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$TWTR @Jack And @Twitter Hate 44 Percent of #Consumers Worldwide, Are Anti #Science

I present Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency.  AKA @Femfreq.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Unless you are @Jack and @Twitter, and Anita Sarkeesian.

In that case you let a very small subset of consumers label 44% of consumers worldwide as a hate group equivalent to ISIS.

What rational business would allow a small subset to label 44% of available consumers worldwide as a hate group?

Then moderate as if that were the simple truth?

@Jack and @twitter have.

“Gamers” is not listed on the Southern Poverty intelligence report.



1.2 billion people worldwide are gamers.  I am reasonably certain these are people who for the most part aren’t following US politics.

The majority of which are women.


Yet if you are a gamer, tweeting to a hashtag on @twitter which Twitter allows, #gamergate, you are labeled as a member of a hate group equivalent to ISIS.

Associating, with a hashtag…



So using twitter as it is designed, means you are a member of a hate group if you tweet to a twitter approved hashtag.


Apparently Randi Lee Harper considers it irrefutable that 44% of consumers worldwide belong to a hate group.


Yet when Women In Media studies Randi Lee Harper’s data, they found that only .66 percent of people Randi claimed were part of a hate group equivalent to ISIS were online cyberharassers.



This study was conducted in cooperation with Twitter and subjected to rigorous academic peer review.



Actor Adam Baldwin, whose very livelihood depends on free speech tweeted that he was forced to delete the following tweets.

The screenshots look accurate to me, and although he has since deleted the tweet, I saw the screenshot live on twitter about a month ago.

The orginial link is here.

Backtweets.com has an archive of the tweet, with the corresponding media file link.



That media file graphic is now posted on Imgur and presented here.


Apparently a statement about gamergators being attractive and joyous offends Twitter.

Apparently someone at Twitter is anti science.




Personally I think allowing a few loud customers to label 44% of consumers worldwide as a member of a hate group is abusive in the extreme.

I have no doubt this active hate of consumers is well known worldwide, and is leading to a massive loss in popularity, growth, and a corresponding lowering of stock price and destruction of investors capital.


Yet far from being concerned about this, @Jack and @twitter have placed Anita Sarkeesian on their Orwellian Trust and Safety Council.



@Jack is destroying Twitter as Anita Sarkeesian and Randi Lee Harper ride the wave to fame.

And yet Randi Lee Harper can silence LGBT on Twitter, negatively impacting the psychological health of that marginalized group.

Kinda weird, that.


That is my truth to power.

I am not excusing legitimate harassment women receive.






We Recommend Not Performing #CustServ, #Advertising or Critical #Business ON $TWTR

It appears that @Jack and @Twittermoments enjoy writing biased headlines that attack large corporate accounts #custserv efforts.

I have no idea if @AmericanAir has ever advertised with Twitter, but I recommend, they, and anyone else not do so.

With advertisers already planning to spend less with Twitter, today @twittermoments curators came out with this gem of a  headline.




I am unsure how the Twitter headline writer knows for certain that it is a  “minor dispute” as there is no statement from American Air as to what occured.

There is the lady giving her side, and the professional @AmericanAir staff responding back.




However only one tweet was placed into the “moments” curated story.



As you can see Imani Cezzane did not see or did not respond to the first two tweets.

Yet Twitter could have found the same 2 tweets and placed them into the @twittermoments.

They chose not to.

I have no information as to the exact nature of what happened because there is no statement from American Air.

There is a social media cust serv trying to help, and having their efforts ignored by their customer and twitter.



How Creepy Stalkers Like Sam Schinke @sschinke Ruin #SocialMedia And Damage $TWTR

Newsweek writes that Trolls and Online Mobs have ruined the internet.

And now I have a little mobster acting like a  little stalker who thinks he is doing a bust.

It’s really creepy, since I asked him to leave me alone, and he agreed to do so.


And yet our poor little obsessed cyberstalker logs out of Twitter in order to be internet po po.




Apparently using the internet means Sam Schinke is going to cyberstalk you and try to report you as spam to major corporations such as Klout.

Because @Klout, a content aggregator shared my content.

You heard right, Sam Schinke is going to report me to Klout, because I shared Klout’s share of my content and other twitter accounts tweeted it.

As you can see, I have blocked Sam Schinke.



And yet this does not prevent this little cyberstalker from spying on me.

A search was conducted on a particular Klout link.



And Sam jumps to the totally incorrect conclusion that I created those links and bots are tweeting them.

For which he is going to report me to @Klout as spam.


Twitter has rules against creating false and misleading tweets, but they don’t seem to enforce them.

Jim Cramer has written about this before, yet Twitter, in their infinite wisdom, deems that lying about customers is ok, even when it’s demonstrably provable that a lie is occuring.

As a Twitter advertiser, I am confounded by this.

Why does Twitter allow some random cyberstalker to lie about advertising partners?

A content BETA shows recent content Klout has shared.



And then, amazingly enough, I can share them.



Klout has shared the recent blogs I have written.



Including the particular blog (and link Klout created) the cyberstalker is captivated by.



As a result of this, I am no longer purchasing advertising on twitter, and recommend to my friends to do the same.

Advertisers are spending less on Twitter as twitter growth has stalled and with people able to openly stalk and lie about you, it’s no wonder at that.

Klout aggregates and disseminates content.

