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$TWTR Continues to Fail at #Custserv and Public Relations #socialmedia #socialsales

Over the weekend Twitter removed the @verified account from Jose Canseco.

As is typical, no explantion was given for the removal.


However after a quick review of Jose’s timeline, I’m fairly certain why.


Never tweet to anyone that their appearance makes you throw up.

We tweeted to Kim Kardashian to inquire, but do not expect a response.


What is now known however is that certain people have access to “escalation” channels and can inquire, and/or work to have other people suspended or punished in retributive fashion.


It is clear Twitter plays favorites.

This favoritism is very strange as Randi Lee Harper is able to silence LGBT on Twitter and violate consumers privacy.

Twitter continues to exhibit a punitive handling of these issues in certain cases.

Why not reach out to Jose and discuss the reasoning?

Why not provide some level of customer service, especially as their reputation is not so great in social media now?

Why not give Jose an opportunity to correct the problem and have a learning opportunity that can help Jose and make clear to other consumers what is and what is not allowed?

It makes no sense that Twitter leaves not just Jose, but all consumers mystified.

Especially as the double standard of their moderation remains evident.

Some people are pretty freely abused on Twitter.


Tweeting the wife of the dude who Twitter is banking on?  Not smart.


But this was known when Twitter verified him…

The Time That #Journalism AND @Jack #Tech Combined to Hate #Consumers.

This sounds like an incredible claim.

Why would @Jack allow a rampant hater to hate 44% of potential consumers openly, derisively and violently when he is in charge of a corporation engaged in the business of social media.

That is, allowing people to connect with other people through the power of twitter networking.

Why allow someone to literally attack your consumers, potential new customer base?

Professional evaluation of @randileeharper’s false claims showed that only .66% of what she was claiming as harassment was harassment.

And in any case “gamergate” is NOT an organized group.

Some people meet on various websites to discuss the issue, and actually plan.  This apparently takes place on open to the public websites like Kotuku in Action.

That all is perfectly legal.  And by professional measurement, anyone even remotely connected to being pro gamergate was only a tiny percent of the harassment this salacious liar, @randileeharper claimed.

Yet @Jack allows a racist hater to label consumers as hate.  And advocate violence.

Even as she seems to take enjoyment from it.


Certainly 2 fields, that both rely on first amendment freedom of speech, would not in any way act to limit consumers freedom of speech?

To answer this I must ask what do a Russian born Journalist named Cathy Young (@Cathyyoung63), an English (Greek) Jew Journalist Milo Yiannopoulos (@nero), and a Taiwanese Lawyer named Mark Kern (@grummz) have in common?

They all immigrated to America from oppressive regimes (The UK Parliament now spends time debating 1 person from entering their fine establishment).

Taiwan is of course the remains of Nationalist China, where Chiang Kai Shek retreated after being defeated by the Communist, Mao) and spoke out in favor of free speech.

And Cathy escaped Soviet Russia in 1980 or thereabouts.

They are now attacked by professional journalists and tech, and anti consumer and anti free speech zealots.

This is very strange to me, as quite frankly in the 70’s Milo would have been at the head of the Gay Pride Parade, when simply being brave enough TO SPEAK made you a hero.

He would have danced with the Village People, and people would have been ASTOUNDED that an openly Gay man was a professional journalist telling people where to stick it.

Instead he is now demonized by anti #consumer zealots such as Randi Lee Harper for speaking his mind.

Randi Lee Harper can and will have professional journalists barred from Tech events.

Apparently @Sxsw and @hugh_w_forrest have no commitment to free speech, either.



Randi hates checking facts.  No checking facts in Randi’s world!


Randi thinks by tossing out false allegations she can harass and intimidate into silence. This is passive aggressiveness by design.  An exploit, as it were.


Professional journalists, or other people, are routinely accused of falsehoods by Randi Lee Harper, as Twitter stands by, watching her drive their business into the shitter.



@jack says @twitter is about Truth To Power y’all.

I think it’s about @jack and @safety hating consumers.


