at women or minority groups; at others, it takes the form of threats aimed to intimidate those who take a stand on issues. These users often hide behind the veil of anonymity on Twitter and create multiple accounts expressly for the purpose of intimidating and silencing people. We have seen this type of behavior time and time again, including during GamerGate and other incidents involving both public figures and other individuals, so we are changing our approach to this problem, in some ways that won’t be readily apparent and in others that will be.


It’s clear Twitter does not enforce their terms of service and safety policy in a coherent, unbiased manner.



Breitbart Tech Journalist Mike Ma Ambushed by Mystical Ninja in New York.

Mike Ma, entrepid journalist and Vine Star, was ambushed by a homeless ronin ninja wielding a vast array of weaponry.

Thinking quickly, Mike Ma assumed the classic Dragon stance and took out the homeless man with a vicious kick to the balls.



The Governor of New York called out the national guard and locked down New York after evacuating Mike to Yonkers.

Mike celebrated with a classic victory pose from the hospital bed.




His extensive facial reconstruction was a long surgery, fraught with peril.

Mike is pictured in the intensive care unit after being airlifted to Stanford.



Sadly Mike’s lovely wife remarried before hearing the news Mike survived.

She is honeymooning in Trump Tower.


Open Letter to @Jack @Vijaya & @Torbahax, CEO of @Getongab. #custserv

I support Gab.  Openly.  Presently without reservation.

This unreserved support is after blogging about abuse on twitter since 5/2014 after noting abuse of others that was transferred to myself as I resolved to write about the abuse I was witnessing.

Believe me, it is with no joy that I write about Twitter in what Jack Dorsey and some at Twitter must consider to be in negative fashion.

Yet it is only done to help Twitter fix their own acknowledged problems as Jack Dorsey struggles to balance free speech and abuse policy.

I never in a million years would have thought that I would have been doxed, repeatedly threatened and cyber bullied by the same people for nearly a year on end, & Twitter would not only do NOTHING, but would censor and suspend me for telling the truth of the massive abuse I was witnessing and receiving.

Yet this is what happened.

The abuse was so pervasive I had to file a complaint with the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, which has local jurisdiction over Twitter, and the CA Department of Justice.

Both opened files, The San Francisco District Attorney’s office did, twice.

This is a matter of public record.

Yet the abuse that is so prevalent simply continues to journalists such as Kassy Dillon and Kristen V Brown, amongst countless others.

It is beyond strange to me that Twitter and Jack Dorsey allow ISIS to proliferate and be propagated by their own safety consultant, Randi Lee Harper, to the point that the CIA director testifies that Jack is disappointing and the UK Home Office committee writes that Twitter is ‘consciously failing’ to fight ISIS online.

This even as a Twitter safety consultant openly propagates ISIS materials.


It is beyond strange to me that Black Lives Matter can be identified and called a radical domestic hate group yet Jack allows Deray to target Milwaukee and call for Cameron Newton to be harassed by telephone with Jack and twitter taking no action.

It is beyond strange to me that Kassy Dillon and Kristen V Brown can receive multiple death threats without titter acting.

It is as if Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde consciously disregard the safety of anyone they so choose, and due to immunity under CDA 230 96 they do as they please, and dare you to sue.

You would actually most likely lose any lawsuit, as Jack has congressionally granted  immunity.

I firmly believe that this congressionally granted immunity has created a monster of callousness in Jack Dorsey and Twitter.  A complete and utter disregard for the physical safety of their consumers.

As a consequence of this blogging, not only has Twitter @support apparently begun to view me as a trusted resource as they respond to my 3rd party reports.

This despite Randi Lee Harper, trusted safety consultant, tweeting that twitter does notrespond to third party reports.


They do provide feedback, and have, to me.

The feedback from @support has furthered the knowledge of twitter’s bias against certain users and the systemic bias against conservative customers.

It is patently obvious that to be conservative is to be prejudged according to horrific SJW rhetoric as racist, and every other insult they can hurt, and Jack Dorsey simply accepts that as truth.

Unfortunately the lies told about me by others, including that I control a massive bot army and plan to murder people are NEVER moderated by Twitter.

It is beyond astonishing to me that McCarthyist accusations of criminal evidence can be hurled without evidence and as if the people making the accusations are mind readers.

To Twitter, Truth is the enemy, and lies and liars are their friends and confidantes.

This to my sorrow has damaged personal friendships that I value.

I can only hope that my friends realize that what I do has a purpose and it is to help correct what I see as open, systemic abuse of people around the world by an openly abusive and dare I say hateful, corporation named Twitter.