They have long shared my blogs.  I never know when a particular blog will be shared, they pick up the content they want to.

I simply find the content on Klout, and then people share it.

Social Media, working as intended for me.

And freely abused by shameless, lying cyberstalkers intent to do harm.

Sure hope @kloutsupport is on the ball and recognizes liars like Sam when they see them.

They have been great to me, so I have 0 worries.




$TWTR And @Jack; Throttling #socialmedia, Crushing #influencernetworking And Empowering Hate, Misogyny And Patriarchy

@Jack think that $TWTR is for empowered dialogue, blah, blah, blah.

I think @Jack is misleading and does not care how his Terms of Service is structured to punish communication and is easily abused by his personally empowered abuser, @Randileeharper.



So let’s start by examining what talking to a delusional fundamentalist is like.

Meet Journalist and Writer Damien Walter.  He writes for The Guardian and other fine publications.


Damien is a person who likes to think he knows how social media functions.


Having a conversation with a journalist who assumes he is wholly correct is tedious, difficult and ultimately pointless as they are rigidly bound to their ideology and unable to process new and valid information.




So how does Randi Lee Harper abuse @twitter consumers beyond being openly threatening?


First, along with Anita Sarkeesian @femfreq, Brianna Wu @spacekatgal and Zoe Quinn @unburntwitch, label anyone who doesn’t agree with you as part of a hate group.


This includes 44% of consumers worldwide, who by disagreeing with these 4 in some way, winded up labeled as a hate group equivalent to ISIS.


And yet she knows she is falsely labeling a very large preponderance of people that tweet to #gamergate as a hate group.


Set out to build an army.


Twitter took sides with a tiny amount of people that labeled people tweeting to a hashtag as a Hate Group.


They can silence media news coverage.


@Nero, AKA Milo Yiannopoulos is a professional journalist last seen in a White House press briefing asking questions.


She silences LGBT, who are amongst the most marginalized of people already.


And controls them with fear and intimidation, leaving them socially isolated on @twitter.



As Randi Lee Harper, meta data expert knows, SJW Twitter is the worst, and she exploits it’s behavior to abuse.


So how can Randi Lee Harper silence you?

Besides meeting with @safety, that is.


By ToS manipulation and abuse.

Randi likes to claim that tweeting her valid questions is inciting dog piling.

This despite no intent to dogpile.  I was simply following up with the person, Cathy Young, that @randileeharper claimed was sending followers to dogpile her.

“Incitement” is against ToS.  Yet @twitter will suspend you without even determining your intent, or the validity of the speech itself.

This of course CHILLS free speech, but it’s what twitter considers.



Interestingly twitter claims to prohibit false or misleading tweets, but those tweets by @randileeharper seem to not be moderated.



Also mentioned is adding large number of unrelated users to lists.  Randi categorizes 44% of consumers, gamers as members of a Hate group, and propagates that block list to subscribers.

The only way they are remotely related is playing games, but Randi adds large numbers to lists and blocks them.

And then you can end up suspended for being blocked by a large number of people.

So this little ball of hate is empowered by @jack to limit free speech and consumers ability to utilize Twitter as they see fit, without actual threats to any other consumers.



It’s the craziest business decision I have seen in a long time.

Letting 44% of consumers be labeled as a Hate Group?

And Randi has contacts inside @twitter @safety.

And Twitter wonders what is wrong.



Turn IT UP!

Help the actual abused, visit my Facebook post to learn how.



Special thanks to @Klout.


“Hi I’m @Jack and I Run A Fence Building Apartheid Corporation Named @Twitter.” $TWTR

“I allow some of my customers to be silenced, threatened, abused and run off @twitter.”

I’m not @Jack, but if @Jack were an honest man that is what he would tell the world.

You see, @Jack, just went on @TODAYshow with @Mlauer and lied to consumers.

As reported by USA Today,

“I can block people. I’ve never blocked anyone,” Dorsey said.

Picking from crowd-sourced questions on Twitter, Lauer had asked Dorsey about his company’s stance and activity on censorship, which led to a conversation on blocking.

“Does Twitter censor?” Lauer said.

“Absolutely not,” Dorsey said. “It’s our job to make sure they see the most important things.”



And yet Twitter plainly censors.

This is a known fact.


Mr. Kaye is a human rights rapporteur (basically an investigator/reporter) for the United Nations.


@Twitter @support also plainly does not enforce the ToS in an unbiased manner.

This is made plain by the reign of terror by Randi Lee Harper on twitter consumers for well over a year.

Twitter absolutely hides content and censors.

This has been measured by both sides of the #gamergate scandal.


Jack also said that @twitter’s ToS prohibits violence, yet @randileeharper thrives on the advocation of violence.


This abuse by Randi Lee Harper has led to Trans people being silenced on Twitter as @jack does not stop her from her McCarthyist, violent, fence building rhetoric she pours out daily on her timeline.

This is exceedingly strange behavior from a woman who influences @safety @policy at @twitter and has the CEO’s ear on @safety issues.

It is classic threatening indoctrination of a vulnerable element of society and leaves them socially isolated, not included.


Twitter and @jack are fence building bigots, not connectors.


@Jack is a liar.


@Randileeharper builds fences that result in marginalized communities being further marginalized on @twitter.


Randi Lee Harper is, by her own definition, a digital terrorist.


