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Don’t Spend Another Dollar On Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike is a darwinian base builder and combat game promoted by Arnold Schwarzenegger and developed by Machine Zone subsidiary, Epic War, LLC.

The game is overrun by pack loaders and griefers and we cannot recommend any purchases made in application until the developer takes steps to curb the rampant abuse.

One state in particular, state 635 HOCA, is run by an alliance thqat itself exploits the game and other legitimate consumers with a known pack loader selling in game to players in their alliance.

His full customer list is unknown, however the Alliance leader and current Head of State plainly is aware that the “pack loading” is occuring and ignores it.

The game is basically a cash grab.  Rather than deal with the fraud and abuse the developer opens new “states” with players drawn into new areas and segregated away from the older states.

As states develop and grow the pack loaders and griefers proliferate and gradually the states are driven to low population and then the developer opens news states.

The developer doesn’t go back and balance combat or deal with the corruption in the old states, that is left to the players.

However the combat is unbalanced by people who purchase from hackers, ie “pack loaders” who sell deeply discounted hacked in game upgrades.

Machine Zone is based on Palo Alto, CA, so we are unsure how long this corruption will last if it comes to the attention of regulators, but for now we recommend no one play nor make purchases in Mobile Strike.

The in game corruption, combined with rampant abuse of players with inadequate safety and privacy safeguards makes this game unsafe at any speed.

We contacted Mobilke Strike via email and received this response:

(Game of War is by same developer and same engine as Mobile Strike.  The game has the same issues and this player who  made this pack loader video plays both games.)


Governor Schwarzenegger’s Game “Mobile Strike” Is A Griefer’s Paradise. Caveat Emptor.

Mobile Strike is a smart phone game available on Apple and Google and promoted by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The game, a basic base builder wargame with limited combat options damages itself with an out of control gold purchasing (in Application) economy and powerful guild alliances that seem to be maximum level that simply grief lower level guilds.

While you seemingly can partake in individual combat without coming to the notice of the larger guilds, once you join a small group of players players from these MASSIVE guilds teleport to scout (untracable teleports) and attack you.

If you try to put up a fight, more and more player teleport in, and simply swamp you.  They can position right on top of you with ready reinforcements and willingness to attack guilds with players (a self imposed rule by one game is level 14 or above is ok to attack) with massively powered guild members attacking targets they are 8, 10 or more levels higher than.

How large are these guilds?

Apparently of 300 players or more in a super Guild Alliance that rules the individual “state” (with state to state warfare possible) through massive expenditures of time (simply clicking what you buy actually takes time) and money (the game quickly pushes $99.00 purchases to level up.)

The ads flash on the main screen and are promoted every time you log in or the smart phone wakes up from sleep mode.

This is one such example.

The game starts off relatively slow, and with a $4.99 and a $19.99 purchase seems fun as you gain small but material advantages over local bases and can win combat missions.

But the game is swamped with $99.00 package offers, billion and trillion point sales (when you are being give in game 300 point “gifts” by the system) and continuous advertising to purchase those packages to get “legendary” equipment and necessary to compete upgrades.

The game sells 5,000 day “speed up” packages (otherwise you wait 5,000 days for one simple upgrade in a game with thousands up upgrade possibilities) so you can see how purchasing packages is necessary to even play the game at a sufficient level to even advance.

What does a mega guild alliance look like?

One such alliance is in state 635.  (The game uses s (state), y, z locations) The alliance of B#R, B#R2 & A99* rules the state.

Located just southwest of what is the “state capital” the guild alliance “hive” is massive.

The location of the guild “hive” is S: 635 X:  252  Y:  470

Their leader, Big Bears, is located just south of the state control point easily reached by app by pressing the state capital button.


After about 2 weeks in game, and a $4.99 and $19.99 purchase I am seeing waits in the 30 days that necessitate use of a “speed up” item to complete construction otherwise that upgrade takes up 1 of the 2 slots I have available for those types of upgrades (research) for those number of days.

If not, don’t expect to take part in much beyond local small solo combat and building your own base at slower and slower rates until you realize the game only wants your cash, and not for you to have fun.