Randi Lee Harper’s existence on Twitter is dedicating to eradicating free speech and the ability to network socially.

Randi thinks she can hate anyone she wants, attack them, and continue to attack as she is simply not subject to moderation.


In this archive, Randi explains in a deleted tweet that she is just acting like a dude.  I don’t know many people, dudes or otherwise that routinely tell people to self immolate, and actually get away with it.



She drives people away from twitter in droves through her openly condoned and endorsed harassment.


She wants to build fences, and will use ANY language necessary to drive you off, shame, humiliate and silence you that she wishes.  Including advocating violence as she advocates violence.


She can do this because she is beyond the reach of us mere mortals, empowered by @jack and @safety to abuse at will.

She does this by filtering content, which she openly boasts of.


This of course violates Twitter Dev ToS, but no one at Twitter REALLY has any commitment to free speech, or fucks to give that she abuses TRANS people during the course of this filtering of content.


Randi advocates for her politics in code where it can’t be detected, and you are simply silenced through the power of twitter coding.

And twitter just shrugs it off.


All Randi does is call anyone else’s opinion “harassment” and Kristen leaps pretty quickly to publish.  In fact she will publish without waiting for a response from the person she asked for comment.

Today, Herb Caen would be rolling over in his grave, as unprofessional yellow attack dog journalists like Kristen V Brown write articles devoid of fact or evidence and slam people who stick up for their, and others, free speech.



If you email her over a hundred live links to tweets and documentation of Randi Lee Harper’s abuse, you get not so quick a response.

I am still waiting on Kristen who published in a matter of a few hours to review and respond to the material.

Researching claims ARE TEH HARDZ, GUYZ.


Randi keeps getting those quick responses though.


And of course Kristen knows when someone tweeting Randi, and not her, is talking about her.


It was Mercedes Carrera (@themercedesxxx), who is not only a porn star, and by necessity guards her free speech, who is brave enough to speak out to defend others free speech despite the derision and scorn heaped on her by Randi Lee Harper, with Twitter and other tech companies direct complicity.

Mercedes was deplatformed by SXSW after Randi Lee Harper falsely claimed harassment and @sxsw and organizer @Hugh_w_forrest chose to believe a racist abuser of Trans people instead of keeping a commitment to free speech and letting Mercedes speak on her scheduled day.



And the helpful “journalism” of Kristen V Brown, who is the least professional journalist I have ever encountered.

Mercedes, in the terms of Social Justice, is a PoC sex worker who was deplatformed by a white feminist who is openly racist and bullies trans and PoC to keep them in line as Twitter does NOTHING to her.

She has been attacked publically by empowered white feminists who represent the patriarchy, and are empowered by @jack to attack whomever they wish at their leisure.


Randi Lee Harper also openly boasts of her privilege.


How does one do this you ask?

Easy.  Simply label everyone with a different opinion as you as members of a Hate Group, equivalent to ISIS.

And then presto voila.  No one in tech or journalism will fact check you, and in fact will attack people who speak up as those very same haters, or complicit with hate, or foul murderers, beasts and rapists despite you never having uttered an offensive word.

And so while Randi Lee Harper boasts that her enemy is both incompetent and only loud, and she hates men (you can hate men on twitter, it’s totally OK) and tells people repeatedly to self immolate (you can advocate violence on twitter if you have the right politics, even if you run an anti abuse charity) no one at Twitter will act.

Randi openly threatens consumers.  She can, and will pull down your metadata, write a block list targeting YOU and then, knowing SJW Twitter is the worst, watch it all unfold.

“Unfold” as in SJW twitter attacks you relentlessly after being greenlighted by Randi.


It is is NOT surprising to me at all that Randi can do this.

When I wrote to @Vijaya, the General Council for help with cyberbullying (I was doxed and threatened by leadership of a social media company, Empire Avenue, Gareth Davies (@me_gareth), Keith Gill (@digitalkeith), Nance Larson (@nancelarson) and Chris Sandys (@usafa_93), Vijaya Gadde blocked me.



Multiple accounts were ultimately suspended for making violent threats against me,  doxing, and non violent threats.