As you can see, Randi is able to exploit her contacts in @twitter @safety to invade the privacy of consumers on @twitter.


@jack’s twitter only enforces the ToS against some people, not others.  This is unequal application of their ToS.  And abuse of consumers.


Twitter is quite ok with expressions of violence in some instances, with doxing then taking place on their network.



The only way to be unsuspended in 10 minuts is to call whomever you can call to make inquiries of.


It seems Randi Lee Harper is uniquely privileged to terrorize #consumers.




Build Fences - Copy



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Is Empowered By @Jack Cyberbully #Randileeharper A Legitimate Threat To LGBT $TWTR #Consumers? #cybersecurity

I am appalled that Randi Lee Harper has met with @Twitter @safety in early 2015.


Randi Lee Harper, who founded an anti abuse charity, is one of the most open advocates of violence on Twitter.

According to her own definition, she is a Digital Terrorist as she has a history of doxing consumers on twitter, thereby removing their digital privacy by exposing personal data online which is a crime in CA.



According to Twitter in  various public statements, Twitter stands for freedom of expression.


According to Twitter General Council Vijaya Gadde in a Washington Post Op-Ed dated 4/16/2015,

I’m often inspired by the vigorous debates on controversial issues that occur on Twitter, but I’ve also been seriously troubled by the plight of some of our users who are completely overwhelmed by those who are trying to silence healthy discourse in the name of free expression.


And yet this is precisely what Randi Lee Harper does, silences healthy discourse through a combination of lies, intimidation, threats and overt McCarthyism.

This has left one of the most marginalized audiences on Twitter both afraid of her, and afraid to engage in discourse with those that seek to help them.

That would be the LGBT community.

How does she do so?  By repeated false and misleading tweets about there being no Freedom of Speech in social media.

This is in direct contradiction of Federal, state and local CA law.  CA is the state Twitter is headquartered in, and I personally am a resident of CA.

Attorney Mitch Jackson has answered the question of Free Speech on twitter before.

Mitch was CA 2013 attorney of the year, and is widely recognized for his legal expertise.


Randi Lee Harper has spent a lot of time both segregating her audience from the general twitter population and reinforcing that they have no rights beyond what Twitter ToS says.


So after lying to a marginalized community for over a year (and Twitter allegedly prohibits false and misleading tweets) the LGBT community which are her followers are cowed, fearful and unable to take part in rational social media discourse.



I am not part of gamer gate and not blocked by her blockbots.



In her own words, Randi does not care about the silencing of #lgbt advocates.


I can imagine why she would be concerned, she would be unable to exploit her abused audience for funding.


Except that the State of CA does have anti harassment law on the books.  It’s just that Twitter doesn’t really concern themselves with law all that much that I can tell.

As does the Federal government.

Randi Lee Harper is a one person Hostile Environment Zone.

The audience made up of consumers recognize hypocrisy when they see it.


Twitter however does not.


Building walled off fortresses to sit in and rule others is Randi Lee Harper’s expertise.  

Not social media networking, not digital communications, not risk management, not social media, not public policy, not branding, not anything.

She abuses and make money off those she abuses.


Why do I belive that Randi may be a legitimate credible threat of violence to others?

When Randi Lee Harper’s claims of “harassment” were fact checked by WomenInMedia.org only the results were clear that Randi Lee Harper, and anyone labeling GamerGate an organized hate group (it’s a twitter hashtag) was lying about the extent of harassment.



Her transiition to SJW was quite sudden.


She expresses a desire for martyrdom.


Built her army (cult of personality.)


And soon started her campaign of hatred, establishing her pattern of fear and intimidation.



She soon began exhibiting signs of apparent paranoia in public.


However she noted she thought they were to intimidated to approach.


She seems to think her ability to get away with harassing people is hilarious.


Randi knows that blocking people creates a safety hazard.


Yet the censorship of other people on @twitter wasn’t a problem until it affected her safety, personally.


She struggles with public life.


Complains about being dehumanized even as she conflated .66% of harassment into a HATE GROUP.


She builds up anger.


And expects everyone else to put up with her abusive ways.


Randi released a blacklist, which may have caused people to lose their homes.


And relies on donations for her ADD meds.


I am amazed at how far she has gotten as she openly terrorizes twitter consumers, including silenced #lgbt.


I have ZERO idea how @jack can tell the general public that safety and privacy are a priority.

None, zero, nada, zilch.




I do not want to run into her on the street.

The amazing thing is you can report this to @support, and it does not violate @twitter policy.







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The Time That #Journalism AND @Jack #Tech Combined to Hate #Consumers.

This sounds like an incredible claim.

Why would @Jack allow a rampant hater to hate 44% of potential consumers openly, derisively and violently when he is in charge of a corporation engaged in the business of social media.

That is, allowing people to connect with other people through the power of twitter networking.

Why allow someone to literally attack your consumers, potential new customer base?

Professional evaluation of @randileeharper’s false claims showed that only .66% of what she was claiming as harassment was harassment.

And in any case “gamergate” is NOT an organized group.

Some people meet on various websites to discuss the issue, and actually plan.  This apparently takes place on open to the public websites like Kotuku in Action.

That all is perfectly legal.  And by professional measurement, anyone even remotely connected to being pro gamergate was only a tiny percent of the harassment this salacious liar, @randileeharper claimed.