How to solve the griefer problem?  Teleport griefers that are a certain percentage of power above their targets out of the state.

First offense:  The guilds griefer gets a warning.
Second offense:  Griefer gets teleported out of state with no return.
Third offense:  Griefer and Guilds officers are teleported out of state with no return.
Fourth offense:  Guild alliance teleported to random states, broken up, with no return and no ability to reform.

Pick appropriate targets and have fun.  Don’t grief noobs because you can.

I realize that selling gold in game became necessary because farmers in MMO’s figured out how to farm and sell gold out of game for their own profit.

However this game has gone completely the opposite way with it, and it destroys the playability at fun at sufficient level when noobs would want to join guilds to have small competitive wars with other like sized and powered guilds.

It’s fun for a bit, but purchases are necessary.  If you like base builders and have oodles of cash, give it a try.

This game is a griefers paradise.

Caveat Emptor.

#News of the Bizarre From #EmpireKred #socialmedia #gaming.

Nance Larson of EmpireKred has tweeted “News You Never Expect” that Gareth Davies has won a lawsuit over the notorious Fresno Troll.

It’s a bizarre end to the case if true.

The link doesn’t appear to be live, however.

Our condolences to the Fresno Troll if he indeed lost the case.

The case seems to stem from some dispute dating back to last Semptember, however details of the case are unclear.

One wonders if he had to turn over his Pud Pit?





Beta Testing @CrowdifyTech ~ Some Issues With Communication With the Development Team

Crowdify.Tech is a new intry into the social media “sharing” niche.

I have been advised by the entrepreneur developing the project that the status updates (on your profile) and “tasks” (equivent to requests for social shares) need to be “tech” related.

Whey I inquired how strict that rule was i was informed by the entrepreneur that they neither planned on providing customer service nor would be offering any explanations.



So it seems strictly tech related is the rule as a humorous blog about a mutual friend selling his business seems not to have been worth discussing.

To my thinking this defeats the purpose of beta testing, as exchange of information between testers and the site should be welcome, but I guess that’s their policy at present.

I was reporting that the “tasks” allow you to type more than 140 characters with no warning.  Once you hit update you are presented with a finished and oddly truncated, “task”.

As there is no beta testing forum, nor way to make these bugs and other issues known to the developers directly on the website I made what I was discovering known to the entrepreneur through Facebook chat, as he had indicated on this blog he welcomed such input.



It’s easily corrected, but a character limit warning when you are creating the task would be nice.

There are some issues with the programming associated with the Crowdify.Tech website itself at present.

Neither Facebook nor facebook pages can be hooked up at present.

The “Support” link does not work, nor are any of the other links live.



Crowdify will combine unique features into one package, a marketplace for tech, meeting place for in person meetings, and a free bitcoin wallet according to their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.




#Crowdifytech Wants Your Feedback #socialmedia #influencernetworking

That’s right.  It wants your feedback.

Rather than run things their way (even if you’ve paid to help run things), attack customers, and generally run themselves out of business and into a fire sale like that other gamified social media sharing site, Crowdify wants your feedback.


So here’s mine.  Just real quick, in under 5 minutes of review.

I’m gonna start with my profile page.

It’s pretty simple and uncluttered, but some links would be nice.



Crowdify presents a simple interface.  Being able to select and see “All users” is nice as who is available to network with on site isn’t buried in lists spread all about the place.

I’d slightly expand the options available to free users however.  The one “task” is nice, but a blog now and again published on site could also be useful, and help the site a destination for useful information from more than just paid members and affiliates (as publishers.)

It gives a little more “see and be seen” incentive and ability for other people there to get a taste of a bloggers content, without need to leave the site.

The site is positioned to be a driver in the worldwide digital economy and help promote green and clean initiatives which seem to be the founders interest, but helping other people promote their own interests on your site (even for freebies) would help this mission.

A bit of a buyin is created for those interested, if not in dollars, in time invested.  Give someone a reason to take a greater interest.

It’s simple consumer psychology….



Review of Crowdify: A New #SocialMedia Sharing (Slightly Gamified) Application

What is Crowdify?