And yet I STILL find that Twitter, far from caring about the @safety and #privacy of their consumers, endorses a person who boasts of violating consumers privacy openly in her twitter feed AND advocates violence routinely.

As a result, I do not believe that Twitter or @jack care about consumers.

In fact I think they hate them.  Despise them, and think there is an inexhaustible supply of them.

Essentially they are simply the new overlords, who in replacing the old overlords, say nice words while lying on national tv about what they do.

Instead of Twitter simply handling the matter professionally, I had to involve the FTC, San Francisco DA’s office, CA DoJ and Senator Feinstein.

Who ALL acted to protect me, an American citizen.  Thanks Home Team!

I HOPE they will now turn their interest to protecting consumers from the very people who should be most interested in the health and well being of Citizens, ie consumers, from business which hates them.

That being the Tech Industry and Journalism.

Totalitarianism is totalitarianism, no matter how you brand it.

If government won’t act it won’t matter.  You see I’m all in favor of burning this mother down (in the free speech sense) and driving Twitter right out of business, IF they won’t protect consumers from rampant abuse by Randi Lee Harper and others who seek to exploit others for personal gain.

Let’s Dance, Biatch.



PS:  A Democrat who wishes death on children named Allan Brauer thinks asking government for help is bad.  



Twitter has NO commitment.  ZERO.  None. It’s up to us, as consumers, to act to protect ourselves.


Actual expert lawyers disagree.

Why does Randi get to lie and abuse on twitter?


We call on regulators at state, local and federal levels to investigate @twitter, @jack, @randileeharper and the funding mechanism that appears to be the shitheap known as @patreon.


653014 Letter DOJ REdacted

12302914 letter DOJ redacted

Ethel Newlin 11062014

Ethel Newlin 1122015


For another side of Mercedes besides her tush, check out her ASMR video.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s tingling people describe as a head orgasm.



Of course Brianna Wu, aka @Spacekatgal, labels anyone who is pro consumer and accurate journalism as part of a hate group, along with Randi Lee Harper.

No one doubts Brianna Wu received threats, I have as well.  But to label everyone who posts to a twitter hashtag as part of a hate group is beyond absurd.

And twitter allows it.

Jack hates people.  Won’t protect them from massive and sustained abuse.



Special thanks to Arthur.



Fool Herpes 1 hqdefault - Copy jack Me Racist - Copy Racist Randi Randi Lee Harper Responsibility sahugh

How @Jack, #Randileeharper Hate #Consumers, Ignore #Privacy @safety @policy & Damage $TWTR

Who is Randi Lee Harper (@Randileeharper)?

Randi is an alleged Online Abuse Prevention expert, which I would think would be considered as part of #cybersecurity.

I believe Randi’s charity, which she along with Alex Lifschitz (Crash Overrride Network,  @alexlifschitz), Zoe Quinn (Crash Override Network, @UnburntWitch), and Sheri Rubin (Design Direct Deliver, @SheriRubin) who serve as inaugural members for the organization’s board of directors is a sham designed to profit off the media attention surrounding Gamer Gate.

I believe @jack and @vijaya and @safety  public statements are duplicitous and harm consumers who then believe Twitter indeed seeks to protect safety and privacy.


@Randileeharper  is simply one of the most openly abusive, corrosive people on Twitter.

How do I know that she does not actually fight or prevent abuse?

Because of the abuse she openly and routinely engages in massive amounts of abuse.

And the fact that when I asked her for help she attacked me with false allegations.



Randi is allowed to lie at will, spread falsehoods, and label anyone she wishes as part of a Hate group for simply using Twitter as designed.  To communicate.


I don’t refer to  any of these alleged groups as groups except ISIS.

I also appear to have offended ISIS, being on their public block list.  Thanks Twitter.  It’s great to know ISIS has a published blocklist that’s publically available on Twitter.

That’s @jack looking out for my @safety!


I believe #RandileeHarperGate is a Hate group.

I have no idea why journalists like @kristenvbrown simply regurgitate her tripe that she spews out, and thinks that not being able to control free speech, in a country that guarantees free speech is a problem.