Yet @Jack allows a racist hater to label consumers as hate.  And advocate violence.

Even as she seems to take enjoyment from it.


Certainly 2 fields, that both rely on first amendment freedom of speech, would not in any way act to limit consumers freedom of speech?

To answer this I must ask what do a Russian born Journalist named Cathy Young (@Cathyyoung63), an English (Greek) Jew Journalist Milo Yiannopoulos (@nero), and a Taiwanese Lawyer named Mark Kern (@grummz) have in common?

They all immigrated to America from oppressive regimes (The UK Parliament now spends time debating 1 person from entering their fine establishment).

Taiwan is of course the remains of Nationalist China, where Chiang Kai Shek retreated after being defeated by the Communist, Mao) and spoke out in favor of free speech.

And Cathy escaped Soviet Russia in 1980 or thereabouts.

They are now attacked by professional journalists and tech, and anti consumer and anti free speech zealots.

This is very strange to me, as quite frankly in the 70’s Milo would have been at the head of the Gay Pride Parade, when simply being brave enough TO SPEAK made you a hero.

He would have danced with the Village People, and people would have been ASTOUNDED that an openly Gay man was a professional journalist telling people where to stick it.

Instead he is now demonized by anti #consumer zealots such as Randi Lee Harper for speaking his mind.

Randi Lee Harper can and will have professional journalists barred from Tech events.

Apparently @Sxsw and @hugh_w_forrest have no commitment to free speech, either.



Randi hates checking facts.  No checking facts in Randi’s world!


Randi thinks by tossing out false allegations she can harass and intimidate into silence. This is passive aggressiveness by design.  An exploit, as it were.


Professional journalists, or other people, are routinely accused of falsehoods by Randi Lee Harper, as Twitter stands by, watching her drive their business into the shitter.



@jack says @twitter is about Truth To Power y’all.

I think it’s about @jack and @safety hating consumers.


Randi Lee Harper’s existence on Twitter is dedicating to eradicating free speech and the ability to network socially.

Randi thinks she can hate anyone she wants, attack them, and continue to attack as she is simply not subject to moderation.


In this archive, Randi explains in a deleted tweet that she is just acting like a dude.  I don’t know many people, dudes or otherwise that routinely tell people to self immolate, and actually get away with it.



She drives people away from twitter in droves through her openly condoned and endorsed harassment.


She wants to build fences, and will use ANY language necessary to drive you off, shame, humiliate and silence you that she wishes.  Including advocating violence as she advocates violence.


She can do this because she is beyond the reach of us mere mortals, empowered by @jack and @safety to abuse at will.

She does this by filtering content, which she openly boasts of.


This of course violates Twitter Dev ToS, but no one at Twitter REALLY has any commitment to free speech, or fucks to give that she abuses TRANS people during the course of this filtering of content.


Randi advocates for her politics in code where it can’t be detected, and you are simply silenced through the power of twitter coding.

And twitter just shrugs it off.


All Randi does is call anyone else’s opinion “harassment” and Kristen leaps pretty quickly to publish.  In fact she will publish without waiting for a response from the person she asked for comment.

Today, Herb Caen would be rolling over in his grave, as unprofessional yellow attack dog journalists like Kristen V Brown write articles devoid of fact or evidence and slam people who stick up for their, and others, free speech.



If you email her over a hundred live links to tweets and documentation of Randi Lee Harper’s abuse, you get not so quick a response.

I am still waiting on Kristen who published in a matter of a few hours to review and respond to the material.

Researching claims ARE TEH HARDZ, GUYZ.


Randi keeps getting those quick responses though.


And of course Kristen knows when someone tweeting Randi, and not her, is talking about her.


It was Mercedes Carrera (@themercedesxxx), who is not only a porn star, and by necessity guards her free speech, who is brave enough to speak out to defend others free speech despite the derision and scorn heaped on her by Randi Lee Harper, with Twitter and other tech companies direct complicity.

Mercedes was deplatformed by SXSW after Randi Lee Harper falsely claimed harassment and @sxsw and organizer @Hugh_w_forrest chose to believe a racist abuser of Trans people instead of keeping a commitment to free speech and letting Mercedes speak on her scheduled day.



And the helpful “journalism” of Kristen V Brown, who is the least professional journalist I have ever encountered.

Mercedes, in the terms of Social Justice, is a PoC sex worker who was deplatformed by a white feminist who is openly racist and bullies trans and PoC to keep them in line as Twitter does NOTHING to her.

She has been attacked publically by empowered white feminists who represent the patriarchy, and are empowered by @jack to attack whomever they wish at their leisure.


Randi Lee Harper also openly boasts of her privilege.


How does one do this you ask?

Easy.  Simply label everyone with a different opinion as you as members of a Hate Group, equivalent to ISIS.

And then presto voila.  No one in tech or journalism will fact check you, and in fact will attack people who speak up as those very same haters, or complicit with hate, or foul murderers, beasts and rapists despite you never having uttered an offensive word.

And so while Randi Lee Harper boasts that her enemy is both incompetent and only loud, and she hates men (you can hate men on twitter, it’s totally OK) and tells people repeatedly to self immolate (you can advocate violence on twitter if you have the right politics, even if you run an anti abuse charity) no one at Twitter will act.