Despite never threatening a soul, and being placed on the ISIS blocklist (instead of adequately fighting ISIS, Jack and @support suspended the account that let people know they were blocked) the threats, bullying and intimidation continue.

I can only assume Jack Dorsey hates a significant portion of his own customers and also intends to stay the course.

This opinion is based on observations of Twitter’s stated policy, actual reality and observed threats and inaction by Twitter.

At this point I am astonished Jack Dorsey still has a job, and that he dares show his face in public.


The Hatred & Disdain of @HillaryClinton For America Is On Full Display On $TWTR

The “Alt right” is not a group.

There are no meetings, sign up forms, secret handshakes, etc.

Yet Hillary, herself a national security threat due to her ignorance of and disdain for rule of law and cybersecurity sees fit to label a significant portion of America as a “hate movement.”


Astoundingly she ignores her own ties to the KKK, both in her love for former Senator Robert Byrd, and the open endoresement given to her by current Grand Dragon of the KKK, Will Quigg.

The genesis of the “alt right” actually started in the late 1990’s with the labeling of what used to be Top 40 music, ie rock, pop punk, as “alternative” and Hip Hop and Disney Pop taking over the Top 40 airwaves.

Current Democrats rhetoric has simply ridden that shift in sentiment as exhibited by former GOP and current Democrats advocate Brianna Wu, herself a leader of a targeted abuse mob on Twitter.


I am not sure who appointed Brianna Wu as guardian of what’s appropriate to say, but she clearly attacks people she wants to, knowingly, with Jack Dorsey’s tacit ok and endorsement.

Clearly Twitter itself has been weaponized to attack anyone that is not a Democrat (and even Democrats will be targeted by the targeted abuse mob led by Brianna Wu, and her compatriot Randi Lee Harper if they decide to.)


Ms. Wu, who is bills herself as the “ISIS of Feminism” believes she and 4 other feminsits are changing the future of the world.

Even as she finds women in movies offensive.

Her opinion is at best bizarre, or reflected in her upbringing in a cultish family in Mississippi.

Essentially Jack Dorsey has turned Twitter over to abusers.


Randi Lee Harper has herself propagated ISIS on twitter, and has her own targeted abuse mob that responds to her commands, as Jack Dosey consciously fails to fight terrorism according to the UK’s Home Affairs Committee.

All in all, Hillary Clinton, Jack Dorsey and their band of hateful mob abusers exemplified by Brianna Wu, Randi Lee Harper and Zoe Quinn hate a significant portion of American citizens and are given a platform to abuse people on Twitter and social media.




$TWTR @Safety Consultant @Randileeharper Propagates ISIS, @Jack is “Consciously Failing” To Fight Terror

The United Kingdom Home Affairs Committee published a report arguing that social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are “consciously failing” to combat the use of their sites to promote terrorism and killings,

In Twitter’s case this is undoubtedly true as Randi Lee Harper, allegedly an internet abuse expert, propagated ISIS on twitter.

Ms Harper has contacts with Twitter Safety (thought to be @Delbius) and openly boasts of being able to make queries of twitter and has openly violated consumers privacy in the past.


In a shocking display, Ms. Harper tweeted (tweets still live) an information dump of ISIS propaganda.


@Jack has tweeted with @Randileeharper, indicating that he takes her advice on “safety” seriously.


Jack responded to Randi Lee Harper after journalist Kara Swisher (running for San Francisco Mayor) tweeted Randi Lee Harper’s Medium article to @Jack for review.

Vocative has reported that ISIS has been growing at least as fast as Twitter has been suspending accounts, no doubt in large part to Randi Lee Harper’s propagating ISIS materials and Jack’s conscious disregard of safety for all of Twitter’s customers.

In fact, Twitter’s customers actually fight ISIS on twitter, with @Jack and @support frequently suspending accounts actively trying to aid the US & UK in the fight against terrorism.

I often wonder why it is that @Jack has such callous disregard for the safety of his consumers, even as Islamists openly declare Presidential candidate Donald Trump their enemy and solicit hitmen.


As for Randi Lee Harper, her motivation is clear.  To “burn down” Twitter.

And she has, however @Jack seems complicit in the burning of national security and twitter investors.

Not to mention consumers whose safety is compromised by alleged expert Randi Lee Harper.


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Why Does @Jack @Vijaya Allow Targeted Abuse Mobs To Flourish on $TWTR? #socialmedia #custserv

One thing that should be clear is that @jack does not have a commitment to his customers safety, privacy or ability to communicate freely on twitter.