It seems @randileeharper, who asks for feedback then blocks people that make it, cannot take commentary that speaks about her massive, entitled, empowered abuse she pours out routinely onto PoC like Arthur Chu, Derek Smart and Mercedes Carrera.


What Randi Lee Harper considers abuse or harassment is subjective, according to her own words.


So people are held to account of a tyrant, that by a whim can say you are harassing her and journalists jump.


Meanwhile white journalists like Kristen pump out shlock quickly, without obtaining comment or do any significant fact checking.

How do I know this?

Because I submitted approximately 100 links of live tweets to Kristen.  And still await her meaningful response.

Despite being able to go to press quickly to write about Randi, she hasn’t been able to review what I forwarded.




This is some of the most hateful conduct I can imagine short of actual credible threats of violence to another that results in criminal prosecution.

She has an inside source at @twitter that feeds her private consumers information, which she then tweets.


All of this is expressly prohibited by ToS, as hateful conduct, but Randi is immune to moderation.




How can twitter claim to have reviewed the account at all?

They can read the same tweets I can, it’s all public, and the hate she spreads is well chronicled in this blog, with live tweets to her open abuse.

I cannot claim to have reviewed her whole timeline, just what I can find in archives.

Review of her account continues.

Allan Brauer, a former leader in the CA Democratic party resigned after tweeting to Conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter that he wished her children would die long and unpleasant deaths.

Despite this, his tweets, several years old now, remained up on @twitter.

Allan being a wonderful person, spun the public response to him on twitter, an open to the public communications network, as an attack on him.

And remained unmoderated by Twitter.  Despite losing his position in the Democratic party.

So, as part of my own investigation, I reported that tweet to Twitter.

And was told that it did NOT violate Twitter’s Terms of Service.

I proceeded to tell Twitter @support in yet another report that I would be archiving and writing about this.



Only then was Allan subjected to moderation and the tweet removed from Twitter.





I asked Randi her for help, and she denied knowing @jack, despite having met with the @safety team in 2015.

And she made false allegations against me.  Somehow she thought she could determine my intent without asking what it was.


I knew Randi had met with @safety because she had tweeted this information after Journalist @Karaswisher forwarded her medium article to @jack, and @jack responded to Randi.


I thought, and hoped Randi would agree to help me.  She did not.

Randi believes that she does not have to read the content of a tweet to determine if it is hateful.


Simply tweeting to a hashtag she doesn’t approve of leads to you being placed on a massive, propagating blocklist which can lead to your account suspension.

This also continues the same pattern that I have seen before, where threats and intimidation are not moderated by @twitter.


Here she attempts to bully a PoC not just off @twitter, but off the internet for disagreeing with her.


According to connected Randi Lee Harper abuse is subjective,


And twitter is known to hide tweets as Slate reported.

With subjective coding determining what gets shown, it’s clear that certain segments of twitter consumers are simply silenced by coding.

This was NOT a problem for @randileeharper until she determined it impacted HER personal safety.

However, how many other peoples safety is she affecting by potentially blocking credible threats from other people through her massively propagating blockbots?



Additionally, 44% of consumers online are gamers.  Over 1.2 billion people worldwide.  According to Pew Research 49% of American adults play games.

52% percent of gamers are women.  The average social gamer is a 43 year old woman.

A Study by Women, Action and The Media found a very small percent of abuse amongst the people labeled as a Hate Group by the massive abusive @Randileeharper.



z2kfbyx (1)


@Jack literally allows these few people, to habitually attack and label as a hate group the massive amount of gamers who only want to use Twitter for what it is for, and instead find themselves labeled as part of a hate group by these few people.

@Randileeharper is able to control free speech through the use of outright bullying, threats, intimidation and mass blocking of accounts, simply for tweeting to a hashtag.

Even as she believes her metadata analysis determines who is a member of a Hate Group, without reading the content?

Can anyone question that @jack has any actual commitment to @safety, #privacy and truth?  Freedom of Speech?  No.  Not when @randileeharper can function as a tyrant.