Randi openly threatens consumers.  She can, and will pull down your metadata, write a block list targeting YOU and then, knowing SJW Twitter is the worst, watch it all unfold.

“Unfold” as in SJW twitter attacks you relentlessly after being greenlighted by Randi.


It is is NOT surprising to me at all that Randi can do this.

When I wrote to @Vijaya, the General Council for help with cyberbullying (I was doxed and threatened by leadership of a social media company, Empire Avenue, Gareth Davies (@me_gareth), Keith Gill (@digitalkeith), Nance Larson (@nancelarson) and Chris Sandys (@usafa_93), Vijaya Gadde blocked me.



Multiple accounts were ultimately suspended for making violent threats against me,  doxing, and non violent threats.

And yet I STILL find that Twitter, far from caring about the @safety and #privacy of their consumers, endorses a person who boasts of violating consumers privacy openly in her twitter feed AND advocates violence routinely.

As a result, I do not believe that Twitter or @jack care about consumers.

In fact I think they hate them.  Despise them, and think there is an inexhaustible supply of them.

Essentially they are simply the new overlords, who in replacing the old overlords, say nice words while lying on national tv about what they do.

Instead of Twitter simply handling the matter professionally, I had to involve the FTC, San Francisco DA’s office, CA DoJ and Senator Feinstein.

Who ALL acted to protect me, an American citizen.  Thanks Home Team!

I HOPE they will now turn their interest to protecting consumers from the very people who should be most interested in the health and well being of Citizens, ie consumers, from business which hates them.

That being the Tech Industry and Journalism.

Totalitarianism is totalitarianism, no matter how you brand it.

If government won’t act it won’t matter.  You see I’m all in favor of burning this mother down (in the free speech sense) and driving Twitter right out of business, IF they won’t protect consumers from rampant abuse by Randi Lee Harper and others who seek to exploit others for personal gain.

Let’s Dance, Biatch.



PS:  A Democrat who wishes death on children named Allan Brauer thinks asking government for help is bad.  



Twitter has NO commitment.  ZERO.  None. It’s up to us, as consumers, to act to protect ourselves.


Actual expert lawyers disagree.

Why does Randi get to lie and abuse on twitter?


We call on regulators at state, local and federal levels to investigate @twitter, @jack, @randileeharper and the funding mechanism that appears to be the shitheap known as @patreon.


653014 Letter DOJ REdacted

12302914 letter DOJ redacted

Ethel Newlin 11062014

Ethel Newlin 1122015


For another side of Mercedes besides her tush, check out her ASMR video.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s tingling people describe as a head orgasm.



Of course Brianna Wu, aka @Spacekatgal, labels anyone who is pro consumer and accurate journalism as part of a hate group, along with Randi Lee Harper.

No one doubts Brianna Wu received threats, I have as well.  But to label everyone who posts to a twitter hashtag as part of a hate group is beyond absurd.

And twitter allows it.

Jack hates people.  Won’t protect them from massive and sustained abuse.



Special thanks to Arthur.



Fool Herpes 1 hqdefault - Copy jack Me Racist - Copy Racist Randi Randi Lee Harper Responsibility sahugh

$TWTR CEO @jack Went On @todayshow With @Mlauer And Lied to #socialmedia #consumers

Dear Matt,

I am unsure how closely you have followed the “gamergate” scandal.

They do not agree on much, but one theing they do actually agree on is that @jack and @twitter are censoring content.

@Grummz, Mark Kern,  is a developer famous for working on one of the most successful video games of all times, World of Warcraft.

He also has a law degree.

And he is well aware of the censoring, having measured it scientifically.


And on the opposite side we have Randi Lee Harper, @randileeharper, who runs a charity, Online Abuse Prevention Initiative.

Randi has contacts inside @twitter @safety and is privileged to abuse whomever she wants.

She examines metadata, and besides using that to threaten @jack’s customers openly, can examine metadata and knows @jack and @twitter is hiding content.



@Jack has recognized Randi Lee Harper and passed on her concerns to the @safety team.



However when @randileeharper’s bizarre claims were factchecked by a group working in conjunction with @twitter to measure online harassment only 0.66 percent of people Randi Lee Harper identified as abusers, were in fact abusing on Twitter.



I realize that is an odd claim, that Randi is privileged to abuse, but when you report Randi to @twitter @support they tell you they have reviewed the account.



Either they are not looking at the same account I am, OR Randi is, as she claimed, privileged.


Randi leads the world in hateful language, threats and intimidation, which Twitter bans in their ToS, but does not apply to Randi.



Randi openly threatens, bullies and intimidates marginalized minority communities including women, PoC and Jewish people  for her own profit.


Randi believes that Free Speech is a failed ethos.


Perversely she claims to be a security expert.


Quite frankly the only incompetence I see is in @twitter management, led by @jack, as $TWTR stock price has tanked.

Randi is open with her hate and  bigoted opinions, but not with yours as she subjectively measures them.


Randi enjoys mocking others as to the extent of her privilege.


Journalist Milo Yiannpoulis wrote about censorship on Febuary 16 and has been concerned about censorship on Twitter since writing about Randi Lee Harper.


Milo himself was censored by Twitter, first after Randi Lee Harper mass reported him, and his @verified status was rescinded.


The problem of course is that Randi Lee Harper holds that spam or harassment is subjective, and she can influence @twitter @safety directly through her contacts.