Brianna Wu, (@spacekatgal) runs a 50,000 strong targeted abuse mob that she knowingly uses to attack twitter consumers.


Imagine the temerity of these people.  Discussing whether Eddie Izzard, a celebrity and public person, should be barred from commenting on transgender issues.

Clearly these people do not respect freespeech, commentary, satire and news, yet @jack allows them to habitually attack his consumers.

The #beyhive of @beyonce functions in much the same way.   Launching attacks  coordinated off their own forums and attacking Twitter consumers in droves.

Simply google “beyhive” to see.  The news media is very kind and documents their actions.



The Ringer documented the Beyhive in an article entitled, “Inside The Beyhive” on June 3, 2016.



However @jack allows the beyhive to function as well.

What SEEMS to bother Jack is not that abuse on twitter exists and is rampant but an “uptick” in abuse.

The Verge wrote about journalist Milo Yiannopoulis on July 19, 2016,

Over the past 48 hours in particular, we’ve seen an uptick in the number of accounts violating these policies and have taken enforcement actions against these accounts, ranging from warnings that also require the deletion of Tweets violating our policies to permanent suspension.”


Notice the artful phrasing of “uptick.”  That is because Jack and Twitter tacitly condone attacks by SOME empowered abusers on twitter.

Twitter should do the right thing and ban the actual abusers.

Abusers such as @Randileeharper, @Spacekatgal, @glinner & @2dammuslim.

Abusers that target journalists in coordinated attacks and boast about it openly on Twitter.


Strangely enough, @2dammuslim has taken to deleting tweets.

Though the archives of the 3 below tweet s exist.  The original twitter URL is presented.


The archive of Glinner’s tagging in @2dammuslim to attack journalist @ninjaeconomics contains Mr. Muslim’s response.




Here Randi Lee Harper tags in @popehat and @2dammuslim because Mr. Kern (@grummz) is himself a lawyer.


And @Jack should actually stop the abusive of professional journalists such as Kristen V Brown and Kassy Dillon.


Bit of advice for Vijaya Gadde.  No, it’s not just you.  But you do fuck yourselves, consumers, investors, advertisers and businesses with your openly hostile to consumers policies.


I personally never read any tweets by Mr. Yiannopoulis urging his followers to attack anyone.

I read them all the time from people like Brianna Wu (@spacekatgal), Martin Linehan (@glinner), Randi Lee Harper (@randileeharper) and Boner Poopman AKA Mr. Muslim (@2dammuslim.)

Oh yes, the targeted abuse mobs includes close coordination with media such as Jesse Singal, editor for NY Mag.



Actually Jesse Singal actively participates in the cyberbullying.


Community, Police And Positive Justice. Captain @CaptainRose of @SandySprings_PD. @FultonSheriff

To my way of thinking Law Enforcement has somewhat lost the meaning of the law for the pure enforcement.

“The problem with the law is that it has been argued in insurance offices.”  ~  Lenny Bruce

I was lucky enough to come across the stories told by now Captain Steve Rose of Sandy Springs Police Department.

The Captain spent his early years in the area of metro Atlanta known as Buckhead working private security at what must have been one of the funnest party areas in the South, if not the United States.

During that time he worked for Fulton County Police Department.

From reading his stories, which are wildly entertaining you learn that he frequently didn’t arrest people who nowadays might be routinely run in as they had suffered enough from their own stupidity & resulting battle wounds.

And that, is what I call justice.

If the bar fighter is standing before you with the busted nose and a bar tab, does running him in help?  Probably not.  He’s lost enough right there.

That’s not to say the Captain didnt arrest anyone, certainly he did.  And he advanced through a wonderful career in law enforcement.

But he had a human touch, and wasn’t out to do injustice.  He delivered fairness.

And we need more of that now.

I had the joy of visiting Atlanta in 1991 and 1992 and visited many of the same places the Captain writes about, including the American Pie.

And I know that if God forbid we’d of been dragged into a fight, we’d of looked for a police officer to cut us a break.

And I think the Captain would have.

I was working executive security for the Fulton County chairman’s office and spent all of the Olympics on the road going to events, then dinner, then cigars, then late-night private clubs. It was an exhausting two weeks but I rubbed elbows with movie stars, athletes, and a cigar with Jack Nicholson. All of that centered around Buckhead.

Thank you, Captain.

There’s a book in this.

For Further Reading:

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