I submit Jack’s hatred of his own consumers is palpable and slowly driving twitter out of business as these haters continue to poison the air we all breathe on twitter.

And it can only be their intent.



She is privileged, by @jack.


If you want to help support a victim of abuse, support @jacieleopold, not someone like @spacekatgal who labels 1.2 billion people worldwide, 44% of consumers online, as trolls and psychopaths because they like to play games, and tweet to a hashtag, #gamergate, that Twitter allows.


Or barring that, write to Senator Feinstein and tell her that CDA 96 230 which gives Twitter immunity enables this massive abuse of consumers.




Feinstein Email


If you find yourself unfairly suspended by @twitter after being targeted by @randileeharper, the San Francisco DA’s office offers consumers mediation through their Consumes Protection Unit.


I still have my knees thanks to the combined efforts of Senator Feinstein, the CA DoJ and SF DA’s office.


Strangely enough Allan Brauer, Democratic supporter of @hillaryclinton  is opposed to consumers protections.


There’s vicious doxer of her own customers @nancelarson and @digitalkeith.  The abusive leadership of yet another social media company, faving a hater and abuser of women on twitter.

Haters like these stick together folks, and it’s who you know at @twitter, not any commitment to safety, privacy or free speech that determines who gets suspended or simply left to be abused by enabled cyberbullies.





The Misogynysts Guide To Hate On @Twitter. #feminism #cybersecurity

Depersonalization is the core of hate.

There can be little doubt that depersonalizing others is key to rationalizing the abuse of individuals.

And yet an easy way to attack women on twitter is to simply deny their very personhood.



This has been happening to Lili, aka @laughrodite4u for over a year and Twitter never stops it.  Never considers it’s impact.

And so one can simply lie to harass women, and Twitter won’t stop it despite rules against targeted harassment of women and spam.

Archive of hateful tweet.

Want Rid of Someone On @Twitter? Just Tweet About It.

According to Twitter @support, open discussion of whom you want rid of does not violate Twitter Policy.




Nance Larson is on staff at gaming company Empire Kred.

Empire Kred (formerly Empire Avenue) has a well documented history of having a “goon squad” that attacked their own customers for years.

Nance Larson has acknowledged the goon squad existence, indicated that it only existed in 2011, and that she’s not a part of any goon squad.

Fooled me.








Nance Larson, former Team Leader of Empire Avenue (now Empire Kred Staff) and other leaders of EmpireKred have been attempting to keep this massive record of abuse of their own customers “off the record” since 5/2014.

They have magnificently failed.

Consumer Advocacy


However, according to @twitter @support talk of getting rid of people does not violate their @safety @policy.


This contrasts directly with Linked.in support who took the time to review events and come to the correct conclusion and result.



Personally I think abusers are a bad look for @linkedin brand.

Your mileage may vary.


No love


$TWTR MAU Problems? Entirely Self Induced #IJFU #cybersecurity

It’s clear to me that Twitter’s problems are their own creation.

An institutionalized culture of not listening to valid feedback, arrogance and lack of business ethics and common sense.

When I started blogging about the abuse at Empire Avenue, what I quickly noticed was the relative impunity with which leaders from Empire Avenue threatened and doxed me on Twitter.

Chris Sandys, a leader at Empire Avenue, wanted the abuse of Empire Avenue customers “off the record”, rather than deal with the abuse.

Empire Avenue Team Leader Nance Larson and Leaders Chris Sandys, Gareth Davies were able to target me for doxing and massive harassment for blogging about abusive practices on Empire Avenue.

Keith Gill, aka DigitalKeith joined in after I noted his false advertising being run through Empire Avenue social media promotional missions.

And they were able to openly export that abuse right on twitter.  And it continues unabated.

After a couple months of emails to support inquiring as to why with no real response I filed complaints with the San Francisco District Attorney’s office Consumers Protection Unit and The California Department of Justice (x-ref 615640).

During that time other much higher profile accounts such as @Femfreq and an Electronic arts gaming executive also talked about the massive abuse they were sustaining, death threats etc.