Which she then uses to damage consumers, as @randileeharper respects  no one elses rights at all, and has no problem violating their privacy.


Milo a journalist, was suspended, and forced to delete tweets that were truthful, and published by a professional journalist ON his twitter.

The link to the tweet is here.




The information censored, was information gathered about a public person, Brianna Wu, who has risen to prominence due to threats she has received.

Brianna Wu claimed to have graduated from college, and the records published proved that claim incorrect.


I have no doubt Brianna Wu has received threats, I have.

However I don’t label everyone who has opposing opinions as “gamergate”, which @randileeharper then labels as a hate group.


Together these 2 (and others) tell their contrived story and make a little money on Patreon through donations.

Brianna Wu Patreon.

Randi Lee Harper Patreon.


Randi, who violates @twitter consumers privacy openly, gloated about this, but complained about people who were not suspended.


Does @jack know what Free Speech is?


I do not believe so.

And I do not believe he cares of SOME of his customers are threatened.



Or silenced by a bully @Jack empowers.

How does Randi Lee Harper abuse Trans and marginalized community?

She tells them she is protecting them from others.

And then she filters what they see using a massively propagating block bot which she has previously used as retaliation against individuals as part of a personal vendetta.

And then a marginalized community has to beg Randi to be able to communicate on Twitter.

It’s pure abuse of @twitter and LGBTQ enabled by @jack.


Not a gator.  But you can see the panic induced by Randi’s lies to a community that has a history of being brutalized.


For this silencing of the Trans commuity on Twitter she is what is referred to as a Trans Exclsionary Radical Feminist.


For some reason, she makes the rules.

And by her own subjective criteria blocks many others from see threats that might be credible.


Yet for Randi, her experimentation on twitter consumers is an overriding concern.

Safety of other consumers not so much, until Randi noticed that her own safety is at risk if Twitter themselves censors tweets.


@Randileeharper is anti freespeech, anti social media networking, anti news,  anti commentary and empowered by @jack.

@jack is a liar.


And Randi?  Apparently tweeting @jack is wrong.



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How @Jack, #Randileeharper Hate #Consumers, Ignore #Privacy @safety @policy & Damage $TWTR

Who is Randi Lee Harper (@Randileeharper)?

Randi is an alleged Online Abuse Prevention expert, which I would think would be considered as part of #cybersecurity.

I believe Randi’s charity, which she along with Alex Lifschitz (Crash Overrride Network,  @alexlifschitz), Zoe Quinn (Crash Override Network, @UnburntWitch), and Sheri Rubin (Design Direct Deliver, @SheriRubin) who serve as inaugural members for the organization’s board of directors is a sham designed to profit off the media attention surrounding Gamer Gate.

I believe @jack and @vijaya and @safety  public statements are duplicitous and harm consumers who then believe Twitter indeed seeks to protect safety and privacy.


@Randileeharper  is simply one of the most openly abusive, corrosive people on Twitter.

How do I know that she does not actually fight or prevent abuse?

Because of the abuse she openly and routinely engages in massive amounts of abuse.

And the fact that when I asked her for help she attacked me with false allegations.



Randi is allowed to lie at will, spread falsehoods, and label anyone she wishes as part of a Hate group for simply using Twitter as designed.  To communicate.


I don’t refer to  any of these alleged groups as groups except ISIS.

I also appear to have offended ISIS, being on their public block list.  Thanks Twitter.  It’s great to know ISIS has a published blocklist that’s publically available on Twitter.

That’s @jack looking out for my @safety!


I believe #RandileeHarperGate is a Hate group.

I have no idea why journalists like @kristenvbrown simply regurgitate her tripe that she spews out, and thinks that not being able to control free speech, in a country that guarantees free speech is a problem.




It seems @randileeharper, who asks for feedback then blocks people that make it, cannot take commentary that speaks about her massive, entitled, empowered abuse she pours out routinely onto PoC like Arthur Chu, Derek Smart and Mercedes Carrera.


What Randi Lee Harper considers abuse or harassment is subjective, according to her own words.


So people are held to account of a tyrant, that by a whim can say you are harassing her and journalists jump.


Meanwhile white journalists like Kristen pump out shlock quickly, without obtaining comment or do any significant fact checking.

How do I know this?

Because I submitted approximately 100 links of live tweets to Kristen.  And still await her meaningful response.

Despite being able to go to press quickly to write about Randi, she hasn’t been able to review what I forwarded.




This is some of the most hateful conduct I can imagine short of actual credible threats of violence to another that results in criminal prosecution.

She has an inside source at @twitter that feeds her private consumers information, which she then tweets.


All of this is expressly prohibited by ToS, as hateful conduct, but Randi is immune to moderation.




How can twitter claim to have reviewed the account at all?

They can read the same tweets I can, it’s all public, and the hate she spreads is well chronicled in this blog, with live tweets to her open abuse.

I cannot claim to have reviewed her whole timeline, just what I can find in archives.

Review of her account continues.

Allan Brauer, a former leader in the CA Democratic party resigned after tweeting to Conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter that he wished her children would die long and unpleasant deaths.

Despite this, his tweets, several years old now, remained up on @twitter.

Allan being a wonderful person, spun the public response to him on twitter, an open to the public communications network, as an attack on him.

And remained unmoderated by Twitter.  Despite losing his position in the Democratic party.