Simply and succintly:  It’s Empire Avenue social media without the abusive personalities with perks and bitcoin.  It’s copromote, with a bit of gamification.

You set “Tasks” ie “missions” and send your fellow crowders out to your social media.

I created one, and “stole” some crowdycoins from MQT (20,000) on his facebook group mission.  Sadly I couldn’t complete it, but I did try.

He’s the banker I guess, so he can afford the loss.  I did join the other pages however.




Where does my mission lead?

To this review.

The perks?  Nothing really special.



It’s a clean and simple interface.

The app permissions to hook up facebook and the facebook page aren’t working.

The rest of the major social media sites hooked up quickly and easily.

Bitcoin is also built in, if you are into that.

It’s a little more content and “free stuff” than something like co-promote gives, and potentially less fun than EmpireKred (no serious gamification), but without the obvious negatives empire avenue offered.

So there’s always that.

The potential for a fun sharing site is there, and they seem to have a good chunk of new users to continue the testing.

There were not that many “tasks” to complete at this time.  I easily completed them all in a few minutes and earned what seemed for the small economy, a fair chunk of crowdy coins.

The game is available for free with a simple twitter login, and a premium membership of $12.00 a month that offers expanded options.


#EmpireKred Staff #NanceLarson Bringing Sexy Back? #EaV #SocialMedia

Reviewing Nance Larson’s accounts linked to her EmpireKred profile isn’t really a lot of fun.

After closing down a WordPress blog and Facebook page (scheduled for deletion) due to plagiarism you’d think Nance would take a moment and review the rest of her accounts for plagiarism or possible plagiarism.

But maybe not.  She’s not really concerned about her own violations, just others.

Talk about “inpowered.”

Robby Ball Admin



Anyway, of course the Flickr account contains some potential copyright violating posts.



And this.

Somebody frying some Jimmy Dean sausage?



#EmpireKred Staff #NanceLarson Is A Big Believer In “Negative… Behavior” #EaV #SocialMedia

EmpireKred staff member Nance Larson (Former Team Leader) is a big believer in “both negative and postive behavior.”

Unless it’s blogging about her own abuse of customers and plagiarism that is contrary to game rules (and potentially copyright law).

Then she wants that stopped.

Negative - Copy


Here’s the form for DCMA takedowns if she has any issue.  Wordpress responds quickly in my experience.

Here’s the blog Nance is whining about.

And additional background on Nance Larson’s plagiarism.

And additional possibly plagiized pics posted on Instagram which is decidedly against the rules of EmpireKred of which she is indicated to be “staff”.



And a casual runthrough of Nance Larson’s Instagram reveals yet more potentially infringing material.




Capture - Copy (2)



A “SELL” Order on (e)USAFA93 #Empirekred #eav #socialmedia

Today we take an in depth look at Chris Sandys (@usafa_93, (e)usafa93) and evaluate whether he’s a risk you should hold onto in your portfolio.

To make a long story short, we recommend an immediate sale.

Mr. Sandys has a history of being moderated by Twitter for non violent threats to other customers of Empire Avenue’s (now EmpireKred.)

Mr. Sandys current dividend is currently a very weak .29 cents and his share price is a way overpriced 820.47.

Obviously the P/E ratio is abysmal.

His social presence is minimal at best, with EmpireKred itself being his strongest network.

Ancillary stats are a 46 or so Klout, down from a high of 72 or so.  He has simply gone MIA from social media.

In short, the Asshole sector is overheated and there’s simply to many assholes floating around.  We expect a market correction shortly with the bubble bursting in rather dramatic fashion.

We view (e)usafa93 as a high risk/low reward stock, and recommend an immediate sale.




Oh That Nutty #EmpireKred Squirrel! #EaV #humor #socialmedia

It’s hard to remember which account you are logged into when you share a lot of them I suppose.

Here “Player Champion” Lynn O’Connell posts on her own profile (increases network score! yay!) thinking she’s signed into the account she helps manages, (e)sqrl.

Capture - Copy


She’s just a squirrel trying to get a nut!