I was not alone in the abuse piled on me.

Twitter simply allowed customers to threaten other customers to the point that the mass market was made aware that Twitter didn’t care about their customers.

Twitter tried to address this with Dick Costolo taking responsibility and Twitter General Council Vijaya Gadde writing a Washington Post Op-Ed about the abuse.

I hoped changes would be made, but certain leaders of Empire Kred continued to be able to be openly abusive with little response from Twitter.

One such abuser is Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith.

You see, Jim Cramer has tired of the libel Twitter allows.  The serial lies, abuse and harassment customers can sustain.

However you can tell and SHOW Twitter how people are serially lying about you and Twitter does not care.

They simply allow people like Keith Gill to continue their abuse on and on and on and on.


This despite having rules defining such lying as spam.



Some people don’t leave Twitter.  Some stay to let others know what Twitter is.

Twitter is a company that allows massive abuse of it’s own customers by it’s own customers and censors journalism and truth.

Twitter has polticized abuse.   And the free market knows it.



Basically Twitter General Council Vijaya Gadde’s reaction to me when I asked her for help with cyberbullies and cyberstalkers sums up Twitter.

She blocked me.

Twitter simply does not care.

They even suspend victims of rape.

And Empire Avenue?  Despite being bought out by Kred, and rebranded EmpireKred, the truth about how they act is tumbling out, as well.

Goon squads, trolls and mobs run rampant on Twitter, ruining social media.



Kevin Green On @empirekred, “goals appear to be to white wash black hat engagement…”

Former Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) Brand Manager Administrator Kevin Green, currently a leader at Empire Kred has this to say in the Empire Kred Leaders forum

12650292_10153544940893710_491891982_n - Copy


This is well known to observant social media practitioners and the subject of extensive abuse by Nance Larson, Keith Gill, Chris Sandys, Gareth Davies and now Valerie Clark in order to try to keep said abuse “off the record.”

Gareth Davies has an extensive history of doxing customers of Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) and issuing violent threats, with warnings and suspension on Twitter.

Keith Gill was moderated by instagram for cyberbullying and had his twitter account locked for abuse.

Chris Sandys was warned by Twitter for non violent threats.

Nance Larson, a former team leader, and currently staff at EmpireKred participated in the doxing of customers and acknowledged a “goon squad” that was attacking customers.

12625978_10153542446693710_79365951_n - Copy


Low end digital markets like Keith Gill, AKA @digitalkeith  proliferate on Empire Kred and are free to abuse other customers to their hearts content.

Customers of EmpireKred report continuing cyberbullying despite the change of ownership to to Kred, and rebranding.

Leader of Empire Avenue Wanted Abuse “Off the Record.”

Imagine being a customer of an online gaming company that rather than deal with cyberbullying and abuse of their own customers, wanted that abuse “off the record.”

Chris Sandys Off the record


That’s how Empire Avenue operated.

And in fact still operates despite Kred purchasing Empire Avenue and renaming the gaming company Empire Kred.

Customer continue to report being cyberbullied and witnessing cyberbullying at Empire Kred.

And people like Keith Gill, aka Digitalkeith, also in leadership at EmpireKred continue to try to keep the reporting of the cyberbullying “off the record.”

Keith Gill, AKA @DigitalKeith had his account locked by Twitter for abuse on twitter.

Gareth Davies, AKA @me_gareth was suspended by twitter for violent threats and doxing.

Chris Sandys, AKA @usafa_93 was warned for non violent threats.

All of the suspensions were related to their ongoing attempts to keep abuse at Empire Avenue “off the record.”

It’s sad, but these people are deeply, deeply committed to both abusing their own customers, and trying to keep that abuse off the record.

Their ability to continue with the open abuse on Twitter, has led to a CA DoJ inquiry into Twitter’s handling of the matter (CA DOJ x-ref 615640) and the SF DA’s office twice opening files.

Consumer Advocacy

There’s A Reason Why #Twitter’s #Market Fundamentals Are Poor. #investors #cybersecurity

When times get tough, some companies return to basic tried and true fundamentals.