So, as part of my own investigation, I reported that tweet to Twitter.

And was told that it did NOT violate Twitter’s Terms of Service.

I proceeded to tell Twitter @support in yet another report that I would be archiving and writing about this.



Only then was Allan subjected to moderation and the tweet removed from Twitter.





I asked Randi her for help, and she denied knowing @jack, despite having met with the @safety team in 2015.

And she made false allegations against me.  Somehow she thought she could determine my intent without asking what it was.


I knew Randi had met with @safety because she had tweeted this information after Journalist @Karaswisher forwarded her medium article to @jack, and @jack responded to Randi.


I thought, and hoped Randi would agree to help me.  She did not.

Randi believes that she does not have to read the content of a tweet to determine if it is hateful.


Simply tweeting to a hashtag she doesn’t approve of leads to you being placed on a massive, propagating blocklist which can lead to your account suspension.

This also continues the same pattern that I have seen before, where threats and intimidation are not moderated by @twitter.


Here she attempts to bully a PoC not just off @twitter, but off the internet for disagreeing with her.


According to connected Randi Lee Harper abuse is subjective,


And twitter is known to hide tweets as Slate reported.

With subjective coding determining what gets shown, it’s clear that certain segments of twitter consumers are simply silenced by coding.

This was NOT a problem for @randileeharper until she determined it impacted HER personal safety.

However, how many other peoples safety is she affecting by potentially blocking credible threats from other people through her massively propagating blockbots?



Additionally, 44% of consumers online are gamers.  Over 1.2 billion people worldwide.  According to Pew Research 49% of American adults play games.

52% percent of gamers are women.  The average social gamer is a 43 year old woman.

A Study by Women, Action and The Media found a very small percent of abuse amongst the people labeled as a Hate Group by the massive abusive @Randileeharper.



z2kfbyx (1)


@Jack literally allows these few people, to habitually attack and label as a hate group the massive amount of gamers who only want to use Twitter for what it is for, and instead find themselves labeled as part of a hate group by these few people.

@Randileeharper is able to control free speech through the use of outright bullying, threats, intimidation and mass blocking of accounts, simply for tweeting to a hashtag.

Even as she believes her metadata analysis determines who is a member of a Hate Group, without reading the content?

Can anyone question that @jack has any actual commitment to @safety, #privacy and truth?  Freedom of Speech?  No.  Not when @randileeharper can function as a tyrant.



I submit Jack’s hatred of his own consumers is palpable and slowly driving twitter out of business as these haters continue to poison the air we all breathe on twitter.

And it can only be their intent.



She is privileged, by @jack.


If you want to help support a victim of abuse, support @jacieleopold, not someone like @spacekatgal who labels 1.2 billion people worldwide, 44% of consumers online, as trolls and psychopaths because they like to play games, and tweet to a hashtag, #gamergate, that Twitter allows.


Or barring that, write to Senator Feinstein and tell her that CDA 96 230 which gives Twitter immunity enables this massive abuse of consumers.




Feinstein Email


If you find yourself unfairly suspended by @twitter after being targeted by @randileeharper, the San Francisco DA’s office offers consumers mediation through their Consumes Protection Unit.


I still have my knees thanks to the combined efforts of Senator Feinstein, the CA DoJ and SF DA’s office.


Strangely enough Allan Brauer, Democratic supporter of @hillaryclinton  is opposed to consumers protections.


There’s vicious doxer of her own customers @nancelarson and @digitalkeith.  The abusive leadership of yet another social media company, faving a hater and abuser of women on twitter.

Haters like these stick together folks, and it’s who you know at @twitter, not any commitment to safety, privacy or free speech that determines who gets suspended or simply left to be abused by enabled cyberbullies.





Alleged Anti Abuse Advocate Silencing #LGBTQ, POC And Destroying $TWTR #socialmedia #cybersecurity

When @jack tweets that Twitter is for Freedom of Expression and for empowering dialogue I do not believe him.

I do not believe any journalist, investor or consumer should believe him.


Independent Developer Randi Lee Harper is able to both cyberbully Twitter consumers and impact Twitter @safety policy while violating the privacy of twitter consumers due to an apparent insider leak at @twitter safety.


We believe this is due to her self stated privilege.



She is empowered to the point that protecting your account, a @twitter @safety feature cannot protect you from Randi Lee Harper.


Randi has a history of doxing people on Twitter, and has threatened to pull down metadata on anyone posting anything she does not like.



It is impossible to know what it is she might not like, as she herself noted that what is cyber harassment is entirely subjective.



Newsweek has written an article entitled, How Cyber Mobs And Trolls Have Ruined The Internet and Destroyed Lives.


Randi Lee Harper is a leader of a mob, a vicious troll, and has attempted to destroy lives openly, on Twitter and remains unmoderated by Twitter @support.

Randi is very proud of being famous for blocking people.

She then uses her coding ability so her mob of followers can block individuals, destroying their ability to communicate with their friends, followers and audience that only intended to use Twitter for it’s stated purpose.

This leaves consumers, who only wished to communicate with friends and engage in speech in the position of having to beg @randileeharper to unblock them.

Her blocking algorithm, which filters content she herself holds to be low quality, is technically against Twitter’s own Developer Agreement & Policy.

She blatantly filters content.