Some companies try for moonshots, according to The Motley Fool.

However the Motley Fool also notes “uninspiring fundamentals” as key to Twitter’s continuing slide in the marketplace.

I don’t think this will have a major impact on Twitter stock; investors are more concerned with the company’s uninspiring fundamentals. But any change that might help to boost user confidence, not to mention the service’s reputation, is welcome.


Many users ARE investors or potential investors and are put off by the abuse that Twitter allows.

I agree with the Motley Fool that poor user growth and poor engagement is a concern for Twitter.

After all, engagement levels on Instagram are through the roof and continue to grow.

However there’s a fundamental reason for why there’s poor growth and poor engagement at Twitter.


Word has gotten around that Twitter allows cyberbullying and it’s easily conducted through automated means with tweets purchased off sites like addmefast.com.

Or, fake followers can be purchased off sites that amass them and follow people in a bizarre reputation attack.

Worse yet, Twitter moderation allows the abuse, while censoring the truth about these abusive brands.

Instead of a “moonshot” Twitter should return to good old Midwestern customer service values, moderate fairly and to ethical standards, and not protect abusive brands like #digitalkeith from the truth about their own abuse.

Far from feeling safe, Twitter feels like a safe haven for cyberbullies to many of their customers.

Until Twitter means what they say about fighting abuse, instead of fighting a PR war, consumers have no reason to trust Twitter.

And all the advertisers in the world can just try to sell to each other on Twitter, while people enjoy Instagram and the safe environment they provide.

Otherwise Twitter’s users will simply continue to be bullied right off of Twitter.


#Twitter Moderation Utterly Unpredicatable, Allows Abuse, Moderates Truth

Twitter insists they are trying to allow and respect free speech while moderating abuse.

However, when Twitter moderates truth, and allows lies to stand unmoderated, that apears not to be the case.

Keith Gill, AKA @digitalkeith visited my blog about community building and left the following comment with the linked below tweet embedded.







Given that the tweet isn’t factual, I wonder why it’s allowed to stand?

I am not anonymous and Keith Gill was moderated by instagram for cyberbullying when he posted that very image.

Keith Gill Instagram Violent Cannibalistic Gareth Keith Gill Instargram Moderated For Cyber Bullying



I wrote a blog addressing Mr. Gill’s contentions and tweeted it off the “sharing” system in place on WordPress.



Conduct Offensive




My question is entirely legitimate given Mr. Gill’s strange comment on my blog.

And the tweet was in keeping with Twitter’s stated policy as per this email received when I was being impersonated online.



And of course this tweet (and blog) is based on a Tweet form @garyloper to @digitalkeith about his offensive conduct.


Can a brand, or a person that represents themselves as a brand suppress the truth on Twitter?

The individual is a digital marketing manager for @avisolve.





Incidentally Klout confirmed to me that gaming of Klout is possible but not considered economically feasible.



Can Twitter moderation determine what honest satire, commentary and news is when it’s presented on one account?

I think not.

However after the CA DoJ inquiry into Twitter and the SF DA’s office twice opening files in the consumers protection unit I can only assume this behavior on Twitter’s part is intentional.

The abuse has been ongoing since 5/2014 with Keith Gill joining in in August 2014 when I discovered him running false advertising through Empire Avenue’s “missions” system.

The missions system is used by people to promote their social media posts.

And as CBC news reports,

However, one advocate said the real test will be how Twitter enforces the rules.

“The new rules are definitely an improvement,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Digital Terrorism and Hate Project at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. “But the question is: Will they be accompanied by a more proactive attitude toward making sure repeat offenders are identified and permanently removed?”

A Twitter spokesman declined comment Tuesday.

In a blog post, the company said: “The updated language emphasizes that Twitter will not tolerate behaviour intended to harass, intimidate, or use fear to silence another user’s voice. As always, we embrace and encourage diverse opinions and beliefs — but we will continue to take action on accounts that cross the line into abuse.”



I’m still waiting for the reality to match Twitter’s public posts.


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