Randi Lee Harper, with no medical degree, believes she can diagnose the cause of PTSD, then acts to stop valid discussion because she is privileged and not stopped by @jack.

She exhibited this over a series of tweets ending with the censoring of the hashtag, #thetriggering.


The difference between Google and GMail and Randi Lee Harper is that Google is the host of the content and they can set the rules as they wish, including which hashtags can appear and trend on Twitter.

This ostracization, blacklisting, is McCarthyist in nature and directly contradicts what Twitter is for when it is done with intent to silence legitimate critique, commentary and news.

In fact, Randi doesn’t read the content, she simply judges the metadata and if you tweet to something she doesn’t personally like, you are subject to being labeled a hater, or whatever term she chooses to abuse you with.


It leads to the political polarization of Twitter, which has been noted by researchers as a problem with Twitter. 

This problem can only be by intent, as Randi Lee Harper engages in this activity and has influence at @twitter.

Randi Lee Harper believes free speech is a failed ethos.



The Twitter rules prohibit creating false and misleading tweets, however this is seldom enforced, and certainly not enforced against Randi Lee Harper, who serially lies  to twitter consumers to hide her confessed motives.


Randi Lee Harper, is by twitter’s own definition, spam.




Randi has had meeting with @safety in early 2015.


Who is Randi Lee Harper?

Randi Lee Harper is a self declared SJ advocate (Social Justice Warrior, on the left of the political spectrum) and runs an anti abuse charity, Online Abuse Prevention Initiative, which apparently is a registered charitable foundation.


Randi is crowdfunded, and has a Patreon seeking donation.




Randi wishes for her politics to be part of the code, and advocates for that.


However, the effect of that @policy leading to potential #cybersecurity and @safety concerns was unknown by Randi Lee Harper until she herself was affected.

Up until that point, people being disconnected from their audiences was not a problem for her.  Indeed she found it laughable.


It always is, and was a valid @safety concern, however Randi, allegedly a @policy expert, had no idea of this.  I believe she has no Risk Management experience or knowledge.

Why she can impact @twitter @safety @policy is the great unknown question, to me.

Randi herself knows that SJ Twitter is the worst side of twitter, and utilizes her ability to livestream content she herself does not approve of so her mob can activate and harass people posting on Twitter.

Then people are subjected to lies and harassment by people such as @sschinke who seemingly exist to harass people with opposing viewpoints.


Randi herself wishes to burn it all down.


What is privilege?


Something Randi Lee Harper abuses to silence others online.

And yet journalists, like @kristenvbrown,  leap to blog about Randi’s false charges without checking the veracity of their source.


So while white feminists like Randi Lee Harper crush diversity by silencing Women of Color at open to the public events like SXSW, where they have been invited to speak, journalists slavishly pound away, to attack the targets highlighted by Randi Lee Harper, who tweets falsehoods.

Perhaps Women of Color should worry about ALL white women named Randi Lee Harper, not just those that champion diversity as part of their Social Justice platform, until they need someone silenced?


Randi even has no problem violating consumers privacy AT SXSW, peering over shoulders to read phones.


Although I am confused, I thought diversity was the foundation of social justice?

Those Randi has often targeted openly have a common denominator.  They are people of color.

Randi Lee Harper wants to feed her son to Mexicans and build fences.

That sounds familiar, where have I heard THAT before?


Randi Lee Harper has no idea that the problem with privilege is in the way she uses it.

You see a privilege, also mentioned in the Constitution, is held by the people, but it cannot be exerted, it can only be given by others.  And polite people need not accept, nor abuse their platform.

Randi Lee Harper remains one of the most openly abusive people I have encountered on the internet,

That she runs a charity dedicating to fighting online abuse, is amazing.

In Randi’s particular case equating anti harassment with curtailing free speech is entirely correct.


Randi was able to have Mercedes Carrera deplatformed at SXSW, a Tech festival in Texas apparently run by racists such as Hugh W Forrest and Kelli Jo Krause

@SXSW also asked Mercedes to delete tweets after she had flown to Austin from Los Angeles and landed.

Certainly this abusive behavior should not be readily accepted by a society concerned with open expression.


I remain shocked @jack and @twitter allow her to destroy the stated purpose of @twitter as she attacks their consumers openly.

And no, not all that she does benefits everyone.  She abuses her privilege to attack and silence People of Color.


This is why Randi Lee Harper vehemently defends CDA 230.

@twitter has immunity from lawsuits as a common carrier.  They can leak her information that breaks their own customers privacy and be relatively (not absolutely) immune from lawsuit.


However Professional tech writers like @Shanley, owner of @modelviewculture, are starting to see through the abuse that @randileeharper piles on POC, and write critical pieces.

We hope this continues, as Twitter cannot or will not moderate Randi.


They allow this “Literal Hitler” to magnify a small percentage of actual harassment into the abject demonization and hatred of their own consumers who post to a hashtag Twitter allows to be on their network.



Credit:  To the wonderful people that archived Randi Lee Harper’s Tweets So This Blog Could Be Written.

It is only through the efforts of all concerned citizens that cyberbullying and cyberharassment can be ended.

Obviously Twitter does not apply their Terms of Service to Randi Lee Harper.

She is allowed to propagate hate quite openly.




Randi Lee Harper


Maybe people shouldn’t take legal advice from @randileeharper?


I prefer expert lawyers in the state of California, where Twitter does business.


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